Summary: Sometimes ignorance is not bliss, what if your life is not really yours, what if your memories are not real. Alec is about to find out what happens when your previous life strike down on your present existence. This is an AU story centered mainly on Alec.

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In 2003, a new military project was approved by the U.S. Government. The program itself would use human resources from an earlier program, the Manticore Project.

The Prometheus Project was created by a group of former Manticore sponsors, who considered that the original project lost its direction. The uncontrolled work on genetic research and DNA splicing resulted in a large group of failed test subjects, anomalies, whom were dumped in Manticore's basement. Most parts of the earlier series of Manticore couldn't be used in daylight missions due their physical appearance and unstable behavior.

From the earlier subjects created; only 80 of the X4 Series had survived and were capable of being used on outside missions. All the hopes of Manticore rested on the X5 Series whose subjects were by far the future of the project.

A committee formed by twelve of the most influential members inside the military and government, established the rules and regulations for the Prometheus Project. The project itself would provide the government with the best operatives ever trained; specially enhanced subjects able to do what normal humans couldn't and with a superior performance than regular subjects from Manticore.

In order to accomplish its goals, the Committee selected only the best subjects from Manticore's X4 and X5 Series, ten subjects from each series passed the evaluation standards.

By the end of 2006, the twenty subjects were removed from Manticore and officially introduced as part of the Prometheus Project. Only the X5 subjects were part of the genetic enhancing process, from then on the X5 unit was known as The Elite.

Author Note: I apologize in advance for any kind of typos you might find in the near future, with that said I leave you to enjoy the story.