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Moving to Forks

Charlie's POV

As I sat on the jet that left from Virginia, which was my home and my life, I pondered to myself if I'd miss it. I wondered if I had overreacted to Renee's problems . I asked myself if maybe she could have gotten help to become a good mother and person. At that moment, I heard Bella moan. I turned to see that my baby girl was fast asleep. I was then horrified by the bruising and scratches that my EX-wife had scarred by angel with. That put my prior thoughts to shame. I regret nothing about what I had just done. That evil lady has scarred my Bella forever. She may never grow up to be a full functioning adult. NO! I would not let that happen. I would make sure that she had a happy childhood. I will ensure that she goes to school, makes friends, and lives a happy childhood.

I already had to change my life in order to protect my baby's childhood. Thankfully my mother, Tiffany, had invited both me and Bella to live with her for as long as we needed to. She would make sure that Bella had every little thing her heart desired. She would show Bella love and affection. She also promised to help support us financially. I promised my mother, however, that I would go to college while I was working so that I could work a higher paying job. I knew she always wanted me to be a police officer so that is what I wanted to train to do. Especially after what I saw was happening to Bella, I would make it my mission to try to make sure that every adult who would intentionally harm a child was locked away. My life...our life was changing and it was for the better. Bella will be raised in a loving environment and maybe I can meet a woman who is worthy of mothering my darling Bells. We were on our way to Forks, Washington and there was no turning back.

I managed to kill four hours thinking about the past, present, and future. I would have continued, but I heard Bella start to stir in her sleep. She was such an angelic figure. I would spend my entire life making sure that nobody hurt her.

"Daddy?" my angel commented.

"Yes, sweetie" I replied.

" How much longer until we land at grandma's house?" I could tell she was getting bored on the plane and I could not blame her, but she had been an angel for most of it. I could also tell she was nervous and excited. She loved her grandma. Her grandma had always been one of her best friends. She would spoil and nurture Bella more than anyone in her life ever did. Had I known she was being treated so badly I would have had Bella out of that environment so quickly.

"We are going to be landing in the airport near grandma's house you silly girl" I joked and she smirked at me. " But we should be landing in about an hour. Why don't you take out some crayons and paper and make grandma a card? By the time you're done we will be landing"

"Ok Daddy. I love you" she replied.

"I love you too, pumpkin. I love you so much. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again." She smiled at me and I kissed her cheek. I loved this little girl so much. I wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

An hour went by very quickly as I watched my darling daughter color. As we started to descent the pressure in my ears soared. I looked over at Bella and she was humming softly to herself not showing an ounce of pain. I suppose that if I had gone through everything that she had, a little pressure to the ears is not a big deal.

When we landed Bella looked at me with excitement in her eyes and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen from her.

"I'm so excited Daddy" she said. With that, she grabbed my hand and we went running through the terminal in order to get our luggage. I realized that Bella's entire closet fit in one suitcase. I had to remember to tell my mom that Bella was going to need a lot of new clothes. We quickly grabbed our suitcases. Just then, Bella noticed her grandma and went running full speed towards my mother. She picked up Bella and twirled her around a few times. Bella was giving her hugs and kisses all over. The "I love you's" were said back and forth quite a few times. My mother then set Bella carefully down on the sidewalk. I could see the disgust in my mother's eyes as she gave Bella a glance over. She saw all the scratches and bruises.

"Hi there mom!" I said to my mom as I pulled her into a hug. "Oh son, it is so great to see you. Although, I am so sorry for the conditions. She looks awful" she confided in me. I could tell from her tone that she was furious with Renee. She didn't approve of Renee ever since the beginning of our relationship. I suppose that mother really does know best. My mother was not the "I told you so" type, however, she would make me figure it out on my own.

"Don't worry mom. I had everything checked out. Her injuries should be all healed in a couple of days without much scarring." With that being said, we all filed into her Toyota Camry we all told stories and laughed the whole ride home. Even Bella contributed to our conversation. Just being with her grandma for ten minutes had already made her seem happy, I could not wait to see what a lifetime of this would do for her. I could only think of good situations. This would be the start of a new life for us…. a better life for us.


Charlie's POV (but it will change to BPOV soon I promise)

A few weeks went by and all of Bella's injuries appeared to be pretty much gone. We were adjusted to our new house. I could already tell that Bella's happiness level was on a sharp increase. I bought her a furby and she went crazy carrying the little critter all around the house. Bella was now your typical four year old little girl. It was time to send her off to kindergarten. Yes, it was halfway through the year, but she needed to be exposed to kids.

The following day I dropped my angel off at Forks and Spoons Learnatorium. The teachers were all talking to me about Bella. I told them all about how advanced Bella was for her age. They were astonished by the fact that, considering her past, Bella could read, write, and speak like a second grader. The teachers decided to put Bella in the class with the five year olds. I was a little concerned at first, but then I realized that my Bella was one of the most mature people I know. I was also reassured when they told me that the four and five year olds play together, so that they could come together with kids their own age. The teachers were so wonderful, especially this woman Wendy Folgate. There might be a future for us in more ways than one.

I turned to my daughter and gave her a big hug. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, too. " Okay Bella darling, Daddy is going to go to school but Grandma will be home. You know both of our numbers if you need them. Grandma will pick you up at three o'clock when school is over. Be good, kiddo."I told her. "I will Daddy. Don't worry about me too much." This was the start of a new phase of life.


"Bye, Daddy" I said to him. I could tell this was going to be an interesting day. There were kids everywhere. There were kids watching cartoons on the television. There were kids playing hide and go seek. There were even some kids crying and holding on to their parents. I giggled as I watched. I was so unsure about what it is I wanted to do. I decided on my favorite past time, coloring. I colored a house with flowers for my grandma. I loved her so much. She made me much happier than mommy ever did. I decided to make the house yellow because it is a happy color, my favorite color.

"You are a really good artist!" A squeaky little voice called out to me. I turned around and there was a girl was a few inches shorter than me with black hair with bangs. She was wearing a cute green polka dot sundress and a green barrette. She looked like a really nice person.

"Thanks." I replied.

"Oh my gracious me, you're new to school aren't you?" she asked. Her smile could light up the entire room.

"Yeah, I moved here from Virginia to live with my grandma with me and my daddy. My name is Bella. Bella Swan."

"Oh that is such a pretty name. My name is Alice Cullen. I like clothes. I love ponies. My favorite color is pink. I love chocolate. I think rainbow are amazing. I want to be a princess when I grow up. I like to go on the swings. I love puppies. I love everything." Alice rambled on and on. I knew I was going to like this girl.

"Hi Alice, do you want to be my best friend?"

"I would love to be. Here, let me introduce you to the gang." She pulled me to a group of kids sitting on the floor. "This is my best friend Rose, but don't worry we can be like the three musketeers. Oh how I love that candy bar." Rose was a blonde haired blue eyed little girl. She was super pretty. "This is her brother, Jasper" She pointed out a brown haired brown eyed boy. He looked shy but perfectly sweet. "This is Emmet Folgate. He's our teachers son, but we have adopted him into our group" Emmett was a very chunky little boy but he looked like he could tell a good joke. "Last but not least, is my brother Edward. He's kind of shy but he loves his music." I looked at the bronze hair green eyed boy. As our eyes met, a flash went through both of our lives. I felt like I was being pulled to stay near him. "Everybody, this is Bella. She is going to join our group". Alice explained to the group. I greeted everyone and they all greeted me back.

"Hey kids, it's time for naptime. Everyone go and grab a mat. Edward, can you help out Bella ?" Mrs. Folgate announced to the class. Edward instructed me to follow him. I did so. While we were waiting Edward and I were talking about everything from racecars to kitty cats. I reached the front of the line and confusion flooded my mind.

"Pick up the blue mats. They are more comfortable." I heard a velvety voice of encouragement. I picked up my mat and I waited for Edward to get his. We both began our way back to the class room. Suddenly a group of big mean kids called out to me. " Hey newbie, your shoelace is untied." I looked down and the tall boy named Derrick tripped me and I fell to the floor. I felt the return of a familiar feeling return. Rejection. I was ready to cry when I hear Edwards's smooth voice. "Hey!! What was that for you giant meanie-face. So what if Bella is new, she is also really nice and sweet. She has done nothing wrong to you. So I recommend instead of filling your pathetic life with torturing kids by trying to be nice to a couple and get a few friends."

I saw a pale hand extend out to me, so I grabbed it and stood up. "Don't worry, I will protect you. By the way you are very pretty. I will make sure nobody is mean to you" He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I swear I felt a shock.

"Edward Anthony Cullen!!" Alice shrieked. "Do not kiss her, you have cooties."

"No I don't Alice, remember you gave me the cooties shot this morning,"

I could tell this was the beginning to a new life. A great life.