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Tenten twitched in pleasure at the feeling of a tongue tease and leave a hot trail around her nipple, her body starting to warm up past the normal ninety-eight point six. She squeezed her eyes shut, turning over to stop the force from playing wit her body while she was trying to sleep.

She heard a slight chuckle as she felt a smile creep onto her face, giving herself away as she felt arms wrap gently around her waist and pull her against a lean chest, a tongue now exploring her neck and upper back.

She squirmed slightly, feeling her body temperature rise another notch, her hot body against his already heated one. She felt her hand search for him, his area causing the tongue to pause for a brief moment, everything in the room frozen. A smirk flashed on her lips.

"Oh? Why'd you stop?" she whispered smartly as she opened her chocolate brown eyes, turning over, looking into a large pair of lavender, pupilless ones. He looked away, but returned his gaze.

"Because you just made me think of something other than teasing you," he replied seductively as her eyes squinted from the widening her smile, a laugh ringing out of the room. He turned her over completely and leaned over the top of her,starting by leaving brief sweet kisses on her lips.

"Ne-ji-we-can't-an-y-more," she objected through his sweet kisses, his eyes looking slightly annoyed about her idea of stopping what he had already started and prepared himself for. She gave him a pleading look as he rolled his eyes, not moving, but objecting to her objection.

"And why is that?"

"Kietsu could be back any minute," she explained, looking at her white ceiling fan covered in dust before making eye contact with him. Neji's lips quirked in a sexy, yet, challenging way. "What's with that look, Hyuga?"

"You said that two hours ago and that didn't stop me then. What makes you think it'll stop me now?" he whispered, his heated breath sending a chill down her spine as he slid his fingers up and down her leg, slowly making it towards the inner thigh, her attention span shortening.

"N-Neji...think r-rationally...K-Kietsu's moving i-in with m-me...m-maybe you should...you should...y-y-you..." her attention was lost as she leaned her head back and let out a loud and long moan of ecstasy.

His tongue slipped between the lips of her jewel as she shuddered uncontrollably, gripping the bed sheets, his tongue digging slowly into the center of her core, her legs shaking in pleasure.

He drove his tongue in deeper and faster as he played with her clit, nibbling on small areas as she arched, begging for him to keep going, yelling his name just as her legs clenched together on his head, a long string of air escaping from her lungs, collapsing on her bed after a shaky orgasm.

Silence entered the room except for Tenten husky gasps for air as Neji leaned over her, his hair falling from his shoulders, surrounding her lips a waterfjall, his eyes clinging to hers.

"I should what?" he asked seductively again before a grin broke across his face. She opened her eyes, beads of sweat drenching her forehead as she glared at him. Her hand shoved his face backwards as she stood up, her naked body meeting the cool air outside of the blankets they had been under.

"Go home," she muttered as she started for her closet, grabbing a towel. Neji grabbed her hand and stopped her in her tracks.

"Come on, Tenten. Don't get mad and annoyed with me," he whispered in her ear, wrapping his arms around her small waist, smiling hard at her reaction. "I just like teasing you. And the fact that you were trying to avoid it made me wanna do it even more."

"You know, that's considered rape," she whispered, a smile of her own appearing on her face. He let out a small chuckle before starting to kiss the back of her neck again, her head leaning back for him easier to access.

"It's not rape if you want it. Consider it..." he thought for a moment as he let her go suddenly, her body stumbling and looking at him when he sat down on the bed starting to reach for his clothes. "Surprise sex."

"Why'd you sit down?" she asked breathlessly, trying to catch back ahold of her oxygen. He smiled.

"You told me to go home, remember?" he pointed out as she stomped her foot, glaring at Neji uncontrollably before letting out a yell of utter annoyance, shoving him back against the bed straddling his waist, her hands planted on her shoulder, keeping him from getting up.

"You are the most...annoying, conceited, superficial, smartass-"

"And I'm all yours," he whispered as he caressed her cheek to pull her face down to his, kissing her lips gently, nibbling on her bottom lip, a more forceful, passionate kiss coming from Tenten who was rubbing her lower body against her lover's.

"Neji-Hyuga-I-Hate-You..." she breathed through the kisses as his hands moved down to her thighs, caressing her body lower so she could slide over him. He smiled at her body when she let out that whimper of pleasure.

He turned her over, having him take over as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I know you love me too," he whispered softly as she started to shake and moan at each thrust he pushed into her body, her eyes fluttering as she called his name, pulling his head down to hers, hugging it tightly as she felt her orgasm starting to rise.

"Nejiiiiiii, oh godddd," she let out as she felt her body tightening around him, his pace only quickening with each short whimper she let slip out of her mouth. She felt her fingernails dig into his back, scratching as their eyes connected when she felt herself cum, her body clenching his as he released himself inside her.

His forehead was pressing against hers, the bandage hiding the Curse Mark the only thing separating them and their hushed breathing patterns. Tenten smiled and laughed slightly, closing her eyes briefly for a moment.

"You always trick me into making love to you this way," she whispered quietly, playing with a strand of his hair. "You need to get some new tricks, Hyuga." He gave her a loveable smile back.

"You need to stop falling for it. Then, maybe I'll try and come up with a new trick," he whispered as she giggled uncontrollably, dropping the tiny strand before pulling the covers back up to her chest, closing her eyes, her hands cupping her flat stomach.

She frowned to herself and close her eyes, trying to banish the thoughts in her mind again, the wanting of a child. Neji's head sprung up as his mind echoed her thoughts into his own as he turned around, seeing her looking at him with ashamed eyes.


"I shouldn't...have even thought about it," she whispered with a cracking voice, tears slowly starting to form. "It just...came out of nowhere and-"

Neji slid into bed beside her and pulled her close, hugging her head against his chest as she cried deeply into it, a wound from the loss of their first child reopening in her heart. Neji felt her tears run down his chest onto the sheets, feeling morosely saddened at the remembrance that happened two months ago.

"It's still healing, Love. You can't expect to be able to forget it like it never happened, not ever," he whispered as she swallowed and nodded into his throat, hugging him tightly, her pain still there, but it was being blocked out by the love radiating from him.

"Thank you, Neji," she whispered softly as she smiled weakly before she pulled away, kissing his lips before cuddling close to him, her eyes starting to get heavy.

"Tenten?" Neji whispered as she let out a slight groan saying that she was barely awake and that he'd better hurry up. He took her hand in his and she felt something cold take a hold as she blinked her eyes open, trying to pull her hand from under the blanket in hope of seeing what it was.

"Ah, ah, ah," Neji objected as he pulled her close to his back, still having a tight grasp on her hand. "You have to wait until later before you can see what it is." She groaned and lifted her opposite hand, seeing the ring that he had bought her for her birthday a matter of months ago. Then an idea sparked in her mind, her face turning ultimately red.

"N-Neji...is this what I think it is?" she whispered, her breathing shallowing as his chuckle floated through her eardrums, making her swoon in a matter of seconds.


She swallowed the nervous lump in her throat and turned around, seeing his lavender eyes looking into her brown ones once again, not enough make her swoon this time, only to make her look and think a lot harder.

"Neji...you can't be serious," she mumbled, feeling tears swell up in her eyes, her body starting to shake in slight excitement. So many thoughts were flying through her head. She was so unsure of what to say at this point.

Neji took her face in his hands and leaned forward, kissing her nose before moving down to her lips, taking them in his. She breathed deeply as she saw his lips curl into a smile. Tenten knew that he was dead serious.

"I am." Her pulse quickened as she started to breath harder, her heartaching as tears started to pour from her eyes, tears sticking to her eyelashes before gliding down her skin. "What's your answer? Do you still want to wait?"

"Neji...I want to but...we're eighteen...I accept but...I just want to wait," she whispered as he smiled at her choice. He would have to wait a while and smiled uncontrollably at the joy in her eyes.

"I can wait. Don't worry. Just wear it, please?" he whispered, pulling her hand from under the covers, her right hand holding a new ring on her ring finger. A golden band and an array of diamonds surrounded a larger one. She couldn't breathe at its beauty. The way the nightstand's lamp light glittered off it, making tiny shimmering rainbows. She merely nodded at his request as he planted a gentle kiss on her cheek before pulling her close. "Can I say it once?"

Tenten giggled at his request and sighed at his wanting of such little things. One of the more adorable things that made her infactuated with him.

"Go ahead."

"Tenten?" She rolled her eyes at his request of his attention. She knew that he knew that she was already paying plenty of attention to him.

"Yes?" she asked in a sing song voice, a warm feeling in her stomach fluttering and travelled all the way up to her heart. Why was she getting so excited if she knew what was happening? She always did get easily worked up over little things.

"Will you marry me and be my wife? Till death do we part? And have all my beautiful Hyuga children?" he asked, a straight face failing on the last sentence. She laughed as well and slid her hands around his neck, her eyes gazing into his again.

"Yes, yes, and most definitely yes," she said with satisfaction as he kissed her hand, moving up to her elbow, her upper arm, and eventually her shoulder.

"Thank you," he whispered.

"No." he blinked at her response that was so sudden and unannounced. "Thank you."

"For what exactly?" he asked suddenly confused. Her eyes rolled as she closed her eyes, about to drift back to sleep. "Tenten, don't leave me hanging." She opened them briefly and shook her head to herself.

"You're forgetting. We wouldn't have ever gotten this far if you hadn't saved my life," she reminded him as he realized that she was technically right.


"So I should give you a thanks Hyuga," she whispered as she snuggled into his chest, this time about to go completely back to sleep. "I'm in love with you." Neji swallowed at the words that she had said. He knew that she loved him, but falling in love with him felt a lot...better for some reason.

"I'm in love with you too." Neji smiled at her light snoring as he dug his nose into her hair, realizing that he really had fallen in love with her.

Who would have guessed.