As they walked down the stairs Alex took out her keys and handed them to Olivia. Olivia looked at the key and ran her thumb over the logo on the boxy looking thing attached to the key ring, "BMW?"

Alex shrugged, "I made a lot of money in Witness Protection. Apparently, corporate lawyers make a lot more money that anyone who works at the DA's office."

"What's with all the buttons?" Olivia asked.

Alex opened the front door for Olivia and they stepped out onto the street. Olivia immediately spotted the luxury car that definitely didn't belong at her building. It was a charcoal gray M6 convertible. Beautiful and classy on the outside, plush and soft on the inside. This was definitely the perfect car for Alex. It was exactly like her.

"Press the one that has a picture of the car on it," Alex instructed, "Then the one with the lock on it."

Olivia did what she was told and the car started before they got there.

Alex opened the door passenger door and got in.

"Nice," Olivia smiled and slid into the driver's seat.

Alex smiled back, "It makes for quick getaways."

"And an easy steal," Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"GPS tracking makes an easy recovery," Alex replied.

Olivia ran her hands over the steering wheel and then looked at Alex. She smiled, "I missed you."

Alex beamed, "I missed you too."

Olivia picked up Alex's hand and kissed her knuckles.

When they got to the hospital, Alex looked up at it and took a deep breath.

"Are you okay?" Olivia asked.

Alex nodded bravely and got out of the car.

Olivia took Alex's hand. She knew Alex wasn't really okay. This was the place where she almost got attacked by an angry mother who blamed Alex for her son's brain damage. In fact, Alex still blamed herself for it too. This was also the place where she was brought after being shot. She woke up in the emergency room. This is where they told her that she was better off dead. That she'd have to leave her family, her life, and her Olivia.

"You don't have to go in," Olivia assured Alex as they stood at the back of the car.

Alex nodded, "I'm going."

Olivia led Alex into the hospital and up to Elliot's room where he was sitting up and talking with his wife.

Olivia smiled and knocked on the doorframe, "Hey."

"Hey Liv," Elliot smiled. He squinted, "Is that who I think it is?"

"Hi Elliot," Alex quietly spoke.

"Well hot damn," Elliot's smile grew wider, "Look who's back."

Alex was relieved by the smile on Elliot's face. Olivia pulled Alex over to his bedside and hugged Elliot. Then Alex gave Elliot a brief hug.

Alex looked at Kathy, "I don't believe we ever met. I'm Alex Cabot."

"Nice to meet you," Kathy smiled, "I'm Kathy."

"Are you always so cordial with your introductions?" Elliot asked.

Alex chuckled, "Only now that I get to say my own name again."

Elliot laughed, "How long have you been back?"

Alex bit her lip and answered, "A few months."

"A few months?" Elliot asked surprised, looking right at Alex.

"It seems your interim partner lied to Alex, making her think I permanently transferred to the feds," Olivia explained for Alex.

Alex took over, "I felt guilty for leaving all of you, especially Liv." Alex glanced at Olivia before continuing, "So I sulked around for a while. Casey called me today after she and Olivia had a fight. Casey filled me in where Detective Beck had deceived me."

Elliot studied Alex for a minute before nodding, "Okay. Are you going to hanging around more often now?"

Alex nodded, "I think so."

"What are you doing now?" Elliot asked.

Olivia looked to Alex for the answer also.

"I'm a Bureau Chief for the Manhattan DA's office," Alex replied.

Elliot smirked, "Wow. Too good for us lowly detectives?"

Alex smiled and shook her head, "Never. I just get to be more picky about the cases that I personally try and have the authority to tell the ADAs under me what to do and how to do it."

"So you get to be bossy and talk a lot?" Olivia asked with a smile.

Elliot chuckled, "Sounds like the perfect job for you."

Alex rolled her eyes, "Ha ha."

There was a knock on the door and a man with a white lab coat stepped him. "Hello Detective Benson."

"Hi," Olivia nodded to the doctor.

The doctor looked at Elliot, "I'm just here for a check up."

"Uh…we're gonna go," Olivia told Elliot and Kathy, "I'll be by in the morning."

"Have fun," Elliot waved to them.

"Bye Elliot," Alex smiled, then looked at Kathy, "It was nice to have met you."

"You too," Kathy added as the two women walked out the door.

"How does going back to my apartment and ordering in sound?" Olivia asked Alex when they got to Alex's car.

"It sounds like a plan," Alex smiled.

Olivia offered her the keys and Alex waved them away. "Are you sure?" Olivia asked.

Alex nodded, "I can see how much you enjoy driving it."

"Thanks," Olivia smiled.

Olivia turned around to get into the car, but Alex grabbed her arm and spun her back around. "You're not…seeing anyone are you?"

Olivia slid her hands around Alex's waist and pressed her palms onto the small of Alex's back, pulling their bodies together. Olivia paused a few centimeters from Alex's lips, giving her a chance to pull away. She could feel Alex's breath quicken, but instead of pulling away, Alex timidly pressed her lips against Olivia's.

Alex smiled when they broke the kiss, "If you're going to kiss me every time I ask a question, I think I have a lot of things to ask you."

Olivia laughed and kissed Alex again.

Almost an hour later, they found themselves, seated in front of Olivia's coffee table eating Thai takeout. Olivia had her arm around Alex's shoulders. Alex laid her head on Olivia's shoulder, "You have no idea how much I missed this."

"About as much as I missed it," Olivia added.

Alex paused, "I hope I'm not totally overstepping any boundaries, but…can I stay the night with you? I just…I don't…"

Olivia smiled, "I don't want you to leave either."

Alex wrapped her arms around Olivia's stomach, "I feel like I'm asking a lot of you right now."

"You're not," Olivia added kissing the top of Alex's head.

"But I feel like it," Alex replied.

"How can I make you feel like you're not?" Olivia asked sweetly.

"Uh," Alex paused, "Ask something of me?"

"Kiss me again," Olivia looked down at Alex.

Alex smiled and obliged.

Olivia was breathless when Alex pulled away, "Come to bed with me."

Alex quickly stood up and led the way to Olivia's bedroom. Olivia was quick to follow. Alex stood with the back of her legs touching the bed. Everything came back to her in a whirl of memories. Where Olivia liked to be touch, where she liked to be kissed, the noises she made when she wanted more, and all the little things Alex used to do to excite her.

The kisses were no longer tentative. They were passionate and hungry. Hands started to roam and clothes started to fall to the floor. Alex turned Olivia around and pushed her onto her back.

Alex kissed down Olivia's arm, from her shoulder to the tips of her fingers and back again, remembering warm skin that was becoming familiar again. She kissed a trail around the fabric of Olivia's bra, eliciting a moan from the detective.

Alex moved down Olivia's toned middle flicking her tongue into Olivia's belly button, then nibbling at the skin around it. She felt the muscles under her teeth tense and smiled against the skin.

"Alex.." Olivia moaned.

Alex looked up at Olivia and smirked. She crawled up Olivia's body and placed her thigh between Olivia's legs. Alex ran her teeth across Olivia's neck, then whispered in her ear, "Was there something you wanted?"

Olivia remembered how much Alex liked to play games and how much it could drive her crazy. Olivia closed her eyes and focused on every touch and every kiss, never wanting to forget the intense sensations only Alex had ever been able to give her.

Olivia had one last fleeting thought before losing herself in Alex. Alex is back.