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Inspired by I Remember You by Skid Row.

"How could you go over my head!" Casey yelled. This case had been hard on them all, especially Casey, and Olivia was the only person who knew the reason why.

"Elliot is in the hospital!" Olivia yelled back, seething. Olivia turned around and muttered, "This wouldn't have happened if Alex was here."

"What?!" Casey's eyes widened, not believing what she just heard.

Olivia whirled back around, "I said this wouldn't have happened if Alex were here!"

Casey was momentarily shocked. She had become close friends with Olivia and always knew that there was something between Olivia and Alex and that Alex meant a lot to the rest of the squad, but she never thought Olivia would throw Alex in her face. Casey was hurt and she wanted to lash out. Olivia seemed like a convenient and appropriate target.

"New flash Liv!" Casey screamed, "Alex has been back for almost six months! Have you heard from her?! No!"

Olivia literally felt Casey's words hit her. Alex is back? She staggered backwards, stunned.

Casey immediately knew what she'd done and regretted it instantly. "Liv…I…"

Olivia had to get out. She couldn't breathe. Alex is back. She turned on her heel and ran out the door.

"Liv!" Casey called, but Olivia wouldn't stop, "Liv! I didn't mean…" Olivia rounded the corner out of Casey's sight. Casey slammed the door to her office, "Damn it!" Casey picked up the nearest thing on her desk and hurled it against the wall. The glass of the lamp and the light bulb shattered against the wall. "Damn it."

Olivia mouth went dry as she stumbled out of the DA's office building. Alex is back and she hasn't tried to contact me. Alex…Before she knew it, Olivia was wandering around the city. Well, wandering wasn't the correct term. Subconsciously walking directly to Alex's old apartment was more like it.

Olivia's phone rang, bringing her out of her thoughts as she stood staring at Alex's old building for who knows how long.

"Benson," Olivia automatically answered.

"Liv…look I didn't mean," Casey started explaining, but was met with a click and then silence. Casey looked at her phone to confirm what she already knew. Olivia hung up on her.

Casey didn't know what else to do, so she called the one person she knew could get Olivia talking. Casey picked up the office phone on her desk and dialed the front desk. "Yes, I need to get a hold of ADA Cabot…No?…How about just Alexandra Cabot?…Bureau Chief?.. Yeah Bureau Chief Cabot…"

Olivia spent the rest of the day, at the park by Alex's old apartment. They used to go there and just walk around, holding hands and talking, before Alex got taken away. But now she's back and hasn't at least picked up the phone to call and say 'Hey I'm back in the city'? Olivia shook her head and continued walking around the park thinking. Alex wouldn't just come back and not say anything. Would she?

Olivia was starting to rethink how well she knew Alex. She thought she knew Alex like the back of her hand, but somehow the back of her hand was starting to seem so foreign.

It was starting to get dark and with the sun gone it was starting to get cold. Olivia decided it was time to go home before she collapsed on the sidewalk from exhaustion and froze to death. She decided she had to be alive to check on Elliot in the morning.

Olivia hailed a cab and watched the elegant old building that Alex used to live in disappear in the background. How could she not call?

The whole way back to her apartment Olivia obsessed about the lack of communication from Alex. When the cab stopped, Olivia paid the driver and walked silently inside, the only thoughts in her head were thoughts of Alex.

Olivia sighed and trotted up the stairs to her floor, trying to shake the thoughts of Alex out of her head. When she stepped foot in her hallway, there was a person standing in front of her door. The shadowy figure was leaning against the wall, not illuminated like it should be because of the burnt out light bulb in the hallway Olivia's been bugging the landlord about for almost a month now.

Olivia drew her gun and pointed it at the intruder. "Let me see your hands."

"Are you seriously going to shoot me?" a very familiar, amused voice asked.

Without thinking, Olivia pulled out her flashlight and shined it on the shadowy figure revealing who Olivia already knew it was. The icy blue eyes squinted in the sudden bright light and the long blonde hair swirled with the sudden turn of her head to shield her eyes.

"Jesus Liv," Alex blocked the light with her hand, "Can you please turn that off?"

Olivia clicked off the flashlight and stood still, "What are you doing here?"

"Casey called me," Alex stated in a soft, soothing voice, "I came to explain."

As it turns out, I have a thousand and one was to bring Alex back. And I can't stop them from writing themselves. This is just one.