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"We are the Cullen's."

"Oh, Well..." 'Would 'Nice to meet you!' be appropriate for the awkward situation we seem to be in?' The corners of my lips twitched in amusement, "I'm Renee Dwyer."

"I am sorry that we couldn't meet under better circumstances." Carlisle said with a smile, extending his hand. She hesitated, 'Renee, it's okay,' She thought to herself, 'He's not like Phil. They aren't.' She repeated to herself in her head, and I smiled reassuringly at her, as she looked around at us. She took it, and they shook hands.

She shook hands with all of us. Except Emmett, who pulled her into a hug that left Renee wondering if he just hugged everyone who he'd just met. Charlie seemed kind of jealous judging by his thoughts, though he didn't show it at all on his face. He missed her, but he wouldn't tell her that. He couldn't.

Her thoughts scrutinized Charlie, and, biting her bottom lip, she thought about the blurry images that "don't give him justice." Smiling, I watched them share a friendly embrace, though I could hear them both wishing different. I glanced at Alice to see her smiling mischievously at the sight. Oh, great. Not that look...

I decided not to venture into her mind. It was much too dark in there. But I did catch a glimpse of something along the lines of 'Truth of Dare with Edward and Bella...' which kind of made me curious but my mind immediately moved to Bella. Her long beautiful chocolate brown hair, her strikingly deep brown eyes...

I felt a need to go check on her, but I decided to wait until I introduced myself to Renee.

After meeting Alice, she moved to me, moving her gaze up and down, as if she were picking out a car. 'He's the only single one. Hmm...' I was worried that she was going to be one of those women who had an undying crush on me, until I saw the picture form in her mind. It made me smile and I couldn't help but long for it. It was a picture of Bella and I with our arms wrapped around each other, staring into each other's eyes lovingly. 'Aww. They would look so cute together... Hmm...' She took one last look, 'Yep, he looks good enough for her.' I smiled the tiniest bit.

I stuck my hand out, "Edward Cullen." I said, and she took my hand, her eyes watching me the whole time, making notes of my posture and politeness.

"Do you have a power?" She asked, and I smiled.

I chucked, "I can read minds."

She blushed slightly, her gaze flickering from me to Charlie and back to me. I smiled at her reassuringly, telling her, silently, that I wouldn't tell a word. She smiled, then her face turned serious, and she got a protective look in her eye.

'I saw the way you smiled while I thought of you and my daughter.' I nodded sheepishly, 'So I know that you like her.' Once more I nodded sheepishly, and she smiled for a tiny second, but then her face faded back into the serious mask, 'I trust you already, you know that. But I can never be sure. I don't have that handy power of yours. So, just so you know, if you hurt her, I will kill you.'

I agreed with a reassuring smile. I wasn't even sure if Bella had noticed of my existence, and she hadn't been awake when I'd touched her, so I couldn't be sure if she'd felt the spark that I'd felt. Sighing, I listened to the chatter for a few moments.


My head shot upwards, hearing a "dammit." grinning, I realized that it was Bella.

Charlie chuckled, "That's my clumsy little girl." Then his face turned serious, and he yelled out: "Bella, I don't want to hear you speaking language like that in my house anymore, no matter how funny it is to listen to. You are only seventeen." He said in mock-seriousness.

"Whatever, dad! I know you've heard me swear plenty of times before. And before you didn't seem to mind it..." She muttered, and I could hear the soft pads of her feet against the wooden floor. At the top of the stairs, she emerged, and I almost gasped. Her beauty was... unbelievable. Nothing could compare to her. I had only seen her thirty minutes before, and my so-called "photographic memory" didn't give her justice.

She looked around at us. Her eyes taking in each one of us one by one, her hand grasping at a certain spot on her head, rubbing it softly, and every once in a while, she would wince in pain. She smiled a little at everybody, but when her gaze landed on me, her smile faded. Oh, no... She doesn't like me... I thought too soon when I heart her heart quicken, and her eyes roam over my body, and I could feel a gasp, and then she ran back up the stairs.

Questions filled my head, some others' and some my own. Why did she run away like that? I sighed quietly, dejectedly, and told my family that I would be outside. And so I went outside and contemplated about what could be so wrong with me that she wouldn't even want to be in the same room with me... She'd seemed like she disliked me, then she seemed attracted until a horrified look got on her face...

Sighing, I took a long run through the forest.

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