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The bell rang as yet another year of school began. I could already tell that this was going to be a long year. I frowned, propping my head on my hand and staring at the teacher at the front of the class. She was lecturing us on the student code of conduct, which was something I did not want to sit through, again.

"Sakura." My attention was jerked to my right side, where the whisper orignated from. Sitting next to me was none other than my good friend and the smartest kid I had ever met, Nara Shikamaru. He was grinning at me.

I smiled back, trying to seem interested in the lecture going on so the blood wouldn't rise into my cheeks. He just rolled his eyes at my apparent interest, and went back to whatever he was doing before.

As long as I can remember, I have known Shikamaru. We used to play together when we were little, and have gone to the same school since middle. He's basically the best guy friend I have. We tell each other everything, just like we always have. Everyone thinks he's brutally honest to their faces. You should hear what he has to say behind their backs. He's the number one complainer, and one of the laziest people I've ever known. And one thing I've noticed about Shikamaru:

Not much has changed about him.

Well, he has gotten taller, and much cuter, but I'd never let him know that. I mean, come on! What am I supposed to say?

Okay, okay, I'll say it.

I have a crush on Shikamaru.

It all started about the end of freshman year. I had art last, and he had band. We were in the same building, so we walked to the pick up line together. We would talk like the old friends we were, laughing when something stupid happened to the other and whatnot. It was in those few minutes of fun every day that my infatuation for him began.

Over the summer, I saw more and more of him, and it just kept continuing to escalated. We spent a lot of time together, and I found myself wanting and thinking of him more and more as time passed.

At first I denied it, then it was overlooked as just a simple crush that would go away. It's been about six months, maybe more, and I still like him.

So, as I sat next to him in biology, it was hard to keep my thought away from his grin, which I knew was plastered onto his face right now.

"Don't tell me you're actually listening to this stuff. You may not be top of the class, but even you know all of this by heart by now. We've only been over it in every class since sixth grade." The whisper caught my attention again, and this time I turned to face him. "You memorize things like crazy, you should have this down by now."

"I still want to make a good impression on the teacher. And for your information, Mr. Head of the Class, being in the top twenty isn't so bad," I replied, giving him a slight glare. I should explain something, right now: Shikamaru might be the laziest person I know, never doing his work, and continually sleeping through tests. But when he was younger, his mother was called in to watch him for a day, and ever since then, he has put in effort. And that small amount of effort, coupled with the fact that he's brilliant and every teacher loves him, he gets amazing grades. I hate it. I might be smart, but I memorize and apply. He just knows everything. Hard work and some intelligence can only get you so far in school.

"Ms. Haruno. I would appreciate it if you would pay attention when I am talking to the class." My face tinged red, as I whipped my head back to look at the teacher, green eyes wide. The rest of the class was in silent giggles, laughing at my misfortune. I sent another slight glare to Shikamaru, who was laughing along with them.

"Thanks," I said sarcastically once the teacher had turned to yell at another student for sleeping. He just shot me another grin.

"It's not my fault you attract attention like no one else I know, Sakura," he whispered yet again.

I laughed, causing another glare from the teacher, and a full blown smile from Shikamaru.

"Mr. Nara, making Ms. Haruno act up is not an example that the head of the class should be setting."

"Yeah, Shikamaru. I don't need any distractions while I'm trying to pay attention," I fake scolded. The teacher smiled, thinking I had changed my ways.

He just scowled and turned his attention away from me to some of the other kids in the class. "Troublesome..." he muttered. I grinned in triumph before returning my gaze to the teacher.

Her lecture was still just as boring, but since there was no Shikamaru trying to talk to me, I listened. Cells phones aren't allowed in class, blah blah blah. The only thing I noticed was the fact that the woman was wearing a thick mask of make up, making her flatish face look even more like a zombie's.

My thoughts slowly drifted from the time back to Shikamaru, and I stole a glance at his face. He had his head on his desk, and looked as though he was about to fall asleep.

I sighed. Typical. Even for the head of the class, he was definitely the laziest person I knew. Everything just came so easy to him, he didn't even have to try to get perfect grades in whatever he did. As for me, I didn't put all the effort I could, but it still didn't come as easily to me as it did to him.

Suddenly, his head snapped up, and he caught me staring at him. He shot me a quizzical look. I replied with a shrug of my shoulders, as if to say I looked at him at the same second.

The class dragged on in silence as the teacher wrote on the board. Shikamaru was already asleep. I was staring off into space, thinking more about my girlish fantasies involving a certain Nara than biology.

The bell rang once again, signifying the end of class. I jerked my head up, unaware that I had fallen asleep. I quickly packed my things, and stood up. In my rush to get out of the door, I slammed into Inuzuka Kiba. My book bag came off, and a few books spilled out of the top. I guess I'd forgotten to close it...

"I'm so sorry, Kiba," I quickly apologized, wanting to get away so I could find my next class. I bent down, stuffing the crap that was coming out back into my bag. The first day, and I still had enough stuff in my book bag to make it look like a mess.

"It's okay, Sakura," he replied, looking me over. "You've changed over the summer," he noted.

I tinged red once again, and I noticed Shikamaru giving a slight glare to Kiba. They had never liked each other, even when we were little. I had played with Kiba when I was little because our parents were good friends. He and Shikamaru were second cousins or something crazy like that. Unlike Shikamaru and I, Kiba and I grew apart as we got older. He became more popular, and I just stayed the same amount of loser. "I hadn't noticed," I finally replied, laughing it off. He smiled, and walked off. I hurried toward the stairs, wanting to get to my next class as soon as possible.

"What was that about?" A slightly agitated voice spoke.

"I accidentally ran into Kiba. Look, I'm sorry. Next time, I'll choose someone you like more to run into," I replied, sounding slightly sarcastic.

Shikamaru just looked elsewhere, and mumbled, "He didn't even bother to help you pick up your books."

"Riiight. Well, see you later, Shikamaru." I waved and headed up the stairs. He just waved, and slid past a group to catch up with some of his band buddies.

My day passed.

So far, nothing had compared to biology. That might or might not have been for the fact that none of my other classes had Shikamaru, but I'll just ignore that for know.

Lunch came. It was right before my last class of the day, and I was worried. As far as I knew, none of my friends had this lunch, so I was worried I'd have to drop in on someone. But there I spotted her; one of my good friends, Ino. She waved me over, and I smiled as I sat down with her and a few of her junior friends. Among them was Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, and Uchiha Sasuke, a lone sophomore. I had heard of him before, but I had never met him. He was really quiet, and I had known a lot of girls who had crushes on him. He was pretty cute...

It wasn't until English that anything was interesting. My last class of the day, go figure. I walked in, and took a seat in the last row. I recognized all most all of my fellow students. Aburame Shino sat a few rows over, his curly head above everyone else's. Uzumaki Naruto, the class clown, was also in here. He had liked me since we were little kids in elementary school, but I just... didn't return the compliment. He was so strange at times, and he seemed like a real outcast. Everyone always made fun of him, but he just took it in stride. I had to admire that about him, but it didn't mean that I liked him. Hyuuga Hinata sat down in front of me, giving me a shy smile. Now, here was the perfect person for Naruto. You know what they say, opposites attract.

Finally, one of the last to walk into the door was Kiba, looking as arrogant as ususal and having all the girls swoon. They seemed to like his jack-assish attitude, especially when he flirted relentlessly with them. He nodded in my direction. Seriously, would it ever hurt to say hi? A nod only goes so far. The tardy bell rang, and the class grew silent, waiting for the teacher to start.

The teacher, Ms. Yuhi, stood up in front of the class. "Until I know your names, I'd like for you all to sit in my seating chart. When I call your name, go to the seat I point to."

She went down the list, and we students moved as we were called. It's just my luck that I got stuck in the front of the middle row. On my right was Shino, who was more that a little odd. But a pretty cool kid, as far as my opinion goes. Behind me was Sai, another genius. He wasn't quite on Shikamaru's level, but he was smart. On my left was Kiba.

It was an overload of testosterone, I'm telling you. Sai's knees dug into my back as he leaned backward. I just sat there, listening to Ms. Yuhi go on and on about the rules of the classroom, feeling quite agitated when his knees refused to leave my back.

"Hey, Sai, lay off of her, okay?" Kiba's voice broke my evil ranting thoughts, and I felt the knees in my back go away.

"Whatever you say, Kibble-kun," Sai said as he straightened back into his chair. I turned, surprised, to Kiba.

"Thanks," I muttered. He just smiled, and mumbled something that sounded like 'No prob."

I went back to listening, slightly in a daze. Kiba was acknowledging me more than he had in years, and I felt strangely... disgusted.

Class passed. We talked about what we would need, and got started on a worksheet. The bell rang, dismissing us from our first day of torture, and I frowned. I was going to have a lot of homework on my first day.

As I walked out the door, something snagged my book bag. I was pulled backwards, right next to the jerk himself, Kiba.

"We should hang out sometime, Sakura," he said casually.

I stood in shock as he moved ahead to his friends. It wasn't until a single thought passed through my head that I was able to move again.

Now that is something to tell Shikamaru, I mused.

I slid past many of the clumps of students in the hallway, anxious to see his face once again. He was no where to be found...

"Hey, kiddo. What are you doing, keeping a lookout for someone special?" Frowning, I turned to Shikamaru. Kiddo was his pet name for me, and he used it too much for my tastes. I had asked him not to call me that, especially not at school, but he didn't listen. It had almost caught on, until I threatened to punch the next person to say it through a wall. Shikamaru had made himself the exception.

"Nah. Just you," I joked, and he shoved me as we walked down the path to the front of the school, so we could continue our walk home. The school wasn't too far from our houses, but our stop was one of the last on the route. We talked about our day, and what we thought of our classes and classmates. Our conversation was filled with stories.

With a wide grin, I turned to Shikamaru. "And then, guess what he said!"

"Um, I hate you and you should go die?" My stare became frosty as Shikamaru cringed slightly. "Okay, okay... What did he say?"

I mimicked his arrogant, everyone loves me tone with ease. "'We should have out sometime, Sakura.' As if I'd actually fall for that! He probably ran out of other ugly girls to laugh at, and I became his new target. Aha, that loser. We might have lost our friendship, but still. He should know me better than to have me fall for that."

Shikamaru just rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Hey, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" He flashed my a smile that made my heart race.

"Y-Yeah, sure. Tomorrow." I walked on to my house in silence, still feeling the effects of his last smile.

The feeling was amazing.

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