He Could Always Hold On

He Could Always Hold On

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Episode Dies! :

Previously: Should we wake up Rin?" she began tossing the covers off when Sesshomaru pulled her flush against him. "Not quite yet, I'm sure she wouldn't want to hear us, now would she?" He murmured in her ear as he prepared them for another morning of love making.


It was a few weeks later since the snow day. Due to Kagome and Sesshomaru's frivolous lovemaking, Sesshomaru's beast managed to recede and leave from in between Kagome's legs. It was currently April and spring was here! This meant, unless by some miracle there was a huge blizzard, no more missing school because of the snow.

Kagome sighed as she dragged herself into the bathroom to take a shower. Since there were only a few more months of school, administration was less insistent about wearing the uniform. It was honestly all for show in the beginning of the year. She took her shower quickly before throwing on a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

Honestly, for couple of weeks she hadn't been feeling herself. She couldn't place her finger on what it was, sometimes she was so flustered she didn't know what to do, getting happy at the smallest things, other times she was just a bitch.

Then, there were the dizzy spells that sometimes left her collapsed against the wall trying to focus. Something was going on and she didn't know how to find out. When Kagome stepped out of the bathroom, Sesshomaru was sitting all dressed and waiting for her. "Are you alright?" He asked her, like he had been for last week.

She felt irritated that he continued to do that, to be so concerned with her. "I'm fine, will you stop asking me that" She snapped at him as she made her way to the dresser. She sighed and supported her body by leaning on the dresser. "I'm sorry; I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm so moody lately and I know it's not PMS because my periods' not do for another two weeks" She sighed, her head bent in shame.

Sesshomaru got up from the bed and kissed her temple. "You're just having a bad week. Everyone has those sometimes" He mumbled against her ear. "Now, I have to get you to school" He grabbed her hand, his thumb rubbing circles on her knuckles as he pulled her from the room and down the stairs.

Kagome slipped on her plain white Nikes and they were out the door.


A week later, her attitude was no better. In fact, everything was worse. She could barely get out of bed, her dizzy spells were so bad, and she was beginning to get nauseous at just hearing about the food.

Sesshomaru was genuinely worried about Kagome as he could not do anything for her. He walked into the room carrying a tray of crackers and soup. He knew Kagome probably wouldn't eat it, but she was so sickly that he would end up forcing it down her throat if she refused.

His heart broke a bit when he saw her pale form propped up on the pillows, she looked so weak, and her hands playing with the comforter as she watched TV. He walked forward and set the tray down on the bed. "Kagome, would you please eat something today?" He pleaded. Her eyes flickered to him, darting around his form. "I can't, every time I eat something, I throw it back up. I don't want to" She whispered, nibbling on her bottom lip as she told him.

He carefully took his hand in hers, kissing her knuckles. "At least eat some crackers" He suggested climbing onto the bed with her. Her free hand shakily grabbed a cracker from the plate and she hesitantly took a bite. Slowly, she finished off the rest of the crackers and some of the soup.

Sesshomaru helped her lay back and pulled the covers up to her chin. "Get some rest, I scheduled a doctor's appointment for tomorrow" He whispered to her, kissing her hair before leaving with the tray. As soon as he left, a blur of black and blue shot into the room. He didn't even have enough time to react as the door closed.

Immediately, he put the tray down and opened the door to see Rin chattering away and bouncing on the bed while Kagome buried herself in the blankets and begged the young girl to stop. "Rin, cut it out" The woman moaned from under the covers. "Rin" Sesshomaru said in a stern voice. The child stopped mid-bounce.

"Daddy! You're no fair, I haven't seen Mommy in a week and you won't let me!
She pouted. "Sesshou, get her outta here!" Kagome growled. Sesshomaru rushed forward and picked Rin up, carrying her out of the room and placing her down in the hall. "Mommy is sick, you are not to go in that room until I say" He ordered her.

Rin pouted before stomping into her room.


Kagome slowly pulled on her pants. She didn't want to do anything to fast in case she upset her stomach. Finally, she had on her pants and sweatshirt. Sesshomaru gently wrapped his arm around her waist and led her downstairs. She put on her shoes and then they were out the door.

He opened the door to the Jaguar for her, driving rather slowly to the doctor's office. It was a small a three story building. They signed in and sat down. Are you okay?" Sesshomaru whispered to her. "I'm nervous" Kagome admitted. "I'm worried something is wrong with me" She whispered. "Nothing is wrong with you" He told her, kissing her temple.

"Taisho" The receptionist called out. The two got up and walked into the office. The doctor was a stout man with huge bug eyes. "I'm Dr. Myoga" He stuck his hand out. Sesshomaru shook it before sitting next to Kagome on the bed. "So, we're going to do some blood test and the results will be in an hour" Myoga said, almost happily.

He took a fresh needle from the draw and Kagome held out her arm. He pressed it into her most visible vein and pressed down, drawing her blood. The whole time she looked at it with a face of disgust. "That is still so nasty!" She groaned. Dr. Myoga chuckled. "We'll call you within the hour to let you know the results" He smiled, waving as the couple left.

"I hate getting my blood drawn" Kagome shuddered "I know, watching it is a little unnerving as well, hn?" Sesshomaru agreed


Kagome sat nervously in the living room. She had the phone in her hand was rather stiff as she watched General Hospital. The phone began its shrill song and she looked at the little screen to see it was Aya. She pressed the talk button and quickly hissed. "Aya, I'm waiting for a call, I call you later" before hanging up.

As soon as she hung up, the phone began ringing again. "Aya I told"-"Hello, Ms. Higurashi this Dr. Myoga. We have the results to your test." He said to her. "Oh hello. Do you...Do you know what's wrong with me?" She asked softly, her heart racing. "Oh, there is nothing wrong with you, perfectly healthy!" Myoga told her cheerfully. "What do you mean there's nothing wrong with me?!" She demanded.

"Ms. Higurashi, you're pregnant" He said. "Oh" was her intelligent response. "Well then..." And then she fainted.


Okay, I know this chapter was short but I was in a pissed off mood and couldn't write anymore because I'd probably make them die in a car crash if I continued. So, I have decided to write a story that I will only update when I'm mad or annoyed-which is a lot of the time. I hope you enjoyed as much as you could. Bye!