Another tap to his knee and Harry sighed in exasperation. "I'm fine Madam Pomfrey. I feel better than I have in months really." He said smiling. One last look and Madam Pomfrey seemed satisfied. "Well you look like you're going to get a terrible cold from being out in the rain for so long but apart from that there are no lingering effects of the curse. You are most certainly cured Harry." She said.

Harry jumped off the bed and smiled. "Thank you." He said.

Draco was leaning against the door to make sure Harry was okay by force of habit. "You alright there?" he said gruffly. Harry glanced at him and gave a slight, quick nod as he walked by. Things had been terribly awkward between them after the curse had been broken, basically since Draco had poured his heart out to a boy who didn't share his feelings.

He couldn't go back to being a total asshole to Harry when he knew his true feelings. 'Why did I fall in love with him?' Draco thought.

"Yeah, I'm good." Harry said, not looking at him. His friends were waiting for him down the hallway, ready to hear the good news. Draco sighed, pulling himself up off the side of the door and fixing his robes. At least now he'd be able to devote himself fully to his work, not having to worry about Harry. At least Harry would be ok.

They were at dinner, and Draco found it rather strange to be sitting down at his bench without having Harry gazing lovingly at him from behind. He hadn't realized the feeling of comfort one got from being…loved. His food looked disgustingly dry, even though Blaise was eating his with the mannerisms of a stray dog.

Professor McGonagall was saying something to the school. He didn't listen, for he no longer cared for anything school related. All he wanted was to leave that school and go somewhere where no one knew his name, no one knew who he was and most importantly, there was no Harry. He slouched into his seat and chewed on the inside of his cheek. Was this how Harry had felt? Unable to get him out of his mind. 'Must've been torture to have to like me.' He thought venomously stabbing at a particularly looking dry piece of chicken.

Everyone was suddenly looking at him, and he quickly stopped chasing after a runaway pea to look up. "What?" he said angrily.

"Draco haven't you been listening. I've just explainred to the school what's been happening between you and Harry for the last few months and the heroic way that you saved him from certain death." Madam McGonagall said proudly. "It was brave to admit that to someone you knew didn't truly love you at all."

The entire school began clapping, and the girls had tears in their eyes as they passionately held their chests. "That was right good of you mate!" Someone screamed. Draco couldn't stand it. Now the entire school knew about how he felt. Harry's face was blank. He hadn't spoken to Draco since the night before. He looked down at his food again, wishing the whole damn world would go away.

Another hogsmade weekend, the last before the end of the school's term rolled around to greet Draco and his broken heart. Everyone was gone to enjoy their last time out. He walked across to the Quiddich field and sat at the topmost chair to the right, curling up. Memories flashed in his brain about him and Harry, them together, from the finding out of the curse to the ending. It was painful. Somewhere along the line he must've forgotten that the personality he'd grown to love, wasn't real and that Harry wasn't really like that. 'That must've been the reason that I fell in love with him.' He tried telling himself. But it wasn't true. He'd fallen in love with Harry because Harry had shown him how he really was; he'd gotten to love the other boy.

He shivered, and suddenly a blazer was draped over his shoulders. "Why in the hell would you come up here? If it's to think, it's a really suckish place, your brain would freeze over before you even started." Harry said, thoughtfully, sitting beside him. He was wearing the same shirt he had one his and Draco's first date. Draco wanted to reach out and run his fingers over it, remembering the good times before reality had hit.

"Yeah, well, it's not to think. I just wanted some time alone." Draco said pointedly looking at Harry. "I see." Said Harry, looking equally serious.

Draco bristled. "What do you want?"

"I wanted to talk to you. I mean, we've been talking fine for the past couple of months, why can't we do it now?"

"You haven't fucking talked to me since the curse was broken." Draco spat angrily. "How do you think that made me feel huh? Like you had totally abandoned me now that…" Draco snapped his head back to the field, staring at it. He wasn't like Harry, wasn't ready to burst into tears in search of affection.

Harry was silent, eyes downcast. "I was frightened." He said. "I was afraid you'd ignore me or something."

"Yeah, the guy who's in love with you would choose to ignore you if you talked to him." Draco said sarcastically. Harry turned crimson. "I should've thought of that." He said weakly.

Draco lay his head on the chair beside him. "Look, I'm sorry okay? I'm slightly snappish while I'm…adjusting to new things."

"What's new about this?" Harry asked softly. "Two friends, I hope, talking. Isn't this how it's been for a while?"

"I'm adjusting to being in love with you. It's completely new to me, being in love you know. So vulnerable, so frightening, I don't know why anyone would want this." Draco whispered, drawing his knees up closer to himself.

"Welcome to the world I was stuck in for a really long time." Harry tried joking. Draco continued looking severely depressed. "How did this happen?" he mumbled to himself, burying his face into his knees.

"Hey," Harry smiled, bouncing his shoulder with Draco's. "At least, when you have wet dreams, you have someone's face to put on the body you're fantasizing about. It gets pretty annoying to dream of a random person every night doesn't it?"

Draco bristled. "I don't wet dream about you." He said stiffly.

"Funny." Said Harry. "When I was in love with you I wet dreamt about you loads of times."

Draco blushed and felt glad his face was lowered. "Well you're a perv and that was only infatuation. This is real."

"Psh, you just don't want to admit it. I never minded, it was probably the best part of the curse." Harry smiled.

"You see, I defiantly didn't miss this part of you. I liked the fact that you were sweet and shy and adorable before." Draco said shaking his head. "You're too forth ward for your own good."

"You mean you want me to be more like this again?" Harry said, readying himself. His eyebrows drew together and his eyes looked puppy-doggish as he gazed up at Draco. "I need you Draco. Please don't leave me." He whispered in a slightly seductive voice.

Draco's breath caught. This was the face he'd been dreaming about when he did indeed have his wet dreams, Harry flushed and adorable and begging for him, giving up the tough boy act to show how much he really needed Draco. It was a turn on beyond belief.

'Probably why he was so irresistible before.' Draco mused. But for some reason, he still was. "Yeah…like that." He breathed softly. Harry nodded.

"Too bad, I'm way too unruly for that." He said sadly.

"I don't want you to try and do anything to make me feel good." Draco snapped gruffly. "If you would leave me alone…that would be nice."

"I don't want to leave you." Harry said, running his hand over Draco's knee. "You never left me."

"Well it hurts less when you're gone." Draco whispered. "I stop thinking about you and I stop thinking about how much I love you. It would be better if I didn't see you for the rest for the school year, so we could just be separated and not have to see each other ever again."

Harry gazed at him, an unreadable look in his eye. "You know," he said slowly. "When the curse was broken, it was sort of frightening. I went from having to love you…making it into some sort of obligation…"

Draco started at him, wondering how Harry could be so thoughtless. "Isn't that just great to know. I'm now well assured that you are here to make me feel as miserable as possible."

"…To wanting to love you."

Draco stared wide-eyed at Harry, who took his hand and began running his thumb over Draco's palm. "It's a different feeling, I like it a lot more since I have more control over it. At first I thought it was aftereffects of the curse…"

"It probably is." Draco said sadly, loving the feeling of Harry's hand, never wanting him to let go.

"Its not." Harry whispered. "Madam Pomfrey said there were no lingering effects."

"She could be wrong." Draco tried to assure.

"Why do you feel as if you are unlovable?" Harry smiled, squeezing Draco's hand. "You're not you know. I've seen you for what you really are and it's amazing."

"I'm just afraid this isn't real." Draco said lowering his head. Harry tipped his chin back up. "Don't be." He said. "I'm just happy that you love me back."

Draco looked at Harry and pulled him close by the nape of his neck. "Do you love me Harry? Truly?"

"Dammit, of course I do." Harry said, eyes downcast. "Don't make me keep repeating it. You know guys and their feelings."

"Say it." Draco pleaded. "Say it so I can hear it."

"I love you." Harry whispered.

Draco fought to hide a smile. "If I keep doing this I'm going to ruin my reputation as the ice king."

"Hmm, just the way I like you." Harry said.

"This may be a problem if both of us are going to be fighting for dominance in this relationship."

"Hmm…" Harry stroked back Draco's hair. "We'll take turns. You can go first."

Draco grinned and kissed Harry lovingly. Harry pulled back after a few seconds. "Wow," he breathed. "It feels completely different now that..."

Draco kissed him again, more gently this time. "Shut up, I have to make up for lost time."

Harry smiled and opened Draco's mouth with his, letting himself into his long awaited crevice.

They continued like that for a while, only stopping for air once in a while. It was only when Draco felt Harry's hand unbuttoning his shirt that he stopped him.

"Harry," he gasped heavily to the boy who was currently breathing hard against his neck.

"We should stop before we make love here in the Quiddich stand."

"I wouldn't mind." Harry grinned. Draco gazed at him, a smile playing on his lips, and then suddenly burst into tears.

Harry looked taken aback. "Draco?" he said, rubbing his hand at the back of Draco's neck. Draco shook his head. "You're…this…everything, its all so much."

"Shh." Harry took Draco and pulled him against his chest. "You took good care of me. Now I'm going to try take care of you."

Draco's eyebrows furrowed. "I don't deserve you. How is this going to work? How are we going to work? What if you don't love me anymore? What if you get bored of me?"

"I'm never, never going to get bored of you." Harry assured. "It's a big deal for me too Draco. You're a huge deal to me." He stroked Draco till he stopped crying. "You mean so much to me."

"You mean everything to me." Draco said, breathing in Harry's scent. He straightened and fixed his clothes, trying to brush back his hair into a state of neatness. "Its ok." Said Harry, messing it back up again. "You look adorable like this."

Draco stood. "Let's go before I turn completely girly on you."

Harry smiled mischievously and picked Draco up, twirling him around before setting him back down again. "But I like you girly." He grinned. "Remember, I'm only just getting used to not being straight."

"I would hit you right now, but I'm in the 'I-love-you-too-much-to-think-about-your-flaws right now.' Draco smiled.

"When I think about this, its kind of awkward." Hermione said shaking her head. "Am I some sort of gay attractor or something?"

Ron moved his face closer to Colin's. "Sorry 'Mione, he's just much more awesome in bed."

Colin covered his face with the book he'd been reading. "We haven't…" he said faintly, blushing.

Hermione sighed. "You Harry, I thought you were safe. I mean, Draco…well that's obvious."

Harry continued feeding Draco his ice cream. "Mhhmm." He agreed, ignoring her completely. Draco had some ice cream on his nose and it was too cute to resist. He licked it off. "I mean, there was Cho…you liked Cho and-"Hermione stopped talking to stare at Harry. "You know, I don't know why, but you doing that it too cute."

"Is it off?" Harry asked, obviously enjoying himself.

"Yeah, definitely. You can stop now." Ron put in helpfully.

"Oh thanks." Said Harry, before wiping some more unto Draco. "Oh would you look at that? I have to keep going."

Draco blushed. Hermione shook her head at them and her face looked like that of a person caught between who's side they were on. "Soon, once we're out of school, I'm going to cover you entirely in ice cream and lick it all off." Harry whispered into Draco's ear. "Can we watch Brokeback Mountain while you do it?" Draco asked curiously. Harry nodded. "I need a man." Hermione said shaking her head. "Oh, they're all taken. BY EACH OTHER!" she stood from the table they'd been sitting at and stomped out of the courtyard and back into the school.

"She wishes she were a guy." Ron said. "Then she could be gay."

"Do you still love me?" Draco asked Harry, as he'd been doing every day since Harry had proclaimed his love to him. Harry touched his forehead to Draco's. "Forever and always." He said sincerely.

"Then tell me the story of how we fell in love again. I want to be able to tell it to my kids." Draco said.

"Aww…isn't that just adorable." Colin cooed.

"Shut it Creevy." Draco snapped, eyes slinted.

"Sorry, I haven't quite trained him fully to stop being the ice prince." Harry said sincerely. Draco bit at his hand.

Harry ran off into the grass, with a snapping Draco at his heels, till they fell and landed in a heap. "I want to give you something." Draco said, looking up at Harry. He slipped a piece of metal into Harry's hand. "What's this?" Harry said.

"It's the locket I was going to use to save you." Draco explained. Harry clasped his hand over it. "A reminder of how much I'd do for you. I'd do anything for you and…this may sound weird, I'm glad you were cursed, because if you weren't then you would've never gotten close enough to me for us to know each other. We would've never found each other."

Harry pulled Draco down, lacing they're hands together, both their palms pressed against the cold of the locket. He kissed him. "Well then, thank you Viscus de excessum coactu." He bent to kiss Draco again.

"Say it once more." Draco whispered.

"I love you, I always will." Harry whispered. "And I'll say it however many times you'd like. Draco smiled. "Say it again…"

A strong gust of wind blew, but neither of the boys felt cold. They had each other…

Amor Vincit Omnia.

Amor Vincit Omnia-Love concurs all.

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