It was Toph and Aangs wedding day and something was lingering in the air. Mixed emotions ran deep . Was something wrong? Why did everyone feel so grouchy? Where is the fire kingdom couple? Sorry but for this story to make sense Toph cannot be blind but she is till fabulous.

This is the story

" Aang, do you take Toph to be your lawfully wedded wife," Stated the priest in a rather annoyed tone.

Aang looked over through the crowd,where was Katara? She had promised to be there. Was she upset? that was all that was going through his mind. Toph turned around looking at the crowd. She scanned it looking for a certain royal prince. ( not very amusing I know) Her eyes glitered as they rested on his face. She looked at him as she was supposed to her lover. She gave him one of those hooker looks. He looked very interested even though he was married to Katara. Toph had been gone lately alot before the wedding, and Katara had not even been aloud in their own room. It was always locked. What was going on? Aang caught the look in her eye and was hurt. His eyes welded up as he noticed what had happened. Toph took a certain intrest in the way her fiance's eyes changed. Her plan was working. Ever since the day he had proposed to Toph and she saw the look of sadness in Katara's eyes hidden behind a fake smile she knew that she had to do something she couldn't stand to see her friend like this forever. That is when she came up with a plan to get the two togather. She would have to do some heart breaking but only to help mend two hearts at the end.

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