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Naruto's New Life

Naruto's awake

Sakura walked into Naruto's room. "Hey Naruto!" she called with a forced happiness. She was answered by the steady "beep, beep" of the machines keeping the coma patient alive. It had been four weeks sense Kakashi had brought him back with a hole in his chest. "I got you these flowers, I thought you might like them…" she flopped down on a chair. "I'm sorry Naruto." Sakura said getting up and running out the door, tears stinging her eyes.

Hinata walked down the hall of the hospital, Sakura rushed past her from the direction of Naruto's room. Sakura had taken it pretty hard when they found out about what may have happened. "Hello, Naruto-kun!" Hinata called, talking to him was so much easier when he was like this. Though she didn't like to see him this way one bit. "I brought you some fresh flowers from my garden, they should make your room look and smell better." She talked to him as she replaced the old flowers from the day before with the new ones. "Everyone's worried about you, who thought you could cause so much worry among everyone. The one everyone always said was a pain." She laughed lightly. "Everyone from the mission is out of the hospital and well, even Choji, though he hasn't gained his appetite back yet, and Shikamaru is still restless. He always wants to do something, Tsunade picks that you should go into comas more often because it gets that lazy ass hole to work. We all now she doesn't mean it, she is really worried about you Naruto….I'm really worried about you." She flopped down beside him after she had opened the curtains. "Naruto, please wake up, Konoha isn't the same without you. I keep thinking I don't know what I would do if you never woke up…." She slipped her hand in his and began to cry. She cried out all her pent up emotion. When she was done she went to wipe away her tears when she felt something squeeze her hand slightly. "It's ok Hinata-Chan we don't have to find out." An all to familiar voice said.

Naruto had woken up in his mind and looked around. "Kyubi?" he called out. On the wall was a message, which said, "Brat, I'm gone and happy about it. You have all my power so put it to good use. See ya around, Kyubi." "Damn fox doesn't even say goodbye." Naruto complains but then she sees a P.S. "I don't have anything to do with any changes that may occur due to the demon chakra you have." Then slowly everything around him turned black and he began to feel the heaviness of his limbs and he heard Hinata say, "I don't know what I would do if you never woke up…" and she started to cry. Not knowing what to do he let her cry then squeezed her hand and said in a voice that sounded oddly soft, "It's ok Hinata-Chan we don't have to find out." The girl looked down at him shocked. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun I must go get Tsunade-sama." She rushed out of the room blushing madly.

"Okay Naruto, tell us what happened." Tsunade said to the bedridden ninja. At his request he had asked for all of the Rookie 12 to be there. "Ok, well, first I must tell you all a story…."

Sorry for such a short chapter, the next will be long. Well, I hope you liked it.