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Chapter 1...Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun,

here comes the sun

and I say

It's all right...

The sun was just coming over the trees, bathing the world in orange light. Birds were beginning to chirp, penetrating the silence along with a whispering wind. The world was beginning to wake up to what promised to be a clear, cool day. The nighttime mist still hung thick in some places, making some of Sleepy Hollow's paths look like portals to another realm.

Dawn rose from the bed and stretched. She would have liked to have stayed there for another two hours at least, but it would be time for school soon and she didn't want the children to be late. Klaus was still fast asleep, his wild dark hair standing almost straight up in places. He looked so much younger when he slept.

She stepped into her dress and laced up the corset part, still allowing herself to admire him. Klaus had been used to sleeping completely naked when they'd first met. Now, he would always make sure his lower half was covered in case the children got scared and jumped in bed with them, but he left his top uncovered. Klaus was large-framed, but his muscle was lean muscle. He looked as though he'd been carved from white marble, a few battle scars here and there. Her eyes rested on the deep, thick scar on his left side, then at the thick, raised scar around his neck. So much had happened to him...

She shook herself out of that train of thought. He was hers now, and he was safe. She had vowed never to let anything happen to him. Ichabod claimed that they were a common-law marriage, but the new vicar would be coming soon and might not see it that way. She secretly hoped they would have a formal wedding.

Klaus, sensing her dark eyes, stirred. He was laying on his side and his arm was resting in the spot she'd been a few moments ago. He opened his icy blue eyes, blinking in the sunlight.

"This is it," Dawn reminded him, "Jaegar and Hanne have their first day of school."

Klaus groaned.

"Don't remind me," he mumbled, shielding his eyes with one hand, "I am not ready."

"I know."

Little darling,

it's been a long cold lonely winter

little darling,

it seems like years since it's been here,

here comes the sun,

here comes the sun

and I say

it's all right.

She jumped onto the bed, making it shake. Klaus cringed; for a moment, he thought she was going to land on him. With a childish grin, she yanked off the covers.

"You know what that means for us, don't you?"

Klaus's brain was still foggy from sleep. He didn't even try to answer.

"More alone time for us," Dawn whispered in his ear. They hadn't had much time together since the twins were born because one was always awake and needing something.

Klaus gave her a school-boy smile.

"Still, I'm going to miss them like crazy," Dawn said with an air of nostalgia. Then, she was back to her business-like self.

"Come on! Ichabod's expecting you, too. He says he wants to get you a real uniform made so that you can get rid of that ratty old cloak of yours. Personally, I can't wait. Go see what Daredevil, Flash, and Starlight are up to and I'll get breakfast going."

She grabbed his wrists and pulled him into a sitting position. Knowing his woman, Klaus laughed.

"How much coffee have you had today?" he asked her.

"Surprisingly, none!" Dawn bounced out the door and closed it to let him get dressed.

Klaus went outside, his breath steaming in the morning air. It was cool for September, but it would warm up again soon. Daredevil and Flash were in their separate stalls and Starlight was there, too. Starlight was very spirited and young and couldn't wait for someone to ride him. After Gunpowder had passed away due to age, Klaus had contemplated giving him to Ichabod. He hadn't yet asked Dawn's opinion and reminded himself to do so later.

It's about time! We thought you weren't coming! Daredevil grunted and shook his head around as Klaus measured out the grain. Despite Masbeth's offer to help care for the horses, Klaus wanted to do it himself. It was the one part of him that had never left during his twenty years as a specter.

"I am here the same time I am every morning," Klaus reminded him, "you are just impatient."

Within seconds, the horses were happily crunching their grain.

Today's our first day at work, isn't it? I can't wait! Daredevil was always willing to go with Klaus and the idea of working again excited him as much as it did Klaus.

"Yes. I will be back."

He patted his best friend's neck and went back to the house.

Dawn had breakfast on the table, but she was kneeling next to Jaegar, who apparently didn't want to go to school.

"The other kids make fun of me! They tell me that Father did some bad things and they won't play with me!"

Dawn sighed. She knew it was coming for a long time.

"Not all of the other kids think that," Dawn assured him, gently wiping his nose with her lace handkerchief, "the reason why they're going to school is because they'll learn things they didn't know. You'll learn things about life, not just reading, writing, and math. You'll learn how to make friends and how to talk to other kids, you might even learn some new games. How does that sound?"

Jaegar still didn't look too sure.

"Oh, Jaegar! You're such a crybaby!" Hanne exclaimed, "I'm going, too, and I'm not afraid at all."

Dawn gave her a stern look.

"It's okay to be afraid to try new things," she continued with Jaegar, "everyone gets scared sometimes. I was scared when you and Hanne got lost in the woods last month. Your dad gets scared when he can't find you, but you can't let that stop you from trying."

She wiped his tears away.

"How about some breakfast, now?" she asked. Jaegar slowly sat in his chair and she served him. The smell of French toast and syrup filled the air.

"Hanne," Dawn said, pouring her a cup of milk, "I know how brave you are and I know you love going new places."

The little girl beamed at her mother's compliments.

"I need you to be a big girl and do me a big favor. Please help your brother today, okay? Help him make some friends."

Hanne sighed, letting her fork fall onto her plate with a CLINK!

"Okay," she sighed.

"Thanks." Dawn kissed her forehead.

Klaus had been standing in the doorway, watching. Dawn had dressed Hanne and Jaegar in similar outfits. Hanne had on a sky blue dress with white trimming that buttoned up the front. Jaegar had sky-blue pants that fastened in the front, a white button-up shirt, and a sky blue coat. Both children had just gotten their new shoes yesterday and they were both shining and black in the morning sun. Dawn had braided Hanne's hair and tied the end of the plait with a blue ribbon. Usually, they were both streaked from head to toe with mud or dust from playing. Klaus could hardly believe they were his children.

Dawn was also wearing sky-blue and white. She'd intended to brush her hair out that morning, but hadn't had time. It was still braided, but a few little curls had come loose.

"I take it the horses were happy to see you," she said as he sat down at the table.

"They always are," Klaus said sarcastically, "they would never forget the one that feeds them."

Dawn placed a plate in front of him.

"I know that feeling," she joked.

"Stop it!" Jaegar whined. Hanne had nearly shoved him out of his chair.

"Hanne," Dawn said sternly, "that's enough."

Hanne sighed and finished eating. Jaegar had planned to stick his tongue out at her, but he thought better of it.

As soon as breakfast was over, they heard the clanging of bells.

"It's time," Dawn said, having not even sat down to eat her own breakfast, "both of you come here for a second."

She gave them both cloth bags that were made out of canvas and wouldn't break. Inside each bag, their books and their lunches were there. Dawn had started teaching them letters and how to read when they were three, but she knew they'd be better off with an actual teacher.

"Okay, I love you both. Be nice to the other kids, listen to the teacher, and have a good time."

She kissed them both on the foreheads and hugged them. Then, she opened the door and pointed down the hill to the schoolhouse.

"See you this afternoon!"

Hanne grabbed Jaegar's hand and took off. Dawn was grateful that she was so free-spirited and adventurous. She watched their shrinking forms with a strange ache in her heart. Klaus wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"My own mother said she waited all day for me to come home," Klaus said, "I believe her now."

Dawn laughed.

Klaus had gone back to Germany for a short visit soon after the twins were born. Everyone thought Dawn was crazy for letting him go.

"If he loves me, he'll come back," she assured them all. She'd never asked Klaus what transpired during the visit, but he came back eagerly. He claimed he'd missed her every single day that he was gone and was constantly thinking about her. She believed him. Since he came back, the same heartache that showed through his eyes was long gone. He'd finally found peace and she was glad she'd let him go.

Now, things were beginning to settle into a comfortable routine.

"I must be going," Klaus commented, glancing at the small clock on the mantle, "I will be back this afternoon."

He gathered her up into a tight embrace. They kissed in the open doorway, not giving a flip if anyone saw them or not. The kiss was deep and warm.

"I can't wait," Dawn said breathlessly, her cheeks flushed. She didn't want him to leave, of course, but it was just part of life. She could still taste the cinnamon and syrup from breakfast.

"Ich werde an Sie noch denken." 1.

She watched him get Daredevil out of the stable from the kitchen window. With one last wave, off they went.

Dawn reheated her own untouched breakfast and sat at the table by herself. The house was entirely too quiet and too empty. She began to sing to herself as she cleared away the dishes.

"Little darling,

I feel that ice is slowly melting,

little darling,

it seems like years since it's been here.

Here comes the sun,

here comes the sun, and I say

it's all right.

It's all right."