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This is just a little filler for Dead Men Leave No Trails.

Rated G

Millicent's Diary by Ermintrude

Lee and Amanda were in the Q Bureau, and Amanda was going over Millicent's diary again.

"How are you doing with that diary, Amanda?" Lee asked.

"Well, I have a lot. Gee, it's so sad. She was in love with Sallee and really didn't know a thing about him."

"You said she wrote a lot about him: pressing his uniform, what he ate, how he bought her stuff, lots of things."

Amanda put the diary down and looked at Lee. "That's just superficial stuff. She really didn't know him at all—what he was like—who he was as a man—his good points and his faults."

"Well, knowing a guy's faults certainly isn't something that will help a woman fall in love."

"You have a point there," Amanda replied. "Sometimes it's easier to fall in love when you don't know that much about the guy—you just fill in what's missing yourself. Of course when you discover the reality, you can have some pretty nasty surprises."

"Yeah. Like the axe murder over squeezing the toothpaste in the middle of the tube."

"Oh, Lee. You just don't get it at all. Falling in love when you know a person really well—warts and all—takes a great deal of faith that you can do the work to make it successful. That's real love—not just falling in love with an illusion. The best, most lasting love starts as a strong friendship." She looked at him across the room.

"Best friends." Lee looked into her eyes. Then he quickly looked down.

Amanda took a breath and continued, "Yeah, best friends. And when you really know the person, who he is, what he's really like, and it turns to love, well, that's the best there is."

Lee turned away and looked out the window. "I'll have to take your word on that, Amanda."

"Lee, you know so much about the bad guys and the awful stuff in the world, maybe someday you'll get to know about some of the good stuff, too."

He turned back and grinned. "I know about good stuff—I know how to live it up!"

Amanda shook her head. "There's more to life than just living it up."


Amanda shook her head again. "Lee, there's more to life than work and living it up!"

"Not in my life, Amanda," Lee replied darkly.

Amanda chose to ignore his grim tone. "Well us 'normal people' have a home, family and friends. We relax, enjoy each others' company and have a nice life. A normal life. It's not all living it up or work. Hopefully you work to be able to have a nice normal life the rest of the time. For us 'normal people' that's what life is all about. Family, friendship and love are what make life worthwhile."

Lee didn't look at her or reply, but he thought 'Maybe I can understand about that someday. I guess you just have to be patient with me, Amanda.'