A/N: Wow, I can't believe I caved and wrote for you wacky Nicholas fans. :-P This was surprisingly fun to write, but probably only because Nicholas gets knocked down a few pegs by Angelique, hehe. I think there will only be one more chapter, but we'll see. Enjoy! ;0)

CH 1: A Battle of Wits

"Filing your nails again, are we, my dear?"

"Only because I'm waiting for the right moment to stab you in the trachea, my dear Nicholas" Angelique venomously retorted, her eyes narrowing as she began to file her nails more vigorously than before.

Chuckling at her spirited nature, Nicholas mocked, "Come now, my dear, we all know that you desire me as much as any other red-blooded female."

"The only thing that I 'desire', Nicholas, is for you to get the hint and jump off a cliff" Angelique seethed, completely infuriated by his astoundingly large ego. "How could I ever feel anything but contempt for the man who reverted me into this…this creature?"

Rubbing his mustache, Nicholas smugly returned, "Consider it your just desserts, my dear. Since your darling Barnabas was once a creature of the night, I found it quite fitting that you should follow in your lover's footsteps."

"And I find it quite fitting that you should shut your mouth!" Angelique snapped. "My business with Barnabas is none of yours, so I truly wish that you'd stop harassing me about him!"

Nicholas smirked. "And why would I do that, my dear Angelique? You get so incredibly beautiful when you're angry…"

"And you get incredibly toadish when you're cocky" Angelique hissed. "For the last time, Nicholas, I'd like to be alone!" Now turning about on her heel, the lovely vampire folded her arms as her white burial gown swished about her ankles, her temper only flaring the moment she heard Nicholas' amused laughter. "Oh!" she exclaimed, "I demand to know what is so funny!"

Still chuckling, Nicholas returned as if it were obvious, "Why you are, my dear…I think we both know that you want to be alone so you can think of me in private. I'm sure you'd be quite embarrassed if you were to publicly display your self-serviced affections."

Positively livid, Angelique shrieked, "Nicholas, you are a swine! If anything, I'd be alone so I could retch since you make me so sick! Now wipe that stupid grin off your face, conjure up some trampy woman on that magic mirror of yours, and use the self-service pump since you'll never get me or any woman with a brain!"

Stunned, but more shockingly quite amused, Nicholas folded his arms as Angelique stalked off into the adjacent room. With a cold smirk upon his lips, he returned softly, "We shall see, my dear…we shall see."