Chapter Eight: Explanations and Reunions

Chapter Eight: Explanations and Reunions.

"I was kinda expecting it to be a library."

"Originally, it was." A fussy voice said. "But somewhere along the line Raven's subconscious stopped connecting libraries with repositories of information, probably around the time of her sixteenth birthday. Since then, my realm has been undergoing a process of transmutation."

Robin looked around and was surprised by the familiarity of the setting. On one wall, a huge computer was situated, with various files displayed on the screen. Another wall was made entirely of cavities, in which rested a plethora of ancient scrolls. In the centre of the room was a large desk, on which several of the scrolls were laid, along with a cup of coffee in a mug which cheerfully informed the world that while mental illness was not requisite for employment in this particular sector, it would certainly add points in your favour. A picture of Beast Boy was also in evidence, in a yellow frame.

"You would be Knowledge, right?" Robin asked, noticing a yellow-clad emotion sitting at the desk.

"Evidently." She replied curtly. "And I surmise that you wish to know where Raven has gone."

"Err…yeah, I think." Beast Boy replied, deciphering Knowledge's comment with a little difficulty.

"I regret to inform you that she has no idea."

"Oh. Tomba."

"However, although she does not consciously remember it, I can show you who abducted her. I believe that this will be helpful." With that, Knowledge walked over to the computer and brought up a video file. It showed the view from Raven's eyes as she turned around in her room to see several red-robed figures floating outside the window. The glass was cut with a burst of crimson power, and the figures rushed into the room. Raven had no time to react before one of them pushed their palm into her face and everything went dark.

"And there you have it."

Robin scowled. "Where is she now?"

"I'm in some kind of labyrinth." A voice said from behind them, and Beast Boy's ears perked.

"Raven!" Beast Boy rushed over to her, and she smiled. Robin felt a tapping on his shoulder.

"I believe that they would appreciate a little privacy." Knowledge said. Robin nodded, and followed her.

"Time is short." Knowledge said. "Raven is becoming steadily weaker. She is losing blood, and her powers of healing appear to have no effect."

Robin nodded as Knowledge outlined Raven's situation. "It looks less than promising. Whoever has Raven has an agenda, that much is clear, but there is a lot in this situation that makes little to no sense."

Robin nodded. "And there's no way you can determine where you are?"

"None spring readily to mind, although I shall continue to look for a method."

"Is there any line of communication we can employ?"

Knowledge frowned. "As morbid as it sounds, there is one. If the mirror cracks, then it is a sign that Raven has died."

Robin scowled. "Is there anything more…useful…we can use?"


Robin sighed, and looked back towards Raven and Beast Boy, who were talking quietly together. As Robin watched the pair, he couldn't suppress an unwelcome feeling: jealousy.

Not that he had any designs on Raven, far from it. He respected her too much for that. She also (although he'd never admit it) scared him a little. No, Robin's feelings sprang from Beast Boy. The fact that he was comfortable and confident enough in his emotions to engage in a relationship galled Robin, who was still engaged in a long-running and very awkward dance with the tower's resident alien.

Ever since Tokyo (the closing events of which Robin put firmly down to the effects of ink fumes, if anyone was interested) the pair had been in an awkward kind of stasis. They were both clearly interested in each other, but she was content (willing may have been a better term) to wait for Robin to get his act together.

It had been four months, so far.

With a glance at Raven and Beast Boy, Robin made a decision. As soon as this mess was over, he would sit down with Starfire for a long, and hopefully productive, talk. There, easy. He snapped back into reality as Raven and Beast Boy walked towards them.

"…We'll be there soon, 'kay?"

Raven sighed. "I know. I'm just a little freaked out, is all."

Beast Boy pulled her towards him, and talked into her hair. "Ninapenda wewe."

Raven smiled. "I know." Somehow, the words were less intimidating, in another language.

Beast Boy smiled. "Well, see you in the flesh soon then."

The two embraced again, briefly, before Beast Boy followed Robin out of Knowledge's realm.


"So, find out anything useful?" Beast Boy asked as the two made their way to the forbidden door.

Robin sighed. "Not really. All we've got are a bunch of guys in red robes, that look like they're using magic."

Beast Boy shrugged. "It's a start. We just need to look for them."

Robin nodded, and stepped through the spiralling mass that led to Raven's room. Beast Boy looked at the portal before following, and was struck by the resemblance to the headboard on Raven's bed. Shaking his head to clear it of this completely random train of thought, he stepped through after his leader.