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That's Not What I Meant to Do

Harry saw Sirius fall slowly and gracefully through the veil, disappearing into nothing. Everything was a blur. All he knew was that his godfather was in trouble, and he had to help. Harry ran towards the veil, barely registering Bellatrix Lestrange who was gleefully laughing. Why was she laughing? She hadn't beaten Sirius; he'd be right back out…

Harry only just noticed that Lupin was forcing his way toward him. Was he trying to get to Sirius, too? But no, he was shouting something… he was trying to stop Harry from going through the veil. But it wasn't dangerous…because Sirius couldn't be dead. Dodging a jinx that had hurled itself at him from who even knows where, Harry ran up the crumbling steps to the whispering veil.

Sirius was not in sight.

But Harry knew what he had to do; he could hear the whispering on the other side, more clear than ever before. He'd have to go in to get Sirius, he just had to. But then suddenly something hit him from behind, a charm from either friend or foe, it was impossible to tell, but it caused him to stumble down the steps. He lunged forward at the same time.

Harry was half in and half out of the veil. Blurry figures were in front of his face, he couldn't make out any of them. He felt something tugging on his legs. Someone was trying to pull him back out of the veil. He knew he had only a short time, and so, assuming that those nearest the veil were those that had more recently passed through it, he grabbed the ankle of the nearest figure to him and held on with all his might.

Lupin was frantically dragging Harry out from the veil. He couldn't lose them both. Through his grief, he registered dimly the fact that Harry seemed a lot heavier than he should be… but then again, maybe those on the other side were pulling too.

With a final humungous tug, Lupin pulled Harry all the way out of the treacherous archway. The only problem was, he had pulled someone else out, too.

Harry looked up apprehensively, desperately hoping to see his godfather. Who he saw, however, was someone completely unexpected. It was someone who he had never met in real life, but had only seen a portrait of.

Sir Cadogan was standing right in front of him.