Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Oozing red,
staining green wool, brown leather,
the colors of my life
origins long forgotten.
Reminds me of squashed cherries
I picked from tall sage leafed trees,
twisted gray branches pricking my fingers.
Crimson dropping
splattering cold, dirty leaden metal.
Alien ship. Alien time. Alien place.
Full of hairless pale creatures
I experimented on, studied, the future...the
Masters of this vast rich land,
barren in my own world,
desert, lifeless.
My Ruby life mingling...with my mates.
Sprawling beside him,
resting in his still arms,
closing my ebony eyes,
Knowing, our child is protected.
I take a deep breath,
my last,
"I love you."

Originally published in Of Dreams & Schemes #19. May 2004.

Edited by Cathy Schlein.