I looked up.

"What! You are not my parents?"

"No, Hermione. We adopted you when you were a little baby,"

Tears ran from my face and I closed my eyes.

"So…Who are my real parents?"

"I am sorry ,honey. But we have no idea. We have a paper somewhere but we haven't looked at it."

I opened my eyes.

"Can I see it, please?"

My mum went upstairs to get the paper and I saw that there was some small tears in her eyes.

Soon I sat there and I looked at the paper.



Name: Hermione

Sex: Girl

Mother: Narcissa Black

Father: Lucius Malfoy

Date: 19 September, 1979


I really got chocked when I saw who my mother and father where.

I felt sick and I realize that Draco Malfoy, the person who had called me mudblood was my brother.

I looked over to my parents and I started to cried and packed everything I needed and left the house and went to Ron's place.


I saw Harry and I ran to him and gave him a hug.

"Hermione. Have you cried? "

"Just a little bit."

I tried to smile, but Harry saw that it didn't work.

"Why have you been crying? "

"I find out that I'm adopted. And you don't want to know who my brother are…"

"Hermione it cant be worse than Zabini or Malfoy…"

"But it is Malfoy. Harry, I am a Malfoy. And my real parents are deatheathers ."

Harry saw in my eyes and there was something I saw in his eyes. It was disgust .

He ran away and left me there. Crying