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My mother and I...had the strongest, tightest bond a mother and daughter could have. I adored her. She was my idol as I was her little angel. No mother and daughter had a bond like this one. No one. Mothers and daughters usually argue constantly in teenage years, but mine was never like that. We never really argued, and when we did, it didn't last very long. Something I was thankful for.

I remember how she used to sing to me when I was younger, how when I had a bad dream, she'd get in bed with me and say she'd protect me. I remember how she'd read me stories on Christmas and buy me my weapons, only the best for my birthday and holidays as she would say. I'd always find some way to buy her something on special occasions. That was always what made her feel loved no matter what.

When I started the academy she'd walk me to and back, allow Lee to come with us sometimes. She'd ask me what was going on during classes, about my classmates, and she always seemed to remember and be interested in my conversation no matter how old I was. The older I got, the more I realized that she was all I needed in my life.

I never remembered growing up a male figure in my life ever. At least like I said, that I can remember. I grew up without knowing anything about him and I really didn't care much about it. I used to wonder about what why there were families of three at the graduation while I was only in a family of two. She said that he just didn't want to be stuck in Konoha. I believed it at that small age. But I have to admit, the older I got, the more curious I got.

I realized after enough questions, that before I was born, my mother was in a band. An actual rockstar, which was so cool to me. She was the lead singer in a band named Mayfair. They were the most popular in all the countries, and I was proud of it for her. All I could think was that my mom wasn't only a ninja, but a great singer and music writer as well.

But in the knowledge of knowing this, I found out that my father was the bassist of the band. She told me that they believed that they loved each other very much. I'm not surprised that one time they slipped up, and she found out that I was on the way. Obviously he was scared and left her, breaking up the band and cleaning out her bank account. She was a pregnant rockstar, who would ever take her in?

Lord Sarutobi Hokage took her in against the rules of Konoha and allowed her to become a Ninja. Luckily, she was able to run right through all the courses, and she graduated a day before my birthday, March 8th.

When I started the academy, she became a chunin and then later on a good jonin. She could have became an ANBU, staying by Lord Hokage's side, but she refused to just to stay home and be with me. Something I was so happy for. Like I said, I wanted her to always be with her.

When my mom was first born, she was originally left on Lord Hokage's doorstep, so she was an orphan. Considering herself as an orphan she refused to have as last name. The same thing happened to me since she refused to give me my father's. Of course, since she didn't have one.

But the point I'm trying to make is that my mother and I are like Ying And Yang. With one one, the toerh cannot be. We are opposites in so many ways, but still, if something happened to the other, someone would go wrong, terribly wrong.

I remember this one time, right after we were put into squads, right after academy graduation, we were supposed to bring in something of someone important to us. That was the day Neji got under my skin. Lee-chan brought in I think a picture of his mother while Neji brought in a chain with his father's picture inside. I brought one of my mom's...old CDs...


"Tenten, you're up next!" Gai called as she pulled herself up, taking the CD player and CD with her. She looked at Lee, him giving him a thumbs up while Neji seemed to watch dully like he was bored and wanted to do anything but sit there. She popped open the CD player and placed the CD from its case into the player, just as she pressed the 'play' button. The song started playing as her mother's voice echoed throughout the training grounds.

Neji's face seemed to be wide awake while he stared at the player amazed at the voice and instruments coming from it as Lee grinn and started to try and bob his head to the beat.

"Tenten-chan! What is this amazing band? I have never heard anything like it! It is so...unique!" He said with another thumbs up. Tenten couldn't help but grni as she rocked on the heels of her feet from his positive response.

"It's called-"

"Mayfair! And the woman leading the song is know as Ai!" Gai interrupted correctly, loud and spirited. He turned towards Tenten, curiosity in his eyes. "Is Ai, really related to you?" Tenten nodded, a grin on her face, slightly embarrassed.

"She's...my mom!" Neji's eyes widened slightly as Lee let out a dramatic gasp. Gai grinned uncontrollably as his pieces fit together. No last name, the amazing facial features matching, mother's young age on her birth certificate when she became a ninja.

"Your MOM can sing like this? I thought her cookies were delicious!" Lee said in awe and amazement. Tenten laughed with a nod to his first question. "That is so awesome, Tenten-chan!"

"It's the opposite of awesome, actually," Neji responded curtly, leaning off the tree he was using for support. He walked over and picked up the plastic case from the ground, looking at it from all angles. "How is this music? More like garbage to me. No wonder no one's heard of her in our generation."

Tenten felt her heart snap in two. her crush, Neji Hyuga had now hit a mark that NO ONE was allowed to hit, not even someone she felt she was in love with. She couldn't hit him, no matter how angry she was, so she had to think about something to do.

Gai looked at Neji with a stern look while Lee looked really pissed off from the comment that the prodigy had made so rudely and insolently.


"Neji, that's no way to talk to your new teammate. Apologize," Gai demanded as Tenten closed her eyes, her temper refusing to die down. She finally reached into her kunai holdster and pulled one out, flinging it at Neji with all her strength that she could. His all seeing eyes caused him to react by bending his back backwards, his hands flying up to dodge. The kunai snagged the CD case out of his hand, pinning itself to one of the training stumps.

Tenten screamed in aggravation before she turned around and ran off as fast as she could just as Neji scoffed and rolled his eyes.


Flashback Ended

I admit that without Neji that day, I might not have know about my amazing accuracy skills, but none the less, I wish he hadn't said that. Everything hurts when they talk negative about my mother, so I knew that no matter what, I'd have to personally thank the Hyuga...not like he'd notice at all anyway.

But like I said continously, I'll say it again. My mother is my life. And on that day...I wish mine was taken from me too.

"UGH!!!" I yelled as I stumbled backwards onto my back, again, Neji glaring at me with an annoyed face again. I hated it when he looked at me like that. AGAIN.

He's just madae as always just because I fell down, again. I'm a test dummy for all his attacks and he forgets sometimes that I'm real and that I'm not on a stick like in the Hyuga Compound. That my feet aren't stapled into the ground. My body is living.

I growled and pulled myself up, dusting off, again. I was amazing durable from training with the prodigy. Maybe it wasn't a complete waste being pummeled to a pulp everyday of every week of every month of every year. Life had its advantages, didn't it?

"What?" I snapped angrily at him, putting my hands on my hips with an attitude forming. He rolled his eyes as he stared at my stance, thinking that I was stupid for thinking I could phase him. Not like I was trying.

"Why can't you stay on your feet? You're always on the ground almost two seconds after I hit you," he asked scowling. "If I really tried to kill you, you know just as well as I do that you'd be dead by now." I rolled my eyes back, something I've been waiting to stick in.

"I'm supposed to be watching and testing all your techniques. Just because I'm doing so doesn't mean the laws of gravity don't admit while the famous Hyuga is training," I replied curtly. I couldn't help but admit that when he glares at me like that...he just looks so...sexy! What? I'm the average seventeen-year-old kunoichi who wants romance at least once in her life. What's wrong with that? Unfortunately, this asshole's ego is bigger than his fifty-mile-radius.

There was a slight beeping sound that came from Gai-sensei's Jonin vest, something that rarely happened. I was slightly glad to have my attention off of the prodigy's looks, and I could tell that he knew when I blanked out like that that I was off thinking about him...yeah, he knew me that well...Neji looked over slightly, but quickly returned his gaze back to me. He didn't like distractions.

Gai-Sensei's pager was always automatically on speaker phone so he wouldn't have to repeat himself after the conversation with whomever was calling was over.

"Calling Team Gai!" Genma's voice called in, loud and clear.

"Roger!" Gai exclaimed as I backed up, trying to listen in carefully on the conversation. I felt a chill go up my spine, making me shudder. For an odd reason, I felt something was terribly wrong.

"Pay attention," Neji stated calmly as I nodded half-heartedly, still listening in. Neji obviously knew that I was only paying him half the attention I usually do, so he sprinted at me in his gentle fist stance, about to 'juuken' me somewhere in the sand village for all I knew.

"Is Tenten there?" Genma asked, causing me to immediately be caught off guard. Lee obviously looked up at my name as well, as did Neji, who unfortunately forgot to hold back and actually did 'juuken' me. Not too far, he didn't arch it as much as he normally would have, so I flew back, hard. Into a tree trunk right past Gai-Sensei.

I felt something snap in my back as I let out a loud yell of excruiating pain as I pulled my head down and tried to grit my teeth together. Neji's eyes widened as he ran over to me. A muffled voice heard as he turned and looked at Gai-sensei, who's face was just as grave as Lee, who looked like he was about to cry. Neji leaned me forward onto me stomach and pressed hard on one of my bones in my spine, only causing me even more pain.


"I know...I know what I'm doing, this has happened to Hinata before," he calmly stated, obviously trying to stay calm with me. He added chakra to the signifigant area of pain, the pain slowly melting away. He pushed me back gently, looking into my eyes with concern, checking to see if I was in pain still. I had never seen Neji this...affectionate. Obviously something happened.

"You okay now?" He asked seriously, I nodding, feeling a blush on my face. I shook my head furiously, trying to break it away as Neji sighed and pulled me up by one hand. I looked around and saw Lee rubbing at his eyes, Gai-sensei holding a somber look and Neji being so serious...I felt my heart stop.

"Wh-what's...what's going on?" I asked nervously, trying to catch my breath. Neji started to open his mouth and speak, but he closed it, feeling it wasn't in his palce to tell me. Now I was sure something was wrong. Lee looked desperate for a hug, but he refused to go near me. "Someone tell me!" Gai-Sensei had guts!

"Tenten...your mother was...attacked by a rogue Sand Nin. They've just recovered her body and she's barely breathing or in a stable condition," he managed to say before I leaned against the tree I had been knocked against. I felt my heart almost stop.

"You have to go see her, Tenten-"

"Why? She's...she's going to be okay, Tsunade-sama and Sakura and-"

"She's requesting to see you, get there now!" Lee yelled angrily. "You're forgetting something, Tenten. Shizune-san, Sakura-chan, and Tsunade-sama are all out of town. This may be the last moment to see Ai-san alive..." I grabbed my chest and felt like I couldn't breath. I really wanted to hug Neji, but I knew it would be a lost cause. I suddenly felt so angry at Lee.

"How dare you speak like that Lee!?" I screeched, still having trouble keeping my breathing pattern steady. "This is...this is my mom...she can last if anyone."

"That doesn't mean anything if you're not there," Neji pointed out. "They say people heal faster if they get their wish granted. Her wish is to see you. If I were you, I'd want my mother out of there as fast as possible and get to the hospital."

I had to admit that Neji was actually right today. It was eating at me slowly about how he must have felt. Losing a single parent was something he had endured. Maybe he knew how much I was probably feeling. I remember he was so much younger when his father died. I'm practically legal and I've had my mother for so long, if something happened...I really don't know what I'd do.

"Go Tenten. Don't be stupid." I finally found movement in my legs as I darted off with as much speed as my feet could carry. This was serious right here. My mother was barely stable and was requesting me. This was something that didn't happen often. I felt like I was going to die if she died. Something inside of me wished for that ending.

My name, in some ways means Heaven Heaven, from Ten Ten. But my mother's name is Ai. Of course that means love. My mother might as well be cupid for all types of relationships. Intimate relationships, sexual, family, friendship, any kind you could think of. And she'd be willing to help anyone in that area even though she has struggled through her own life dealing with hers.

But I couldn't help but feel that it had something to do with our arguement. I kept feeling if I hadn't said something before she left, it wouldn't feel so bad, so much pain wouldn't be carving its way through my heart, somthign that is very fragile. I've hardly ever been hurt in my life and I don't want to start now. Just because of one sillly argument...what if it was...because of that one silly argument?


Tenten strummed her electronic guitar as she frowned and turned it up some, strumming the same notes again, at a steady pace. She shrugged and shook her hand to say, it'll do as she leaned over and drew four quarter notes and five eighth notes before she smiled and played the whole song quietly, her fingers moving faster than anything ever seen. She clapped her hands together as she grinned.

"Eh, Mama! Come here!" she called eagerly, rubbing her eyes sleepily before she yanked her amp up loud and started to strum the guitar again, going full force. Her purple pajamas were so warm she felt tired. Her black guitar was a reason enough to stay up.

Ai pushed the door opened quickly, her wincing from the loud noise that greeted her as she pulled on her vest. Tenten saw her mouth and stopped instantly, shrugging guiltily before she saw her mother pulling on her Jonin Vest. She flipped her long black hair over her shoulder as she held a slightly annoyed expression on her face.

Tenten couldn't help but blink twice.


"Tenten, you forgot to take out the trash again and sink is full of dishes!" Ai complained as Tenten rolled her eyes, slightly annoyed.

"I'll get to it, Mama-"

"You offered to do it for me, you knew I had a mission that day so you promised to do it! That trash is going to stink of the house and its going to attract ants!" she explained as she saw Tenten holding her guitar in her arms, the neck of it between her fingers. "You've been writing again and neglecting your chores Ten, get it together."

"I'll get to it Mama, I promise!" Tenten finally stated, exasperated. "I offered to do it, but I didn't know Gai would keep us there that late, more like Neji! I'll do it, I promise!" Ai looked at her suspiciously before she put her hands on her hips. "Where are you going?" Ai frowned as her icy gray eyes softened.

"I'm sorry, I have another A-Rank mission, this one is serious though," she eexplained asw Tenten fell back on her bed like a drama queen she was.

"Another!?" she asked, her voice getting high pitched when filled with anger or annoyance as she sat up, staring at her mother in astonishment. "You just got back this morning from a mission! Can you just stay? You promised me yesterday that we were going to go out tomorrow to the mall!" Her mother frowned.

"I know, Heaven, I'm sorry." she whsipered as she sat down on the edge of the bed. She leaned over and hugged her shoulder tightly. Tenten refused to look at her mother while she was trying to calm down from her anger.


"Heaven, Tsunade-sama needs me. Just be patient, and I promise, everything'll calm down. We're still trying to see if we've missed anything with the Akastuki," Ai whispered softly as Tenten calmed down some. She knew that dealing with the Akatsuki would take time, but she also remembered it'd all be over over time. "Now, what do you need?" Tenten smiled sheepishly at her mother.

"Lyrics." Her mother's eyes grew angry at the answer she had received.


"What?" She asked shrugging. "Mom, I can write the music, you can write the lyrics! You're the best lyrisisists...thing that I've met or ever known...I'm the composer of the family!" she said after making up her word. Her mother frowned and shook her head.

"Why have you been more interested in your composing than anything else lately?" Ai questioned as Tenten frowned.

"No reason exactly...I just wanted to run away and be in a band with you. Bringing back memories with you, creating my own..." she trailed off as her mother's eyes widened as she shook her head.

"Tenten, I'll never sing a note to anyone other than you again in my life and you know it. I've told you. What would make you think that way?" Ai asked in amazement. She saw the look on Tenten's face. It was solem and hurt as she sighed, knowing the cause almost immediately. "What happened today with Neji?"

"Last week I was on...that time of the month and cramps were bad...I wasn't dodging or fighting back as hard I as usually was so he just shouted out of anger that I would be better off singing instead of trying to be a kunloichi," she whispered angrily. Her mother stroked her back gently as Tenten seemed to feel better, less tense. She loved her mother for that reason.

"Tenten, from what I've heard about Neji and the way I've seen him act, he's a perfectionist, and he'll expect you to be perfect. He'll always be that way unless someone changes him," She stated softly. Tenten's hand balled up into fists as she growled, looking at her mother.

"What if he's right!?" she yelled angrily, shooting up, covering her face with her hands. SHe felt so weak and worthless whenever Neji spoke negatively to her. "Maybe me being a kunoichi was...something stupid...what if I am better off being a singer-"

"No you're not," Ai snapped as she stood up. "You will not be a singer. I refuse to have you be a singer." Tenten's face grew angry.

"But why not?"

"Being a singer is one of the worst things in the world to be. There will always be critics disliking you and people wanting to kill you because your better than them, or...people who want you for your voice," Ai explained as her eyes saddened. "It's better to be a kunoichi, trust me."

"But singing is so much easier! I've got a voice I inherited from you and the musical genius of...you know who," she explained as she grabbed her guitar and held it up. "I'll be a one man band for all I care! I know I can make it!" I can make it! Plus...I won't get used."

"You don't know that!"

"Yes I do! I'll get a contract and everything! All I need is my guitar-"

"Tenten, you'll get hurt! Someone like you...so fragile-"

"I'm not some fragile little snowflake that'll die if someone touches me! I won't get a scratch on me!"

"I'm not talking about like that, I mean-"

"I won't get used liked you were!" she yelled finally, her tears finally flowing out of her eyes. "I won't get pregant like you did. I won't do anything dumb that you did." There was an eerie silence between the two of them other than the sound of tears pattering on the red carpet of Tenten's bedroom from her tears. Finally, Ai managed to speak.

"I'll talk to when I get back home," she stated as she turned around and walked out of the room. She paused before the exit and turned arond, looking directly at Tenten who had sat back on her bed, balling up into a fetla position before she started to sob. "I love you, Heaven." She left the room as Tenten just continued to cry,, refusing to answer her mother's statement. Ai simply shook her head and pulled the door behind her as she left the room.

Flashback Ended

I knew at that moment when she said that she loved me, that I should have said 'I love you' back , but/..when you're so mad with someone, you feel like you actually...closely despise them. I didn't despise my momtehr after that one fight, but I knew that I was very, very mad at her. I was the one who spoke out of term, she should be upset with me. I had planned on apologizing when I got back but this...when this happened...

I bursted through Konoha's hospital doors as I pratically powerwalked up to the lazy receptionist. She had black hair and blue eyes, and she was chomping on her gum like a cow eating grass.

"What room is Ai in?" I asked breathlessly as she continued to flip through her magazine. My fingers tapped on the counter until I asked loudly. "WHAT ROOM IS AI IN?" she looked out at me from my loud tone before she roolledh her eyes and looked through the patient cards.

"Last name," she drawled before I slammed my hands on the counter, causing her to jump frmo the loud smack that echoed through the room.

"She doesn't have one!" I yelled impatiently as I suddenly felt nervous about how slow this woman was thinking. Her IQ must have been under at least five. I'm like, for God sakes, can't she act like she knows how to WORK here? She rolled her eyes and muttered,

"129." I jetted down the hallway, praying and praying continously, hoping she'd live, hoping she'd be okay. She has to live. Not only for me, but for herself, for Lee. We needed her more than anything in life. If anything happened, only God knows what would happen to us...more so likely me...

I shoved the door open has hard as I could, a doctor searching for something on a shelf. At the sight of me, he grew slightly angry and sympathetic at the same time. He saw that we obviously looked alike alot.

"I'm so sorry, but Ai isn't stable right now, you must leave as soon as possible. Unauthorized personnel is not allowed at hte moment," he explained as he tried to push me out of the door. I stood my ground and refused to back away or back down at all and tried to get through him.

"No, i have to see her now! She wants to see me!! Her wish is most important right now!" I yelled angrily as the heart rate monitor sped up as a doctor yelled a curse word and they seemed to move faster. Catching him off guard I panicked just like them, running towards the bed instinctively, by body shaking as I broke through the crowd of doctors, managing to see her. I could have had a heart-attack.

Her usual vibrant gray eyes were dull and distant, almost as if she wasn't consious and I could see her eyes dilating as if trying to stay alive. Her long black hair had seemed to have lost its sheen, her face covered with a breathing mask. Her chest was obviously strugglin to regain its oxygen.

I felt the tears trickle down my cheeks. Seeing my mother like this...seeing anyone I loved and cared about like this would make anyone snap. I swear, I didn't want ot see her like this, but I wouldn't let the doctors have there way.

"Mom? M-mom...it's me...Tenten..." I barely squeaked as the doctor's started to grab at me and attempt to pull me away. I shoved them off just as her gaze slowly looked over towards me, staring into my eyes. She seemed to have been trying to smile through the mask.

"H-Heaven? My baby..." she baremy whispered, her tube-wired hand rising up, shaking rapidly to my face. "My baby...please don't cry..." She stroked my wet face, tears finally overflowing uncontrollably.

"Mom...it's g-gonna be okay...I-I promise..." I whispered uncontrollably through chokes as her smile disappeared.

"Tenten...keep writing and singing no matter what happens...and be the best kunoichi you can possibly be..." she whispered to me in a kind tone. "I love you and I'll miss you so, so much..."

My heart practically stopped in my throat as I shook my head frantically at her words. Life without my mom would be like life without air. Life without my heart itself. I couldn't live. Not without her.

"N-no...mom, you are not going to di-"

"No need...to cry..." she somehow managed to sing softly in an unusual melodic tone. It wasn't he usual sound...hers was usually unique, rougher, hard core...but this sounded like the lullabies she used to sing me...she changed her voice to make a point or when she sung to me...Her hand started to shake like it was struggling to stay to my face.


"Finish it for me, Heaven...and sing it to Neji...he'll love you one day...I swear it on my grave..." she whispered with a true smile. "I love you, Heaven..."

There was utter silence other than the heart rate monitor's beep turning into a single high note, the line dead flat just as her hand fell from my face. Her beautiful eyes dilated, staring at the florescent lights above her.

I couldn't breath or move at all. I just gazed at her corpse. What else was there to do? She had told me that if she died for them not to shock her back. I couldn't make them. My heart was practically thudding out of my chest. I felt intense pain as my hand covered my heart, dropping to my knees. Everything faded out as I heard the faint noise of the doctor's scorying again. All I could hear was my mother's final song to me...

"No need...to cry..."