I caved.

That's right. Caved.

I couldn't leave this story alone if I tried

So, you all get your sequel.

It's called I Love You

It's in Edward's POV and it takes place after this story

Bella is a vampire, something I thought I would never do in a long story.

If you're reading this note right after it's posted you might have to wait a few

moments because I'm on my way to post the story right after I'm done writing this.

Please review! Everyone who still has this story on their alert list, I would really appreciate it if you added a word or two on the new story!

Finally I would like to thank all of you reviewers for this story! I never in a million years thought it would reach

the amount of reviews it has obtained. 800!? Never. Ever. But it's true!

You are all the best and I send out all of my love to you wonderful people!

Thank you!

- runaway xo