" I...I.. cheated on Katara."

" You WHat?! how could you do that to her?"

" Well man, please don't hate me after I say this. It was with... Toph."

" My Wife?! You ignorant, beasty, orger &#"

" Look man I'm sorry." He said getting out og the chair."

" TOph!"

" No don't tell her that you know she will kill me."

" good for her."

" But man..."

" What's all the ruckuss." She yelled descending the stairs as she scratched her hair.

" You know verywell you whore!"

" WHat!?" She yelled screaching. ( Like in the episode I think it was called the chase I forgot but Toph was mad and ran off.)

" You know very well well you CHEATED ON ME WITH ZUKO!!"

" Baby please.." Toph was interrupted by alound scream that came nearer and nearer. It was Katara and she came down the stairs gracefully.

" WHat happened?"

" Sokka jumped out of the closet anyway what's going on down here?" she said nonchalany.

" GO ahead Zuko tell her!" Aang yelled.

" I..I. I slept with TOph alright!?"

" Y...y...you did what now?" she asked.

" I slept with TOph."

" Was this before or after they got m.."

" After." He took a big gulp and took a step back.

" Oh is that all. Your a liar and a filthy one too. Go ahead zuko tell him about how you slept with Mai, Tylee, and who else let me think Jin, and um her name I forget,Ismerelda.:

:" How do you know about them."

" I saw the letter you wrote. You idiot you left it on our bed,"

" Clam down don't forget who is in charge of this house hold."

" How dare you, I am the head I do the bills I take up for you, I do everything that you are supposed to plus what I am. HAd it not been for the fact that God said that you woulod be made head of the household I would would be the head. While all you do is sit on your royal but."

" QUIET!" TOph yelled.

" NO your get quiet whore." Yelled Aang,

" WHAT!"

" YOu know what I mean! You were fooling around with Zuko!"

" Listen Aang baby,I .."

"Don't you baby me!"

" I did it 'cause..."

" Cause what, there is no valid excuse."

" Well..."

" It doesn't matter, Katara get up to your room and pack your things you're leaving."

" WHAT?! . Go up there and pack YOUR stuff! I'll make sure you leave."

" I'm the Prince."

"I'm the Princess!"

" SO!'

" My point exactly so what?!" SHe yelled in rage Her eye twitching.

" ZUko!! Lay off her! By the way she's looking right now she's about to kick your butt."

" Stay out of this guru goodie goodie!"

' You know what I have put up with you and put up with you for vere, but you are this close to me blowing you out of your own palace. "

" Wha the Heck is going on out here!!" Sokka yelled.

"Well" every one yelled at the same time.

" Zuko and TOph are whores." Aang and Katara yelled togather.

" It doesn't matter any way cause we're getting married!!" Toph and Zuko yelled.

" Nor another one of you sons of bitches say a word..." Sokka yelled