Harry and Draco. Enemies for life. So when Harry suddenly begins falling head over heels for Draco, it comes off a bit fishy. On top of it, Draco doesn't feel the same way. Harry's feelings grow, until its almost as if he's infatutated, can't get enough of Draco, who's completly unaware of his feelings. Till he's forced to help Harry get over his new...umm obsession.

Everyone in the school of Hogwarts knew Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were enemies. They were born to be just so, like peanut butter and jelly were made to reside atop each other in an everlasting tie between bread. That's how things were.

People were very often amused when they fought (which was often) because it made them feel natural and safe and normal, something which everyone was craving for. After Voldermort had been defeated, everyone had been ordered to come back to school (much to the disgruntlement of all the seventh years) and repeat their grade. No one was too happy about this. But, with a new air, (one that wasn't filled with the putrid stench that Voldermort had once created, not Lord Voldermort, just Voldermort) everyone came back, ready to continue with their lives, and to see Draco, who's father had been killed in the war, but before that he had his mother had disowned him, back again, and Harry fighting with him, two 18 year old boys, it assured everyone that nothing really had changed.

At least, not yet.

Something was about to change.

Something big.

Chapter one

Harry tapped his quill against the table that he was working at, desperate to be finished with potions. Who knew that he would have to be coming back to school again?

Wasn't seven years enough? But no, they thought they could tie him down for another year and it wasn't going to work. Cause Harry didn't really care if he passed or failed this year. 'So there.' He spat childishly, smiling to himself.

Hermione was writing at a pace which was rather quick for the average student, but incredibly slow for her. Harry was pretty sure even she was tired of school. At least she was holding up better than he was. Ron was asleep. Harry felt sorry for him. The death of his brother had been hard and he spent many sleepless nights crying over him, though Harry tried to make it seem as if he didn't know.

He looked across the room, at all the adults there, and suddenly felt proud for all he had done for the school. Not many could boast to having defeated Lord Voldermort and there was one certain someone whom he was defiantly going to do some serious rubbing into his face. He spotted the person, looked boredly at his nails. Malfoy.

He would admit Malfoy was…handsome (someone could shoot him down before he said he was hot) but he also would admit that hedgehogs were prickly. It wasn't really a big deal to admit it. It was just a fact. A really annoying one. Of course he'd be looking at his nails though, Harry could easily imagine him in stilettos and a mini skirt, and he would squeeze that into his 'rub stuff into Malfoys face' speech later.

Draco turned to look at him and sneered. Nothing had changed between them, though Draco had joined the light side and Harry had watched his go through so much pain as his father died, and he'd been at the trial when his mother took everything, nothing had changed. Which was, of course the way he liked it.

After class he was shaking Ron awake as Draco walked by and 'accidentally' (if accidentally means spitefully and purposefully) hit his books of the table. "Damn you." He said cheerfully.

"Scar face"

"can't get a tan"

"Four eyes"

"Bleached hair."

"Orphan!" Draco spat obviously mad at Harry's earlier comment.

"You too." Harry said. Draco's eyes grew wide as he realized the truth, but then he straightened and swooped away, his posse with him. He had no father, and now, no mother. That bothered him, as his family status had always been so important to him, but in a way it didn't, because he hated his family and all they stood for. He hated evil and he didn't want to have anything to do with it anymore. Not after he'd seen what it could do. To hurt people, to seperate families. And the family he thought he'd had, which was ready to get rid of him the second he did something wrong, was not a group of people he wanted to follow. Not any more.

Of course no one knew this, and they didn't know that Draco admired Harry deeply for all he was and all he' done either, but that really was okay with him. It was one of those more embarrassing things people usually kept to themselves, like the time he'd found Blaise in a thong. Strangely, it hadn't freaked him out as much as he knew it should have.

Back in the classroom, Harry had succeeded in shaking Ron awake and they were now walking back to there dormitory. "Looks like Malfoy hasn't changed at all." He joked, looking over at his sleepy friend. Ron smiled. "Still a git, am I right?"

"Couldn't be more correct." Harry said shaking his head.

Ron lowered his voice, so no one else in the hallway that happened to be listening could hear. "I heard his parents disowned him. You think its true?"

"It is." Said Harry. "His mom didn't even want to look at him. Not that anyone would."

"Kind of sad isn't it though? No one has ever loved him in his life. I wonder how he feels. Maybe that's what makes him so bitchy all the time."

Harry, was about to retort and say the reason Malfoy was an asshole was because he was a Malfoy, but he paused, mid-thought. His parents, dead or not, had always loved him and always cared about him, as well as his friends. Love was one thing that had never been lacking in his life. Except of course when, he'd lived with the Dursley's, before he'd known of the thousands of people who loved him. That had been hell, it had made him feel alone and scared and insecure. Was that how Malfoy felt? Because no one loved him?

"Ron stop talking about it." He pouted. "You're confusing me. He's an asstard cause he wants to be. Not for any secret reason that he's been hiding for years or some crap like that."

Ron smiled. "You're probably right. He always had money, didn't he?"

Harry didn't want to think of Draco Malfoy as someone with a heart, that had always had one thing lacking in his life that had turned him into the cold-hearted enemy Harry knew him as. Because that would make him a human, which Harry knew he couldn't be, because that would make him worthy his sympathy. Which was something he wasn't ready to do. Not to Malfoy. That wouldn't be normal. Which was all he wanted right now.

It was also furthest from what he was going to get.

R and R! Tried to make a totally original story for once. It's kind of hard, but it will be original. Don't worry, chapters wont be this short!