This story will revolve around first all the teenage counselors but then you get to meet all the kids. The first few chapters i will only be writing about the teenagers so you can fully grasp of who they are and what they are like. This is also not just Romance and Drama but Humor and Family and Friendship and even a little sadness. And i have a feeling this could be a very long story. With good ideas though. This first chapter might be a leetle confusing but you should understand the whole concept of it. So please read and review. And enjoy.

It was the email that changed her life. It was the email that changed his life. It was the email that changed all of theirs. This was not some stupid chain letter that if you sent it to 10 million people your crush would kiss you. It was just a regular email. The email had started it. It had opened to her the summer that she nor any of them would ever forget. She would never delete it. Whoever said 3 seconds couldn't change your life?
Gabriella Montez was sitting at her desk in her room. Her first year at college was almost over and she was wondering what she would do with her life during the summer. A job would be ideal but she had no idea where to start asking for applications. Surfing through all her numerous emails she found one from her mom's friend Maria Pinto. She was a bit surprised because she didn't know Maria that well. She opened it anyway.

"Hey Gabriella!
Your mom was telling me how after your freshman year was over that you needed a summer job. As you many not have known I run an eight week camp in Wisconsin at a lovely (but a bit out of the way) lake. All of my counselors have gotten too old and I need to find some new ones. You would be perfect for the job because you are excellent with kids. You can tell you friends as well if they are looking for a summer job. If you are interested or your friends are, call 673-990-4360. Hope to hear from you soon!

"Wow! A summer job in Wisconsin! Yeah I am definitely interested. And this is the perfect job that Shar could have to! I've got to email her."

To: Sharpaycentric From: Songbird19

"Shar - if you want a summer job including kids, a camp in Wisconsin and moi, then please call 673-990-4360 for details. Tell them Gabriella is your friend. Luv,
Gabriella p.s. Tell your friends because help is needed."

Sharpay got the email in about 3 seconds. Reading it she squealed and started jumping up and down. "Yes!! The perfect summer job! Well not like I need one but Daddy says I need something to stabilize my future. Whatever that means. Ooooh I've got to tell Ryan and Kelsi!"

To: Hatsman and SpelingSucks From: Sharpaycentric

"Hey guys! My friend told me of the most fantabulous perfect job where you two could be the perfect employees! Apparently counselors are needed in a Camp in Wisconsin so if you want moula call 673-990-4360. Don't be afraid to tell your friends. Just tell them Sharpay Evans sent ya. "

Ryan's dorm at the university was about as far a way as possible from Sharpay's but he still received in 1/20th of a minute. "Sweet! Except Shar will be there. Oh well. I guess I'm in. Hmmm tell my friends? Sure that beats sisters any day."

To: ScienceGeek66 From: Hatsman

"dude, its Ryan. If you're looking for some cash this summer than I have the career for you. From a close source I hear that at a certain camp in Wisconsin that kids are plenty and counselors few so if you're interested call 673-990-4360 and tell them Ryan sent you. Later. Tell your friends"

"Cool! Yeah man I'm most certainly in. I'll just buzz Rachel too cuz I heard she was looking for a job this summer."

To: FurryFriends88 From: ScienceGeek66

"Rach, I heard you were looking for a job in a couple of weeks so if you like camps in Wisconsin, kids and of course, money, call 673-990-4360 because counselors are needed! Just tell them Ted known ya. Tell your friends as well. "

"Yeah of course I will!! Now just to tell Taylor..."

Same with Ryan, Kelsi had received the email in 3 seconds.

"Yes! I will just tell Katie cuz whats a summer job without your best friend?

To: KatieBuilder98 From: SpelingSucks

"Katie! I just go this great job offer about a counselor opening at this camp in Wisconsin and was wondering if you need a job this summer because they need people. If you are interested, to get details and the job, call 673-990-4360. Tell me what you think. And tell them Kelsi sent you! And tell your friends.

"Awesome! I accept. Now to call that number and tell Sasha..."

To: ArtsyArtist From: KatieBuilder98

"Sasha! Kelsi just told me of this amazing job and I was wondering if you might be interested. Basically there is a camp in Wisconsin and counselors are very much needed! If you want more details call 673-990-4360. See ya later."

"Yeah I really want details! This year keeps on getting better and better. I love college..."

Back with Rachel...

To: Schoolmarm123 From: FurryFriends88

"Tay if you want a job call 673-990-4360 to get details. Summing it up, there is a camp in Wisconsin where counselors are wanted badly! Please come! You can put your kid loving skills to use. Tell your friends too! Rachel"

"Yep, Yes and Yahoo!! And how about we tell dear cousin Zeke..."

To: TopChefMaster43 From: Schoolmarm123

"Zeke, if you want money to start your 5 star diner, sign up for this Camp in Wisconsin by calling 673-990-4360 because they need counselors and I'm guessing your job would be head chef! Think about it and tell me later. Tell friends.

"Yeahuh! Cooking for kiddies. Nice. Now to tell Jase"

To: Cross11 From: TopChefMaster43

"Dude jobs are available at a camp in Wisconsin so if you want money, call 673-990-4360. Tell your friends."

"Sure. I guess. Ok lets tell Greg."

To: ArcheologyRocker From: Cross11

"Job available at a Camp in Wisconsin, so if you want it call 673-990-4360. Tell Friends. Bye"

"Ok well lets check if out because Jason is obviously way to broad. (After a lapse of 30 minutes he smiles) Yeah! Money coming my way and heck, why not tell Chad."

To: TheFroFrogMan From: ArcheologyRocker

"Chad, jobs are available for college students at a Camp in Wisconsin because counselors are needed. If you're in, call 673-990-4360 and tell em Greg sent you. Oh yeah tell your friends. See ya"

"Whoope! Little Chad is happy. And how about we make Chad's other little friend happy too."

To: BBallPlaya From: TheFroFrogMan

"Yo man. Job for summer if you call 673-990-4360. Pays well. Bye."

"(Blue eyes examined this unusual message) Discreet as usual. But heck why not check it out cuz I will need the money" In about a half hour a smile played upon the blue eyed persons lips.

In exactly 2 hours one email had changed their lives. Well, mainly the message had. Right now all they could think about was how it answered one very important question. They all knew what they would do with their lives that summer. They were all going to Camp Mictlantecuhtli.