In this hospital

Summary: In this hospital, I learned how complicated love could be.

Declaimer: I own Naruto . . . not!

Pairings: ShikaIno, SasuIno, NejiIno, SasoIno (this will change every chapter!)

At the café:

"I want him, really." Said Yamanaka Ino, 28 years old, a successful cardiologist.

"Ino, you're troublesome . . . you are saying that more than a decade now." Her best friend said in lazy tone.

Ino glared at her best friend, Shikamaru Nara, 28 years old, he's a scientist . . . a mycologist.

Ino looked at her watch and saw that it's 12:30 and her brake was over 15 minutes ago.

"Oh crap! I am so late! Gotta' go, Shika!"


At the hospital:

She hurried on her floor, she is surely late. She saw many patients waiting for her.

Oops, my bad.She thought.

"Doc, where had you been? You were late; they are waiting here for more than 30 minutes now." Her nurse-assistant informed her.

"Tenten, I wasn't paying attention at the time. Please call the first patient in a minute . . . kay?"

She nodded.

Damn, I was late again because of that fucking guy She murmured to herself.

"Tenten, please tell the first patient to come in!"

I sighed heavily. The first person came in.

"What is your name, madam?" Ino asked her patient as she smiled.

"Chiyo." The old woman said with cold tone.

Tenten gave Ino her medical record.

"Who was the person referred you here again?" Ino inquired again as she looked at Chiyo's medical record.

"My grandson . . . Sasori."

Eh? Sasori . . . as in Sasori my ex-boyfriend? Ino thought to herself.

Ino tried to smile at Chiyo. "Oh! Doc Sasori? He is my very good friend."

Ino hates Sasori in the real life. "Um, Tenten, can you lead madam in the room where I can check her?"

Tenten led her. Ino followed them after couple of seconds.

After awhile:

They went back at Ino's desk to tell Chiyo what was the result of her check up.

"Madam Chiyo, you have atherosclerosis, it is a disease affecting arterial blood ve--"

Ino was cut off by Chiyo . . .

Stupid old bitch!

"I am not interested to hear about my disease, just tell me what the treatments are!"

"So madam, we are going to perform satin, it is the most popular treatment for your disease. Tenten will give you the schedule."

Ino tried to be polite.

Chiyo hooped off her office.

The phone rang and Tenten answered it.

"Phone for you." Tenten said as she offered her the phone.

"I am busy." Ino replied, not interested answering the phone.

"Doctor Hyuuga, she's bu--"

"What it's Neji? Give me the phone!"She said as she snatched the phone.

Ino cleared her throat.

"Oh hi! Doc Neji . . . No, no, no I wasn't busy . . . yeah, do you need something? Oh all right . . . just refer him here in my clinic . . . anything else? Okay . . . thanks! Bye."

Ino hung up the phone.

"What? He did not ask me for a date, how could he do this to me? I love him for more than a decade now; I went to medical school just to be with him in college. I am working in this hospital because he's working here! Why can he be so insensitive? Ugh!"

He's Neji Hyuuga, the guy she really love since high school, he's a year ahead of her.

"Doc, save your sulking for later, we still have many patients." Tenten opined as she called the second patient.


After she checked up all the patients (which took forever), she decided to go to Shikamaru's clinic . . . it's in the next floor.

"So Shika, why are you jacking off again, huh?"

"It's troublesome to be on the lab." He replied as he yawned.

"Did you hear?" Ino started.


"Tenten told me there's a new scientist in this floor."

"Oh you mean Sasuke?"

"Is that his name?"

He just nodded.

"What is he studying of?"

"He's an epidemiologist,"

"So he's studying the factor that affects health and illness? If he studying those things . . . I am guessing he's like in his 50s."

"Nah," Ino raised her brow. "He was my batch mate." He continued.

"So you know him personally?" Ino inquired.

"Pretty much." He replied lazily.

"When is your day off, Shika?"

"We have the same day off." He informed.

"Oh yeah, huh! Our birthday is tomorrow, huh? What are you planning to do?" Ino asked.

Tomorrow is Shikamaru's birthday and the day after tomorrow is Ino's.

"I have no plan." Ino rolled her blue eyes.

"Shika, we can throw a party, you know and invite our friends. And it is my anniversary I am doctor for a year now so . . . please!" Ino begged her dearest best friend.

"Troublesome." he's defeated.

"Yay, Shika! You are the best of the best, that's why I love you!" She hugged him tightly.

He can't help but smile.

If she only knows, Shikamaru thought as, he looked at her smiling face.

Ino pulled out and asked, "So where it's going to be held?"

"At your house . . . I am too lazy to clean up everything after the party."

Ino rolled her eyes again, "Figured that out, lazy ass."

"It will be on Saturday night." He said.

"Bye! Shika, I am going to go at Neji's clinic and invite him!"

Ino stepped off his office.

Shikamaru just sadly sigh and whispered, "If Neji is insensitive, so you are . . . troublesome woman."

Neji's clinic:

Ino knocked and she received a respond, "Come in."

She stepped in and smiled at him, "Hi Nej—doc Hyuuga!"

"Neji will do, do you need something doc Yamanaka?" he asked.

Ino smiled. Way to go, Ino!

"Um, Ino will do too . . . Uh . . . I am here to . . . toinviteyouatourpartyatmyhouseonSaturdaynight!"

"Excuse me? Can you repeat that, doc—Ino?"

She's nervous . . . after a long wait, this is it. This is the first time she talked to him not because of work.

"What I was saying was . . . there's a party will be held at my house on Saturday night."

Please say yes!


Ino nodded as she gave him a small smile.

"It's my birthday and Shika's."

"Sure. Just tell me where it is." He said without emotion.

"'Kay." Ino pulled her pen on her pocket and asked him for a paper.

"Can I have a piece of paper?"He gave her a paper.

Ino wrote down her address.

Hell yeah!

"Here, see you there!"

She gave him the paper.

"Bye, Neji!" she said as she gave him a wink.

His cheeks flushed a little.

She walked off.

Yes! I did it! I did it! Oh my god, after a long wait . . . he will fall on my grace tomorrow night! Heck yeah! I swear next thing he would know he slept on my bed.

She wasn't paying attention because she was day dreaming about Neji, so he accidentally bump into someone.

"Ouch! You son of a--" she looked at the person she bumped on. She couldn't continue his next word.

Wow, he's gorgeous!

"You okay?" He asked emotionlessly as he offered his hand.

She took his hand.

"Yeah, I am okay . . . it was my fault, I wasn't paying attention. So sorry!"

Ino suddenly blushed when she noticed they are holding each other's hands.

She pulled out her hand. "Sorry again." She said.

"No, it's fine. I wasn't paying attention either . . . I am Sasuke . . . Sasuke Uchiha from the fourth floor."

"Uchiha? How are you related with Itachi?"

"He's my brother, you know him?"

"I do, he's my friend."

"What's your name again?"

"Pardon me, Ino Yamanaka . . . I am from third floor. I am cardiologist . . . and you are scientist, right?

"Yeah, I am epidemiologist . . . how do you know?"

"Shikamaru Nara told me some things about you, he's my best friend."

"I saw him earlier; he invited me to a party."

"Oh 'kay . . . you better come. It's at my house. Did he give you the address?"


"A party, yeah?" Someone asked behind her.

She looked at that someone. "Yes, Deidara, a party at my house."

"Ino . . . how come you did not tell me, I am your closest friend, yeah!"

"We just planned it. So just tell them for me, mmkay?"

Ino told him. "Sasori can come too, yeah?"

Ino glared at Deidara. "Of course he can . . . he's my very good ex-boyfriend, remember?"

She said in sarcastic tone. "Oh right, I am going to prepare lots of thing, I gotta go now! Bye Sasuke, nice to meet ya!"

"What? No bye to me, un?" Deidara complained.

Ino rotated her eye. "Bye, Dei."

"Bye Ino my love, yeah!"

Ino walked off.

Deidara's insane, she muttered to herself.


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