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And yes, Edward is a vampire.

I waited in patient silence, for Bella's shock to pass, and for Carlisle to explain everything. I resisted the urge to tap my foot, and tried not to look over at Bella. There was no reason for Bella to think that I still cared about her. Besides, I didn't care for her, or about her anymore. Then why did I bring her here? Information? Definitely not because she meant anything to me. She didn't... did she? I forcefully stopped my mental argument. I needed to stop thinking about her. All she caused was trouble.

I trained my gazed on Carlisle again and he began talking again, tension tightening his shoulders perceptibly. "Have you noticed lately, Bella, that you've been hearing Edward say things, and then he denies them?" She swallowed and nodded.

"But I thought that was just him being difficult." She said, shooting me a frustrated glance. I chose not to respond.

"No." Carlisle said sullenly. He turned towards me. "You said that her emotions were influencing you?" I made a noise in agreement. He nodded and continued.

"Bella, go over there and pick up that table." He said, motioning to a rather large, wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. We both looked at him like he was crazy, but he sighed and said, "Just do it."

"Whatever, I will." Bella said. "But nothing is gonna happen." She wandered over towards the table, pressed a hand to the bottom, and lifted it up in one swift motion. I jolted, shocked that she could do that. Bella simply stared at it in amazement, balanced perilously on her palm.

"Sweet." She breathed.

"How did that happen?" I asked, walking over and taking it from her, setting it down. I received a scowl for my efforts, but it didn't bother me... much.

"Well... I think it's... your fault." Carlisle told me. My fault? I heard Bella snicker beside me.

"I can agree with that." She turned and gave me a satisfactory, cheery smile, and I glared at her.

"What do you mean it's my fault?" I asked him.

"Well, you know what pheromones are, right?" Bella and I both nodded, still a bit confused, but mostly shocked. "You see, being away from Bella for the... extended period of time that you were effected you, mentally and physically. You're body started pumping out extra pheromones to attract her back to you, and well... once she was near you again they were in such abundance that somehow they manipulated they way her body works so that she could do many more amazing things. In other words your body made Bella's more like the way yours is, it strengthened her mentally and physically, and it made your bodies more in tune with each others, which is why she can read your mind."

I felt Bella's gaze on me, and I knew that she was trying to read my thoughts. So, to mess with her, I decided to think some more... inappropriate thoughts about the two of us. Since she didn't show any odd emotions except for disappointment, I knew it hadn't worked. Which made me sort of disappointed too. Was this our bodies being in tune? Why was this all happening to me?

Carlisle looked to Bella, "Did it work?" She shook her head. "Oh, well, I figured since your 'powers' aren't that strong yet, that you need to give them some time to develop, and I'm sure soon enough you'll be able to read Edward's thoughts from millions of miles away. Give it time..." He said. Bella pumped a fist in the air, just to mock me, so I lashed my arm out and grabbed her fist.

She gasped in shock and surprise, but within a matter of seconds her expression turned coy. Uh oh. She let out a full-fledged grin and I shot across the kitchen and into the cabinets. I could hear Carlisle snickering from his spot near the table, and I shot him a scathing look, but it didn't phase him.

"You win... this time." I said, half teasing and half completely serious.

"Wow Bella," Carlisle Carlisle announced. "You seem to be improving quite well." She nodded and thanked him, and I decided I'd had enough.

"I'll be upstairs." I said, to no one in particular, then strode quickly out of the room before Bella could cause me any more trouble than she already had. I wouldn't be surprised. I could hear them talking softly to each other, but I didn't bother to listen closer. It's not like I cared what they were talking about.

Did I?

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