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Killers were supposed to be full of hate and crazy, right? That's what she always thought. Her name was Sudden, least after her kills. She had no name and no past.

Just one sane memory of an boy with green eyes that for some reason were just as confused as hers and messy white hair.

She sighed as she stood there. Blood was splattered all over her black clothes, joining all the other endless stains.

She looked down at the broken body, it was a young boy. He had orange hair and dark skin. Sudden strained at his face how familiar it was, but where had she seen it.

His name was once Zane, she ran over everything she knew about him, she always did. He had a twin, a mother, a father.

What it must be like to have a family. She wondered.

The boy had to be around six or seven. His twin was a girl named Violet. His father was a man named Tucker and the mother's name was Jazz.

She looked around the house for awhile, some how knowing the layout of it to a T. She ran her hands over the blue walls and up the stairs. Sudden came to a stop next to a white door, it made her want to cry, but why?

She tried to turn the nob, but it wouldn't budge. She gave up and walked through the door.

The room had blue walls with a bed near the only window. There was a telescope also next to the window. There were pictures of spaceships on the roof and a few on the walls. The bed was neatly made, but everything in the room had a very thick layer of dust.

She blew the dust off the picture frames on a near by dresser.

Sudden looked over them one by one.

The first was of the father, only he was in his teens and holding a PDA with a bow on it in the air.

The second was of the mother with what must have been her own parents, but it was Jazz's brother who stopped her. He was a perfect reflection of the boy that day only human.

She dropped it the glass shattering all over the floor, Sudden franticly looked over the last it was her and the boy, both human, asleep cuddled up next to eachother.

She grabbed hold of the picture and phazed it through the frame.

She held it tight and flew straight through the roof of the house and away.


Have you ever felt empty like there was something you were missing, but you couldn't put your finger on it?

But some how you knew you could never find it, for you had already had it long ago.

It's a long and complicated feeling. It eats at you and that's exactly what it did to him. It ate at him till nothing was left, twenty-seven years it had been eating away at him.

His name is Hallow, or atleast that's what the other ghosts call him.

He never left the human world, he felt somehow connected to it. Other ghost had told him that all did in the beginning, but he knew better to believe others.

He looked up at the darkening clouds, rain. He saw a girl land at the end of the street, a ghost.

She had a picture and was crying. He knew he would pass her if he kept walking and wanted to turn around, but he felt no real reason to. So he kept walking.

As she got closer it started to lightly rain, she didn't take notice at first but then started to freak out. She was interesting to watch. He walked straight up to her only to recognize her. She had been on the Island that day, but instead of anger or maybe even nothing, it felt whole for the first time in as long as he could remember.


She could feel him standing there, she looked up from the picture and saw his face again. The same face.


He reached out why he didn't know but he just...


She saw him reach out and jumped, but not away. She hugged him tightly and howled even louder.


"Who are you?" His voice was heartbroken as he hugged her back.

"Sudden." Was what she responded with. "You?"


"What's wrong Sudden?"


He pulled her away from his chest to look at her face. She simply lifted the picture, "You can't tell me that's not us." She said sniffling. He took the picture the rain dripping off the picture slowly. It was them but they were human, sleeping, and smiling.

They were interrupted when a cop car sped around the corner, "Hn, looks like they came home....." She mumbled to herself. Sudden turned invisible, Hallow, though confused, quickly turned invisible as well.

Hallow reached out and managed to take her hand. He kicked off the ground and pulled on her arm. She kicked off as well and the two flew away.


Dani watched from her floating screens. "So they finally meet again."