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Ned's Declassified Survival Guide

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Ned pushes back his office chair from the computer he'd been working on and stands up. "Fanfiction, the thing that keeps the imagination flowing. A website were kids who like to read and write can post stories, and read them. A great life saver, but we all know that sometimes things can get a little tricky."

"Mister Bigby, take a seat!" A harsh voice called from the teacher's desk, Ned obeys half-heartedly.

"The first rule about Fanfiction, like about any other website, is to stay off of it during computer class." Coconut head is bent over his monitor, eagerly glancing through pages. "Most school computer's don't have Internet access, but if you're school's one of the lucky one's, don't blow it."

Passing teacher turns off Coconut Head's monitor, the helmet haired kid frowns.

"Also remember that all good things can get a little addictive, so pace yourself, don't get hooked on a story at Midnight." Cookie is quickly scanning computer screen in his room, oblivious to the load banging on his door in the background. "Remember to pace yourself, the stories aren't going anywhere. Don't be upset if you can't finish a story in one setting, because odds are it will still be there later and you can easily pick up where you left off."

"Know when to call it a night, this is hard depending on where you live. Kids in the U.K have a lot longer to wait for the American kids to get done with school and update stories. But hey, writers have been working around location for years and it hasn't stopped anyone. Be patient, and cool it, the story will get updated."

The bell rings and class starts breaking up, Ned's putting his stuff in his bag when Moze runs up. "Ned quick, I need help on when to become a Member Of Fanfiction."

Ned turns back to the camera. "If you're wondering about the best time to become a member of Fanfiction, pick a time when you won't be so busy, like a week-end. If you try juggling a homework and trying to come up with a pass word, things may not go so well."

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