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"Bella, wake up! It's the first day of school, no sleeping in allowed!" I rolled out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as I ran a hand through my tangly hair. Sighing I rushed through my usual morning schedule, preparing for the day we went back to school, after a long summer filled with the laziness and partys. As soon I was finished, I swiped a bowl of cereal off of the table and ate it quickly. Rushing through the kitchen, I made sure I left out a selection of cereal for Charlie when he finished getting ready.

When I arrived at school, Angela greeted me in the parking lot, Ben glued to her hip. You usually never saw one of them without the other. I smiled at her and she waved, rushing over to me.

"What class do you have first period?" She prodded, excitement written all over her features.

"Calculus." I replied, grimacing slightly. I hated math. She nodded.

"I have P.E." She replied, glancing over at Ben. "Ben and I both do." I smiled and nodded.


"Well, I'm off." I said, heading towards the front door.

"Good luck with Edward!" Angela shouted after me, a slight worrisome tone in her voice. I cringed. Edward and I haven't talked for who knows how long. What would I say?

I sighed as I reached the Calculus room, noticing that the only open chair was once next to none other than Edward.

I walked inside and sat down, pulling out my notebook and trying to concentrate on the front of the room instead of the person next to me.

After five minutes of the most excruciating silence I've ever been a part of, I heard a slight growling noise next to me. I shrugged it off, thinking maybe it was just my stomach.

"What is your problem?" A voice hissed, next to me. I turned, facing Edward.

I shot him a puzzled look, wondering if he was really talking to me. His eyes narrowed.

"Stop it." He said. I raised my eyebrows, and cleared my throat.

"What am I doing?" I asked, really not knowing what he was talking about.

"Your tension is giving me a headache." He replied, rubbing his temple. I opened my mouth, closing it again when none of the words I wanted to say came out.

"I'm giving you a headache?" I asked.

"Yes." He barked. "Stop amplifying your emotions." I turned all the way towards him.

"Stop amplifying... what huh?" I asked, confused. He threw his hands in the air, surprisingly not drawing any attention.

"You're amplifying your emotions and they're affecting me." He growled.

"Am not." I shot back. "I don't even know what you're talking about." He laughed harshly.

"Of course not. That's just like you to avoid blame." My mouth hung open, and I stared blankly at him.

"Wha...?" I asked, suddenly interrupted.

"Ms. Swan, Mr. Cullen. To the office. Now." I started to protest, but the teacher made a silence motion and I got up, stealing a glance at Edward. He wasn't happy.

As soon as we were in the hallway, I expected Edward to say something, but he remained quiet. The silence stretched on, uncomfortably so.

"Nice move, Bella." He grumbled.

"What is your deal?!" I yelled, quieting down when I got a harsh look from a passing teacher. "It's not just my fault that we're in this situation, it's both of ours!" I ranted. He barked a laugh, and turned to me.

"It's all of your fault!" He retorted, sending me a scathing look. "It's your fault we're here. It's your fault that you got hurt. It's you fault that I ever loved you. I regret ever falling in love with you! All you did was wreck my life!" He said, his voice getting louder with each word.

He regretted loving me? I choked, nearly tripping over my own feet. When we reached the door of the office, he yanked it open, striding in and ignoring me as he did so. I sighed and followed him in. The secretary motioned towards the principals office and I nodded, going in and sitting down on the cushy, beige couch.

Edward sat as far away from me as possible, opting for a chair across the room, next to the principals desk. I was still analyzing Edward's words earlier. He regretted it? The thought nearly brought me to tears.

Sure, I regretted leaving when the going got tough, but loving him? Never.

I stole a glance at his face, but the grimace he wore earlier was still plastered on his features, unmoving.

The principal walked in, nodding at both of us before scooting his chair out and sitting down on it. He cleared his throat and looked from Edward to me, and back.

"I hear you two are arguing in class, therefor disrupting the lesson." I looked down at my shoes, thoughts of Edward and I swirling like mad through my mind, blocking any train of thought. My body swayed and my mind fogged, the blood pounding hard in my ears. My eyes fluttered shut and I slipped from the couch, landing hard, on my back, on the floor. The principal gasped, I heard footsteps, and chair feet sliding, the last image running through my mind Edward's face above me, accompanied by his voice muttering,

"I don't love you, Bella. I can't,"

before I blacked out.

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