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"I think he's figured out what they do to their patients here. And the doctors realized it, and they….took him away…" I was silent for a moment.

"Wait, Nudge…what do you mean what the doctors do to the patients here?"

"No…" I replied in confusion. Nudge paused for a minute, and then grabbed my shoulders and looked square in my eyes conveying the seriousness of the situation.

"They kill them. All of them. And Fang…he's scheduled for…tomorrow." She continued to look at me, letting the information sink in until my brain finally registered it.

Suddenly there was the loud noise of about ten people with heavy boots on entering the room. Nudge and I peaked over the top of the pile of chairs we were hiding behind.

There I saw the lady, the one who was painting with the gray-blue eyes that sparkled with the un-earthly light of insanity.

"Don't take me away yet! I have to finish my painting! It's not finished! Please don't take me away!" she screamed. The men in the heavy boots and white lab coats carried off the fail little woman as she screamed and kicked with all her insane fury. Her screams of "let me finish my painting! Let me finish my painting!" got steady fainter as they carried her down the long corridor, until they turned a corner and the screaming stopped.

I didn't think she was coming back.

Nudge and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes, sorry for the insane woman who didn't have a chance. I cleared my throat, blinked back my tears, and put on my battle face.

I was running, practically flying, through the long, bare corridors of the Itex complex. There were erasers everywhere, but strangely I didn't feel threatened.

One came up on my left, and I crushed him like paper.

Another on my right, and I threw him into the wall like he was merely a baseball: his eyes burned with hatred and the wish to tear me limb from limb. All I did was smile and keep sprinting.

I turned a corner, and then all I saw was a door.

Everything got quiet and it seemed like all reality faded away, until all that was left was just me and that door.

That cold, hard, steel, door.

It was my ticket out.

I could already taste my freedom.

I reached out my already trembling hand, so happy that I was going to be free…

…and then I woke up.

Crap! Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap…

Stretching my arms, I slowly pulled myself off the concrete floor and rubbed my eyes slowly; almost trying to push the dream away, to not keep my hopes up …. And then I remembered.

We were getting out of here.


Myself and the rest of the "patients" were led to the big room where I had reunited with Nudge the day before. It was just as bright and cheery as before, only know that I knew the truth it seemed closer to sinister.

After this I'm gonna to have a hell of a fear of hospitals… I thought to myself. I felt a semi-lopsided grin spread across my face. The guards looked at me weirdly.

As I was ushered towards the back of the room, I made eye-contact with Nudge. She was sitting on the windowsill, and I saw her nod her head silently, carefully, telling me that any moment we would fight back. I had been waiting for this moment for so long…


Right now I couldn't wait to wipe the smirks and shallow smiles off the men and women clad in white lab coats. To tell the truth, they were really starting to get on my—

"NOW!" Nudge screamed at the top of her lungs, and her wings flew open. Her hair was whipping wildly around her head due to the wind that had started to blow in from the open window. Her eyes filled with fury, I realized that my little Nudge looked like a killer.

On any other day I would have been slightly disturbed.

Today, I was more proud than disturbed.

I did the same exact thing, and we were ready for battle.

Bring it on.

The doors burst open and about ten erasers stormed the large room: their eyes gleaming with the possibility of tearing us upstarts limb from limb. The other patients screamed, and some jumped out the large, open window. I cringe, hearing their bodies hitting the ground with a soft thud.

They didn't even have a chance…

"Max! Look out!" Nudge screamed, pointing at something behind me, her eyes wide with panic.

Spinning around, I find myself face to face with an eraser.

"Want a piece of me??" I yell, and throw him clear across the room. He lands on a table, and it promptly breaks and he goes crashing through the floor.

Confused cries come from below and I can imagine with glee the scene that must be going on downstairs.

But the smile disappears when someone walks through the double doors and into the room.

"That is enough…" he says, "I'll take care of her."

It's Dr. Bjorn Chimrie, who had started it all.

I want to shout at him. Tell him he's a bastard and punch him in the face and for treating me and the rest of the Flock the way he did. For allowing him to make me feel inferior and worthless. For making me believe that I was half a person.

A shadow.

A half life.

My face twists in rage and I wonder if Nudge hates this guy as much as I do. Judging by her expression, she does. She has the same look on her face, her eyes stormy and mouth pulled into a thin line.

I can feel my courage slipping. My confidence falters slightly and I can feel my indecision.

My apprehension.

And then while all this is going on, Nudge makes a nervous glance towards me. I see her swallow.

I see her confused eyes. "What's going on?" they ask me.

I nod reassuringly, because that's what I'm here to do.

I can feel that confidence is back. I have to do this: for Nudge, for Fang…for the rest of the Flock.

And me.

If I don't get this guy it's going to be on my conscience for the rest of my life.

I take a deep breath.

The panic disappears from my eyes.

I stare at Dr. Chimre.

I know all eyes are on me as I stands there, watching the man who has made the past few weeks a living hell. Watching him standing there tall, with an evil smirk on his face and an overly proud air about him. He's giving me his worst glare.

I shudder inwardly, but I won't let him have the satisfaction of knowing that he's scaring me.

I feel tiny and cowed. I know I don't look like it though. I have to be strong. Be strong…be strong…I look at Nudge.

And then, I see that Dr. Chimre has someone behind him.

Dark. Tall. Familiar.


His eyes are pleading with mine. I know who you are, they seem to say, I know who the Flock is. I remember everything, Max, everything. I remember the kiss…

Looking at him I can see a mirror of the Flock and all that we've fought so hard to achieve and escape from certain death. It's like some kind of courage has suddenly been injected into me from that one glance from Fang and I straightens my back and hold my head up, focusing on the Bastard in front of me, making my gaze steady and strong.

I push myself forward, ignoring everyone. It's like I've just found a courage I never knew I had.

They all watch me as I come to stand closer before the malicious Doctor. My upturned face is peering up at his cold, grey, unfeeling eyes.

My eyes confident.


The air is thick with anticipation.

Then Dr. Chimre begins to slowly shake his head and digs those fat fingers of his into his arm. He wants me to be afraid. That way he can get what he wants.

To have control of me.

Any control.

It doesn't matter in what way.

Then he snorts.

Hatred written all over his face.

He shifts his gaze from me to Nudge. He's staring at her. Making her feel uncomfortable just like he tries to do to me. He's wearing the same scowl he kept for me and has the same menacing stance, giving the receiver of those eyes cause to shudder slightly, but Nudge stayed strong.

My brave, brave Nudge.

Then he turns to focus his cruel gaze on me again, looking at me now, utterly revolted. And if he hated me before, it's nothing to what he's feeling now. I can see him filling up with renewed loathing. Glaring down at me from his great height and twisting his fat fingers and balling them into fists still further, his mouth curling with each extra bit of pressure he's applying. I know he finds me offensive to look upon. I know that. Accept it even.

I don't care.

I'm proud to be a mutant experiment.

I'd take being a mutant over a regular human any day.

He's staring from me to Nudge, his eyes intense, waiting for someone to speak.

Everyone is silent.

Every Eraser, Patient, Doctor, and mutant kid.

This rag tag audience.

And he – that bastard, finally breaks the terrible silence that envelopes us by speaking.

"You dare to come here and challenge me?" he snarls.

Then he shocks everyone by laughing cruelly: throwing his head back until all you could see was his throat.

He brings it back down menacingly.

"You think you can win." He chuckles. "You think you can win against this!" he sweeps his arm, gesturing to the easers and scientists around us. "You can't." he spits in my face. "You're just a mutant." He looks at Nudge. "And she's nothing. Not even worth being alive."

"Think you can speak to my girl like that?" My eyes are wide. I've never, never felt so incredibly angry in all my life.

"Well You CAN'T!" I scream, and grab a conveniently placed heavy text-book and hurl it at him.

It makes contact with its surprised recipient.

He smashes to the ground, but he gets back up. His grey eyes are alive with a wild anger that terrified me inside and out.

"You…" he shakes with the feeling of his anger. "You. Little. Bitch." He spits.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Fang yells, his face dark.

"You be quiet!" Dr. Chimre nods towards Fang. "You're just as bad as the rest of them. Always pining after her, but too weak to say anything. Well don't say anything now! You'll only make your death more painful. You ass. The only smart thing you can do is shut up until it's time for you to die. You can scream all you want when you're being pulled apart by Erasers.."

"Listen," Fang speaks, seeming to ignore the insults hurled cruelly at him, but I can still see the pain that has etched itself onto his olive-toned face. "You have nothing to live for. All you have to your name is killing a bunch of innocent people, or just turning them into experiments that only live for a few days, maybe a few weeks if they're lucky!" Fang spits, and Dr. Chimre swings round, takes two steps to close the gap between him and Fang so that they end up nose to nose. And although Dr. Chimre is bigger then Fang, I can see that Fang is not going to take any crap. He stands upright, his head held high, not flinching at the evil man's closeness. He stares him out, a muscle twitching in his jaw. And I've never seen him like this.

His face angry and wings tense, ready to spring into action.

Dr. Chimre's eyes narrow as he takes in what Fang has just said.

"Nobody," Fang begins in a quiet, steely voice. "Talks to my Max like that. And if you do, I'll make sure that your life is a living. Breathing. Hell." Fang spits in his face.

It falls deathly quiet while Dr. Chimre chews on Fang's words. Then he replies.

"One more word and you die." He snarls.

But Fang doesn't even bat an eyelash as he continues to stare straight into his eyes. Eyeball to eyeball. Stare for stare. And then Fang takes one step back. The evil doctor straightens and puffs out his chest, a triumphant grin on his face now, thinking he's won but he's got it all wrong.

Fang taking things very slowly and aware of all eyes upon him, takes his hand, wipes and pushes his dark brown hair out of his eyes, his forehead wrinkling. Then he takes that one step forward again, closing the gap between him and a bewildered Dr. Chimre and all but presses his nose up against the doctor's face.

He pulls in a deep breath.

"If I were you," he begins not taking his eyes off Dr. Chimre's face. "If I were you, I'd be very careful with whom you are threatening."

And it's very quiet for a moment.

Dr. Chimre falters for a split second, his triumphant grin falling but quickly replaced by another grin.

But I can tell that he's scared now.


"Or what?" he says now, glaring into Fang's frosty face.

"Hit him, Fang, hit him!" Nudge yells.

But Fang and Dr. Chimre face each other off. Neither is speaking. They just stare at each other, waiting to see who is going to back down.

I cheer inside, because I know that Dr. Chimre doesn't stand a chance.

"NOW!" Nudge screams, and I through a heavy metal pipe at Dr. Chimre.

It was almost like watching a slow motion movie, only I was the main character. I saw the metal beam flying through the air, moving very slowly though.

I stopped to think if it was really happening or if it was just my imagination.

And then, the metal pipe collided with it's target, and hit him on the head with a sickeningly heavy thump.

He fell to the ground and didn't get back up.

I saw his face grow blank and a trickle of blood start oozing from his scalp.

We had won.

And suddenly the slow motion switches to fast motion as confusion sweeps over the large room. Scientists and Erasers started running franticly around, now unsure of what to do because their leader is dead.

"Let's get the hell out of here!" someone yells, and amidst all the confusion I can tell its Fang.

I couldn't agree with him more. Picking up another heavy desk, I hurl it at the ceiling and it makes a good-sized hole and I can see sunlight shining through.

"C'mon!" I scream, and Fang, Nudge, and I spread our wings and shoot up and out.

We're flying.

And we're free.

Fang turns to look at me when we're flying just below the clouds and he smiles one of those rare smiles that I love.

"I need to tell you something." He pleads.

"Sure. tell me."

"Nudge? We're gonna land." Confused, I lead us down to a clearing in the middle of a small wooded area.

We land and I get up, brushing some pine needles off of me.

And then,


It's Fang.

It seems he's taken a deep, steadying breath and calmed down. His quiet voice slides over me like warm honey and I'm drawn to his eyes. For a moment, I forget everyone is there. Instead I stare at him.

Meet his eyes.

See the gentleness there. The compassion. And it makes me want to cry. Nobody's ever shown me such genuine fondness before. Such caring and warmth and it touches me now in such a way that I can feel the tears come unbidden into my eyes as I try to focus on him. And he reaches out with those dark brown eyes. People say he's cold, uncaring, unreadable…but not now. Not here. His need for me plain enough for anyone to see. He's holding out one hand, offering me safe passage away from all this horror and hostility.

He's focused and confident as he conveys his message.

The message that says: "It's ok. It doesn't matter. I'm here. With you. Come on."

And I ache for him. I need to be with him. I need to go to him. I need his comfort.

His familiarity.

His warmth.

And then suddenly, even though I'm having a problem focusing because of my tears, I'm aware of a pair of warm, comfortable arms around me, pulling me up and drawing me in.

And I know who it is.

I know the scent.

The ever familiar, calming scent. And it envelopes me.

And I let it.

Let it settle over me.

And I draw in great gasps of recognition. Bask in it. Wallow in it.

I'd even be willing to die in it.

I pull him in as close as I can.

"Max." he murmurs again, his voice: warm, soft, and seductive above me.

And his arms, strong, healing, safe, around me.

And I'm home.

At last, I'm home.

I press my face against his shoulder. That firm part of him that never ceases to amaze me with its strength and pull in a shuddering breath.

I breathe deeply of his scent.

His pheromones.

Close my eyes and give myself up to it.

Take in all my surroundings.

But only the surroundings that I want.

The rest I keep at bay.

And it's a safety net.

This being able to cut off everything around me except for this one man.

And then it's blessed relief.

And the tears continue.

Only now they're tears of relief.

Thick and fast they fall down my face as I bury it against him.

Nothing matters now.

So long as I can stay here, where I am.

Where I belong.

Within the circle of his arms.