Sorry guys but this, sadly, isn't a second chapter. However, there is a sequel up now called: Suna's Body Art. The main pairing is not Sasuke and Naruto, as I have mentioned before. Sorry if that disappoints some people but it is how I have the story planned out. Also, there's a poll up on my author page concerning both stories. I've decided to make this into a trilogy and I'm even going to let you pick the next pairing. The final story will be about the pairing that wins (obviously), but you can only vote once. So pick carefully. The poll will run until the end of this story and the results will be posted in the next day.

Now, I've also received a PM about two weeks ago asking me about the piercings'. More specifically the Prince Albert one. I don't really want to give out any incorrect information about the piercing that I might be wrong about. However, I did get all of my research done at Wikipedia. It lists everything about risks, healing process and the different types of other male genital piercings' that can be done. You can also look up the other ones on there as well.