JJ was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom when Emily walked in. She had a rather large coffee stain on her shirt was desperately trying to get it off.

"What happened?" Emily asked with a laugh.

"It's not funny!" JJ snapped back. "Reid spilled his coffee all over me and I have that meeting with Hotch and the director in an," JJ glanced at her watch, "hour." Realizing that the stain was not going away she groaned. "Do you have an extra shirt in the lock by any chance?" JJ prayed she said yes.


"Great!" JJ groaned again. "Well, if I leave now I should be able to get back in time for the meeting. Or..." JJ turned towards Emily flashing her a smile, "you could go get me a clean shirt, so I could finish preparing for my meeting."

"Oh yeah, that would not be suspicious or anything." As Emily finished the sentence she could see the smile fade from JJ's face.

"Fine!" JJ threw the paper towel in the trash and stormed out of the bathroom without so much as looking at Emily. Emily cringed when she heard the bathroom down slam shut.

Emily stood in the bathroom for a few minutes before hurrying out to find JJ and apologize. Emily found JJ standing in the front of the elevators on the other side of the office.

"JJ, wait!" Emily yelled as the elevator doors opened. JJ stepped in with out evening looking in Emily's direction. She pushed the button for the basement and then quickly pushed the door close button as she saw Emily walking, rather briskly, toward the elevator. The doors closed just before Emily got there. "Damn it!" Emily pulled out her cell phone and dialed JJ's number; but JJ did not answer. That was when Emily realized how pissed JJ was.

Emily glanced at her watch and noticed that it was almost time for JJ's meeting and she was still not back. Emily knew that if JJ did not get back in time, she was going to kill her. She tried JJ's cell again and still no answer.

"Where the hell is JJ?" Hotch asked as he walked into the bullpen, not really addressing anyone in particular. "We have a meeting in five minutes."

"She had to run home and change shirts." Emily finally replied after noticing the blank stares from the other team members. "Reid spilled coffee all over the one she had on. She left over an hour ago she should be back soon. I have tried calling her but she is not answering. Maybe if someone else tried?"

"If she is not answering you calls why would she answer..." Hotch was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. "Agent Hotchner." He said as he answered his phone. "Yes I have an Agent Jereau on my team. What is this about?" The mention of JJ's name caught everyones attention, especially Emily. The team watched as the color drained from Hotch's face. "What hospital are they taking her to?" Emily felt her heart stop. Please god no. This cannot be happening, Emily thought to herself. "Okay thanks, we are on our way." Hotch closed his phone and looked out at the group of concerned faces.

"What's going on Hotch? Something happen to JJ?" Morgan asked, not really wanting to hear the answer.

"JJ's been shot." Emily let out a loud gasp and had to grab the back of the chair to keep for falling over. "She is on her way to Memorial Hospital. Let's go." The team quickly made there way to the elevators, all of them praying that JJ would be okay.

They all arrived at the hospital in record time.

"Excuse me I am Special Agent Aaron Hotchner." Hotch showed the woman at the desk his badge. "One of my agents was brought in earlier. She was shot. Agent Jennifer Jereau." The woman typed JJ's name into her computer.

"She is in surgery now, but I will have Dr. Stevens come talk to you. He was the doctor on call when she came in. If you will have a seat in the waiting room, he will be right with you."

After a few minutes, Dr. Stevens walked into the waiting room.

"Agent Hotchner?" He asked looking around the room.

"I am Agent Hotchner. This is the rest of my team. What can you tell us about Agent Jereau?"

"Well actually I cannot tell you much until I talk to her next of kin. Is there an Agent Emily Prentiss on your team?" Everyone looked over at Emily who was standing there in shock. She had no idea that JJ had listed her as her 'next of kin.'

"I am Emily Prentiss."

"Well if you could come with me I can discuss with you what is happening with Agent Jereau."

"You can tell me here. I would like everyone to hear."

"Okay. Well Agent Jereau..." Emily cut him off.

"JJ, please call her JJ." Emily said with tears stinging her eyes. Dr. Stevens nodded.

"JJ was brought in with two gun shot wounds to the chest. One appears to have punctured her right lung and other nicked her aortic artery. She has lost a lot of blood. She is currently in surgery and they are doing everything they can but it is going to be a long procedure. I wish I had better news but you friend is in really bad shape. Dr. Thompson is preforming the surgery and he one of the best surgeons in the country. She is in good hands. I will call the OR and let them know you are here. Dr. Thompson will come speak with you when he is finished." Dr. Stevens shook Emily's and Hotch's hand before turning to leave.

"Oh my god." Was all Emily could manage to say. Morgan noticing how very pale Emily suddenly looked led her back to the chairs.

A few minutes later, Garcia arrived at the hospital. Emily jumped up and the two women hugged. It was not until she was wrapped in Garcia's arms did the tears begin to fall. It was as if someone had opened the flood gates.

"It's going to be okay sweetie." Garcia said trying to comfort Emily.

"I cannot lost her." Emily said through the tears.

"You need to think positive. JJ is tough she will pull through this." Garcia looked over at the men who all had confused looks on their faces. "Emily I think you need to tell them." Emily pulled away from Garcia and looked at the rest of the team.

"Tell us what Emily?" Hotch asked, although he already had a pretty good idea what she was going to say.

"JJ and I we have been..." Emily paused as fresh tears fell, "have been seeing each other for 7 months now. We moved in together last month." Emily looked around at the stunned faces. "I am sorry that we did not tell you. JJ wanted to, but I was afraid that we would have be split up. I know that there are strict rules about inter-department dating. Neither one of us wanted to leave the BAU."

"Garcia, you knew?" Morgan asked.

"Yes, I did. JJ is my best friend. She is my family." Garcia replied while a single tear rolled down her cheek. Morgan walked over and pulled Garcia into a hug.

"I am glad that you told us and just so you know I will not let anything break this team apart. You two are both to valuable to the team to let one of you go." Hotch said as she grabbed Emily's hand and gave it a squeeze.

"But what if the Director finds out?"

"Leave the Director to me." Hotch said. "JJ is going to pull through this, you just have to have a little faith."

"I know but I fell like this is my fault." More tears streamed down Emily's face.

"How is this your fault.?" Reid asked.

"She asked me to go get her a clean shirt and I told her no, because it might look suspicious. She was so mad. Why didn't I just go get the stupid shirt?!?!?"

"It's not your fault. If you had gone than it would be you in the operating room right now." Rossi simply stated.

"I would give anything to trade places with her. I love her and our last conversation was an argument. An argument over a stupid shirt." Hotch pulled Emily into a hug.

"It was not your last conversation. JJ will be okay."