Mufasa's Afterlife

Author's note: Mufasa was my favorite character in The Lion King, and I was incensed when he was killed. I thought I would write about what happened in his afterlife.

Mufasa woke up from off the ground with a headache. He saw an angel right in front of him.

"Who are you," he asked.

"I am your guardian angel, and you are in heaven," she responded.


"You were pushed off a cliff by your brother, you fell into a gorge filled with stampeding wildebeests. That is what killed you."

"Wow, I must've hit my head hard."

"Hard enough, that you were not able to survive. Now come on, I will show you to your new home."

Mufasa followed the angel into a new jungle just for him. It was wide and open, with all the antelope he could eat, a den, and a pond, and certainly no hunters.

"Uh, is this really necessary?" Mufasa asked, flattered.

"Certainly. This is the afterlife, and this section was made entirely for you, Mufasa," the angel said.

"Cool," Mufasa said to himself.

"Enjoy," the angel said, and floated off.

Mufasa went into the jungle, and caught 2 antelope, drank from the pond, and enjoyed himself.

But after a while, something didn't seem right. He realized that if he were dead, he would never see Simba, Sarafina, Rakfiki, Zazu and his other friends.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Scar and the hyenas returned to their hideout and celebrated the death of the Lion King.

"I can't believe we actually pulled this off," Bonzai said.

"But, wait. I overheard a hunter say that in Star Wars, Ben Kenobi was killed, but it proved to be a strong death," Shenzi said.

"Oh, hunters are stupid. In fact they're so stupid, they don't even realize that stars don't fight, they stay the way they are for eternity," Bonzai replied.

"You're right. I don't know if they're complete fools or what. I don't even know of anyone or thing named Ben Kenobi."

Ed chuckled in approval.

"Hyenas have suddenly become so bright," Scar said to himself.

Mufasa continued to live his afterlife in heaven joyously. In fact, he met an old lioness friend who had recently died.

"Morana, what are you doing up in heaven?" he asked the lioness.

"I died in a hunt."

"Oh, that must be painful to your family. They probably didn't even know you were killed."

"Probably not."

"Hey, I have an idea. There are all these antelope just waiting to be eaten, wanna join me in hunting them down?"
            "I'd love to."

Morana and Mufasa lived in the afterlife together. When the rest of his family died, they went into their own heaven chambers. He enjoyed the afterlife, but he still missed the real life.