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I ran as fast as I could to the forest, I couldn't teleport, I couldn't even think one coherent thought.

All I could think was that I had to get us out of Phoenix.

I looked down at my mother's limp body in worry. She looked so fragile, like she was going to break at any moment. And she was, and soon. If I didn't, she would die.

I had to get to Charlie, my father, his powers centering around healing he would be able to save her, no problem. But everything was going to go downhill if I didn't get there. Quick.

Once we were out of sight, I concentrated on picturing my father's front doorstep, closing my eyes. Once I got a clear, promising picture, I snapped my fingers.

Instantly, I felt the drizzling rain, the raindrops pitter-pattering on my head. I was in Forks.

I was home. The home that I'd stayed at almost every summer for the last ten years.

For a millisecond, I forgot all about my current predicament I was in as well as the dieing body residing in my arms. I took in a deep breath of the cool, wet air of my old home. Forks.

It was true that it was extremely green, and I wasn't surprised. But that was because of the constant rain that crashed down on this little town.

My eyes flashing open, and I remembered my earlier problem. I looked down at my mother, and her pain was my pain. A strangled sob escaped my throat.

I had to get to Charlie.


I sighed, and then laughed at the stories that Charlie Swan was telling my family and I. Most of them centered around his daughter Isabella and his ex-wife, Renee.

My interest sparked at the mention of the younger witch. She sounded entertaining. And from the images running around in Charlie's head, I knew that she was beautiful. Extremely beautiful. So beautiful I knew no one would ever be able to put her beauty into words.

I had never heard of one being attracted to someone before even knowing or seeing him or her. Yes, there are those cheesy movies where the girl or guy tells them that they loved them before they even knew them, but I never thought it was possible. I'd never wanted to know so much about one person in my entire existence. I knew that if Emmett could hear my thoughts right then, he would undoubtedly call me a "stalker" or some other name that his entertaining yet obnoxious mind came up with.

I came to find, through Charlie's thoughts, that he was still very much in love with his ex-wife Renee. I felt bad for the man. After being in a relationship for ten wonderful years, and then finding a note on your nightstand saying that you were over and that you'd only see your daughter over the summer and occasionally on weekends.

Our friendly chatter stopped abruptly when we heard a heart-wrenching sob erupt from outside.

All of our heads whipped around to look in the direction of the front door, where the sound had come from. My head whipped back to Charlie as I heard his panicked voice call, "Bella?! What happened?!"

That's when the door flew open, and the most stunning woman walked in carrying an unconscious woman that was slightly larger than her. I recognized them as Isabella and Renee, though Charlie's thoughts didn't give them justice. They were both extraordinarily beautiful.

Especially Isabella.

She didn't notice my family or me when she walked in, she just ran to the rug, and placed her mother on it, "Charlie! It was Phil again!!" She yelled, her voice of an angel's, and pulled her father down to his knees next to Renee.

Charlie growled furiously, "Did you-"

"He's dead!! Hurry, I tried to help, but I could only take the pain away for a while. She's sleeping now, but she won't be for long! If she wakes up-"

"I'll try." Charlie said, determination in his tone and face.

"Please, dad! Hurry!" Charlie nodded, and put his hands on Renee's shoulders, pressing down lightly but firmly.

He frowned, "Isabella, you have to retrieve the bullet from her. Your mother taught you that spell, remember?" He whispered.

"Yes, I remember." She whispered, and put her hand on her mother's stomach, whispering a few words to herself. Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, and she chanted the words louder, tears flowing freely down her beautiful face.

I felt the overwhelming urge to hold her in my arms and never let go. It scared me. I kept myself composed, knowing that only Jasper could feel the protective emotions that were flowing through me right now. Pain coursed through my veins, just from looking at her sorrow filled expression and the tears sliding down her face.

Isabella sobbed, and chanted louder, faster. I couldn't understand what she was saying, but I didn't care. I was focused on her face and her face only.

I felt so helpless that I couldn't do anything to make this beautiful angel stop crying. It bugged me that Carlisle wasn't taking action. He was a doctor for crying out loud!

She tried once more, chanting it so loud and fast that it sounded like a snake hiss in my sensitive ears. Her eyes widened, and she screamed a bloodcurdling scream that shook the house. She then collapsed on the floor.

Charlie grabbed her hand, and opened it to reveal the small silver object enclosed in it. A bullet.

Charlie sighed in relief, then turned to us, his face completely serious, "One of you, take Isabella upstairs to her room, she'll be out for awhile." He ordered, then turned back to Renee.

I silently, before anyone else could do anything, picked her up, and carried her to the room that smelled the most like her. I opened the door, the walls were a beautiful shade of blue and I couldn't help but think that the color would look beautiful on her.

I shook the thought from my head, and carried her over to her bed, pulling the covers back, and placing her in them, finding that she was already almost dry.

I pulled the covers over her, and unthinkingly kissed her temple. She sighed, and smiled in her sleep. The sound itself almost caused me to topple over. Her smile was so beautiful... Like everything else that I knew about her.

Turning, and walking out of her room, I then proceeded to walk back down the stairs, just in time to see a bright white flash blind my vision. My eyes flew shut, and stayed that way until the white subsided.

I opened my eyes, and saw Renee's eyes start to flutter. She sat up, rubbing her head, looking confused. Her eyes zeroed in on Charlie, "What happened?" She whispered.

"That is a question that I cannot fully answer, Renee." Charlie answered honestly.

"And, if you don't mind me asking," She started, looking around at us, "who are you?"

Carlisle smiled, gesturing around him, where we were sitting or standing, "We are the Cullens"

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