'This should be fun.' Raven thought sarcastically.

"Hurry up Raven!" Her father commanded. Raven winced and flew over to Trigon.

"Raven, when you said, 'convention', what did you mean?" Raven sighed.

"I can't explain it very well." Trigon shook his head.



Robin heard the door close. "Raven!" He looked behind her. "Is anyone else behind you?" Raven shook her head.

"Just me…and daddy dearest over there." Robin looked over at Trigon.

"Right." The door opened and closed again.

"SLADE?!" Robin and Raven asked in unison.

"What are you doing here?" Raven folded her arms.

"I came with Joey here." Slade put a hand on Jericho's shoulder.

"Joey?" Robin looked at Jericho. "That's your real name?" Jericho nodded slightly.

"Well this should be interesting." Raven sighed as her gaze darted from Slade, to her father, and back to Slade. "Very interesting."


"Hey Starfire!" Robin smiled.

"Hi Star." Raven nodded.

"I have brought my knofka, Galfore. Galfore, you remember boyfriend Robin and friend Raven, yes?" Galfore walked over to Robin.

"Boyfriend? Is that so? And I am presuming you are treating Starfire with respect?!" Robin flinched.

"Y-y-yes sir." Galfore nodded in approval and walked over to Slade, Trigon, and Batman.

"Gnarrk!" Jericho, Raven, Robin, and Starfire turned their heads. Kole and Gnarrk were standing in the entrance.

"Kole." Robin held out his hand. "Glad you could come." Kole shook his outstretched hand.

"Thanks." She looked at Raven, Starfire and Jericho. "Hi Raven. Hi Starfire. Hi…"

"Friend Kole, this is friend Jericho. He is the son of Slade." Starfire made a gesture towards Jericho. Kole's gaze darted from Jericho and then to Slade. She smiled and extended her hand.

"Nice to meet you Jericho." She smiled. Jericho blinked a few times before shaking Kole's hand. He smiled sheepishly and blushed.

The door slammed shut. Robin grinned.

"Speedy! Glad to see you made it!" They shook hands.

"Glad to be here."

"Oh. My. God. Is that…Green Arrow?!" Robin gaped. Speedy grinned nervously.

"Heh-heh. Yeah. I was his sidekick for a long time."

"Dude that is so cool!" A new voice exclaimed.

"Friend Beast Boy!" Starfire hugged him. "How glorious to see you again!"

"Starfire, you see him every day." Raven raised an eyebrow.

"She has a point Star." Robin pointed out. Kole giggled.

"You are most accurate." Starfire grinned.


"I assume everyone is here." Slade sat down at the long conference table that had been set up.

"I'm here."

"AH! When'd you get here?" Slade jumped. The Flash snickered.

"Let's see…Now? Maybe?" Everyone but Slade laughed; he scowled instead.

"Come on Slade. Lighten up." Trigon said in mock sincerity.

"I see you started."


"Brother Blood?!"


"Who's he here with?"

"Me. Duh." Kid Flash, Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Kole, and Jericho looked turned to look at the newcomer.

"Brother Blood is your dad?" Kid Flash scratched his head.

"Not exactly." Jinx replied. "But he's sort of like one…Make sense?" No answer. "Never mind."

All of them had been put into a separate room with a glass window so they could see the meeting. A large bench was under it.


"Order! Order!" Slade hammered his fist on the table. "Now, to start this meeting, I-"

"Who said you were in charge?" Trigon demanded. Slade scoffed.

"I did."

"Well I say you're not."

"Hello? I'm at the head of the table. Therefore, I'm the head of this meeting." Trigon scowled and the two began to verbally joust…again. Galfore, The Flash, Batman, Green Arrow, Mento and Brother Blood groaned. Gnarrk just sat there. The Flash passed around a piece of paper. On it, it said:

Do you want anything to eat?

Under it, were a few requests:






Then there was some word none of them could understand. Complementary of Gnarrk. The Flash nodded and ran off. He came back two seconds later with seven, steaming cups of coffee. He distributed them to the rest of them while Trigon and Slade were still having their shouting match.

Inside the room. Raven smacked her forehead.

"Damn it." She looked over at Jericho to see how he'd react. He raised an eyebrow. Kole giggled again.

"What's going on?" Raven sighed.

"Oh they go back. Way back." Kole cocked her head. Raven sighed again.

"It's a long story."