Rating: PG-13 overall.
Characters: Tony/Maxxie and Sid.
Disclaimer: I still don't own the show, but I am still working on it.
Summary: Tony's acting suspiciously, but Sid's onto him.

An Important Date

'What's on the menu then?'

Tony sat himself down at the table, reaching across and stealing one of Sid's chips, a rather determined expression on his face as he popped it into his mouth.

Sid's face contorted into a scowl. 'Can't you get your own?' he queried. 'I paid good money for these.'

'No time,' said Tony simply. 'I have somewhere better to be.'

'Oh, like where?' The words dripped sarcasm.

'Like a date, Sidney, but you wouldn't know much about that.'

'Does Michelle know?'

Tony smirked, shrugged and got to his feet again.

Five seconds later he was gone.