In this hospital

Summary: In this hospital, I learned how complicated love could be.

Declaimer: I own Naruto . . . not!

Pairings: NejiIno, SasuIno.

The Party Goes On:

"Ino-pig!" Someone called her.

"If that's not you, ugly forehead."Ino shot back as she hugged her.

"Happy birthday, pig! You're old." The girl with cherry hair said as she hugged her back tightly.

They are really close, but not closer than her relationship with Temari.

Haruno Sakura is her name. She's a psychiatrist, but it's really irony because she's a bipolar herself.

"Forehead, did you forget that you are 6 months older than me?"

Sakura twitched her eye.

"Wow, that guy is hot." Sakura focused her attention to the person who's talking to Neji.

"Back off, Neji is fucking mine if you don't fucking remember!" Ino threatened the cherry head.

"Not him, the guy who is talking to him… what is his name?"

"Shut up… if you are talking about the guy with dark hair and dark eyes, I have decided that he will wake up tomorrow in my bed!" Somebody behind them said.

"Karin, as if he will talk to you. He's not the kind of guy that didn't go to college." Ino reminded her as she put the locks of her hair at the back.

"I do not care. He will be mine tonight." Karin looked at Sakura with mock.

"Shut it, ugly slut." Sakura is really pissed at her.

"He will not going to spend his night to a fucking ugly bitch like you." Karin gave Sakura a dirty smirked.

"Guys, don't ruin my party if you don't want me to ruin your lives forever." Ino warned her friend and foe.

Ino walked to Sasuke and Neji.

"Hi guys." Ino said in 'flirt but decent' tone.

They just looked at her. "So how's the party going? Making me jealous cause I am not hanging out with my so-called 'boyfriend'." Ino joked at the handsome men.

Neji knotted his eyebrows and Sasuke gave a 'hn'.

"Sasuke, it looks like those ladies out there want to hook up with you." Ino said referring to Karin and Sakura.

Sasuke looked at them and muttered, "Not interested."

Ino giggled.

"Playing cool, huh?" Inquired Ino as she smiled at Sasuke.

"Hn." He growled as he rolled his eyes.

"Sasuke, you are just my type. Don't act too cool… I am afraid that I might fall for you." Ino winked at him.

"So Neji are you going to hook with someone tonight?" Ino turned her attention to the guy she 'secretly' love for the half of her life.

He just kept quiet.

What the fuck?

"Are you still mad at me because of what happened earlier?"

She didn't get an answer.

"Alright that's fucking it. Come on… Sasuke, talk to you later." Ino dragged Neji upstairs.


Ino dragged him in the upstairs' living room (not bedroom). "Neji, what do you want me to do for you to forgive me?" Neji just looked at her.

"You are not deaf, are you?"

No answer again. "Alright, now you are pissing the fuck of me." Ino can't control herself anymore.

She's quite drunk.

You don't wanna mess with even a quite drunk Ino.

Ino reached the zipper in the back of her dress and pulled it down.

"Wha—what do you think you are doing?" He said trying not to be nervous while looking Ino.

"If you are not going to forgive me, then I am going to strip in front of you." He couldn't tell if she really is serious to what she said.

"You're not serious." He uttered emotionlessly.

"I absolutely am." She replied as she pushed down her dress revealing her strapless bra and her bottom underwear.

"I'll forgive you… in one condition."

"I am listening."

"Put your clothes on and don't do that again."

Ino pulled up her dress.

Oh goddamn! I can't pull up my zipper. Now, this is embarrassing. Ino thought as she tried to pull up the zipper.

Neji went to her back and pulled up the zipper.

"Huh?" Ino's shocked.

Now that's really weird.

"Thanks." Ino thanked him as he turned back, ready to leave.

Now this the freaking time! Go me! After 15 years of waiting… maybe this is the best time. Ino thought to herself.

"Neji!" Ino called him and he trailed off.

"…I… I think you really are gentleman."

"Is that it?" He asked.

"No… what I was trying to say is…"

"I luh—" She was cut off by somebody.

"Ino, you troublesome woman… there's a lot of guests downstairs." Her best friend informed.

"I'll be there in a minute." Ino responded.

Shikamaru went back downstairs.

Ino turned back her attention to the guy with long dim hair.

"Neji what I was saying was…"

Neji is still waiting for her to continue.

Ino closes her eye and gulped.

"…that you are the guy I really love for half of my life."

Ino admitted as she opened her eyes.

"I am not stupid

Neji met her gaze.

Ino's shocked.

"Huh?" Ino's confused.

"…I figured that out long time ago." He informed.

Conceited jerk!

"The heck? And here I was, looking for the right words and time to tell you that… and the shitty thing is I was looking for those right words and time for like 14 years now." Ino sighed heavily.

Neji stared at her.

"So what now? Are you dumping me or not?" Ino asked.


"I won't fucking take that. I think 15 years is pretty long, so I won't fucking wait anymore. Dumping me? Yes or no?" Ino stated.

Yes and or are not options.

He continued to walk.

He fucking walks away, then it means… I am dumped?

Ino went downstairs and sat beside Sasuke.

"…Why did Hyuuga go home?" He asked Ino.

"I told him that I love him… and I am dumped… I guess."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah… Sasuke?"

Sasuke waited for her to continue.

"Can I borrow your shoulder?"

Sasuke touched the back of her head and buries her face softly in his shoulder.

Shikamaru, Temari, Sakura and Karin saw this, that's why they confronted her.

"Ino you're a drag… what happened?" Shikamaru asked her in very concern tone.

"…I already told him." Ino said, still burying her face at Sasuke's shoulder.

"Ino, you hideous pig… what the hell are you doing? I thought you love Neji not this guy… I thought he's mine." Sakura asked referring to Sasuke.

"No, he is mine! MINE!" Karin objected to Sakura's statement.

"Drop it, repugnant whores! Can't you see that she's crying?" Temari told Karin and Sakura in angry tone.

The party went on and people can say that it was successful even though he broke her fragile heart.

Everyone went home except Sasuke though it took a long time for Karin and Sakura to go home because they want to stay with Sasuke.

With Ino and Sasuke:

Ino sits with Sasuke on the settee that they were sitting earlier.

Ino is hugging her knees and her chin is on the top of her right knee, Sasuke is just sitting there without any emotions but he's listening to every word that she says.

Ino stopped crying but she's still mad and sad to what happened between herself and Neji.

"Life is so unfair… he's the one I want and the one I can't have."

"…No one told you that life is fair, was there?" Sasuke spoke.

"Everything happens for a reason… right?" Ino looked on the floor.

"…Are you going to waste your life on him?" Sasuke looked at her.

Ino looks at him as if he just said the most ridiculous thing ever.

"What the hell! Not on your life! He's not the only guy in this fucking world… I lived for all my life not spending time with him… so what's the difference? I am too beautiful to waste my life on him!"

Sasuke smirked.

She is different to all the women I encountered, Sasuke thought.

"I am just brooding right now but that doesn't mean that Im'ma to die if he won't be with me." Persisted Ino.

"…So tomorrow, everything will be back to normal?"

"So damn fucking right! But I still love him, though." Ino said in 'matter of fact' tone.

Sasuke smirked again.

"…I guess I should leave now so you can rest."

Ino smiled. "Thanks for everything."

"Don't mention it." He said as he stood up from the settee.

She stood up as well.

Ino tiptoed and gave him a small kiss on his lips.

He somewhat blushed and Ino noticed this.

Ino laughed. "I told you not to feel uncomfortable with me. Don't worry that kiss doesn't mean anything… or are you blushing because that is your first kiss?" she taunted.

That's not Sasuke's first kiss. Hell, he always have one-night stand affair to other women, it's just that... he doesn't find the true one yet.

"You're crazy." Was the only thing he afforded to say.

"I surely am. What time are you going to the hospital?" Ino asked him.

"…I don't have a duty till four in the afternoon." Ino smiled at him.

"I have an off for tomorrow… how about let's have lunch together? It's my treat… you know to all the things you've done to me this night. In short, appreciation."

Ino smiled at him.

"What time do you want me to pick you up?" he asked.

"Uh… it doesn't really matter. You decide." Ino brightly grinned at him.

"I am going to pick up at ten." He informed.

"Alright, go home now… it's almost three in a morning. Have good rest. Bye."

He nodded and stepped out of her house.

Almost 10am:

Sasuke knocked at her door.

Ino opened it up. "Oh hi—come on in." Said Ino.

"Sasuke, sit down for a minute. I need to get something upstairs… I need to drop something off at Shika's clinic." Sasuke sat down on a couch.

"…Take your time." He said.

"You want something to drink or eat?"

He shook his head.

Ino went upstairs and after awhile she went back holding some papers.

Ino looked at Sasuke.

"You ready?" Sasuke asked.

"You bet." Ino smiled on him.

They ride on his car and he started to drive off.

While Driving:

"So Sasuke, is there a particular restaurant do you want to eat?"

"…The place near downtown… there's a lot of choices of vegetable salads in there… you can choose."

"What are talking about?" Ino asked, confused.

"You are a vegetarian, right?" He asked… no he stated.

"How do you know?" Ino inquired him with an amuse look.

"You have to be observant to be a scientist." He just explained.

"So you saw me last night that I wasn't eating anything but those veggies?" Sasuke said nothing; he's not looking at her cause he's driving.

"You really are gentleman, aren't you? I told you that I am going to treat you but you thought what I want first." Ino looked at him softly.

No doubt, eventually I will fall for him. I don't want that to happen, though, Ino thought as she smiled to herself.

"…We're here." Sasuke said as she looks at the restaurant.

Sasuke stepped out of the car and opened the door at Ino's side.

Ino looked at him and thanked him.

They entered into the restaurant.

Inside the Restaurant:

A waitress confronts them.

"Is it table for two?" The waitress asked them.

Ino nodded with smile.

The waitress led them to a 2-seat table.

"Ma'am, sir… here's the menu." The server gave them the menu.

"Um, I think… I am going to have… uh… yeah I am going to have fresh vegetable salad with extra dressing and a green tea, alright?" Ino informed as she beamed at her.

"Alright ma'am, how about you, sir?"

"…Just give me a marinated vegetable salad and a coffee with no sugar." He stated and the server left.

"Sasuke, how do you know this restaurant? This is the first time I saw this restaurant." Ino said as she looked at him.

"…My house is just nearby, that's why." He answered in monotone.

"Uh, alright."

After a few moments, the food arrives.

"Mm! This is delicious." Ino commented.

He grabbed the napkin and wiped a very few salad's dressing beside her mouth.

Ino was shocked.

"Oh my flipping gosh, now this is so embarrassing. Is it gone?" Ino panicked.

He shook his head.

She thanked him.



"Are you this gentleman and sweet to all your women or I am just lucky?"

He didn't answer her.

"Sasuke, can I ask you a question, it's a little personal though."

"…What is it?"

"I can tell that you and Itachi are not really close, why is that?"

Sasuke sighed but decided to answer her.

"…We are always being compared. We used to be close but as we grew up the expectation gets bigger and bigger, I can't be better than him. My parents always paying attention on him and they are always forgetting that they have second son."

Ino could feel and see the anger and sadness in those obsidian eyes.

"Of course not! Every parents love their children equally. However, sometimes they fail to show that, but deep inside, of course they love you. You and Itachi are not far different. For me, you are even a little bit kinder and sweeter than he is… though he speaks more than you do but he's always emotionless. Sasuke, you just have to be proactive, y'know."

"…You do not know what are you talking about, my parents… you should always have a standard to meet, for them to notice you, a high standard."

"My mom died when I was 5… that's why my daddy gives me all the love he could ever give, when I was in college… he did let me to date any guys but of course… there's should be a standard too, my daddy said that I couldn't date anyone without a high degree or not getting a high degree. You know why? Because he wants me to have a good future. Maybe your parents want you to meet a standard maybe because they want you to have a very good future too… maybe they were just challenging you."

He didn't dare to answer her.

"But Sasuke, this is what I noticed about you… it's not hard to fall for you not just because you are hot… it's also because you really are a nice guy. Look at Neji, no doubt that he's hot and everything but hey, he's a jerk. I just don't know why I fell for him… that feeling just hit me so hard."

"…Hn." Sasuke could not deny that her compliment was nice... this was not the first time that a woman complimented on him (well duh)… but this is just different because he could really feel that it came from her heart.

They continued to eat and after awhile, they are done… Sasuke was to pay even though Ino insisted so hard that she was to pay… he did not let her.

He's just so gentleman.

They went to the parking lot and about to ride on the car when the rain with thunders and lightnings pour so hard.

There's a flash and then a big "BAM!"

Ino and Sasuke rushed to go inside the car.

Ino plugs her ears by her hands and closes her eyes.

What's with her sudden action?, Sasuke asked himself.

"Ino, what happened?" Sasuke inquired her.

Ino opened her eyes and looked at him; Sasuke can see the terror in her eyes. But she's still plugging her ears.

"I wanna go home! I wanna go home! I wanna go home." She said with frighten voice.

"BAM!" The thunder strikes again.

Ino closes her eyes again and shouted, "NO!"

Don't tell me, she has astraphobia, the phobia in lightning and thunder, Sasuke thought.

He looked at Ino and he observed that she's really scared.

If I am going to bring her into her house… then it will take almost two hours. Maybe I am just going to bring her into my house since... it's just 15 minutes from here, he persisted in his mind.

He pushed the engine of his car and drove off.

Momentarily, they reached his house. He parked his car and spoke to Ino.

"Ino we are here at my place."

She did not answer; she's still plugging her ears and closing her eyes.

In addition, the lightning and thunder keep striking and striking.

He opened the door beside her and carries her in bridal style.

He opened the door of his house and stepped in while carrying her.

Sasuke brought her in his bedroom and gave her a glass of water.

"Ino, do you have astraphobia?" He asked seriously.

Ino nodded. "Sasuke…"

Sasuke looked at her, "Yes?"

"D-Don't leave." She said as she reached his hand.

"I will not. But I have to call Nara and tell him I won't go to the hospital today." He informed.

She just nodded and lay down on the bed.

After a few minutes:

Sasuke just finished talking to Shikamaru.

He went to the bed she is resting. She's still have those terror in her eyes since the storm and thunder is still there.

Sasuke hugged her and said, "Do not worry, I am here."

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