"Kiss Me," Part Three. KakashixSakura.

Set in Shippuuden.


He intook his breath sharply, her body extremely appealing. The fact that not only was her body beautiful, but her face was too, made him want her even more.

"Kakashi-sensei..." She looked him in the eye. Both sets of eyes were clouded over with lust.

There was no telling what they would do...

Now, For Part Three.

She opened her eyes, groaning softly. Without even having to look around, she could tell that she was laying on something soft. And, she was naked. Also, there was someone next to her.

'Did we...?' Sakura's mind swam with thought. By the small ache in her abdomen, she could tell that something happened.

'But with who...?'

'Who else?'

Sakura's eyes widened. 'It couldn't be...'

'Oh, but it is...'

Sakura rolled over as discreetly as she could to catch a glimpse of the person next to her. One glance at spiky silver hair and her eyes widened even more. With a muffled groan, he rolled over and wrapped an arm around her. She gasped lightly at the contact, and found out that he was naked too.

Sakura closed her eyes, the events of the night before returning to her.


Both sets of eyes were clouded over with lust as they looked at eachother. Sakura then hungrily reached down and tore his black shirt away, throwing it to the floor. She pressed herself against him, straddling his lap. She connected their lips again, pulling his headband and mask away from his head. She tossed them along with her own headband to the floor, letting her hands rest in his silver spiky hair.

He moaned softly against her lips, feeling her press against the small bulge in his pants. He suddenly grabbed her up, holding her up against him without releasing their lips in the process. He got off the couch, and slowly walked upstairs to his room. He kicked the door open, all the while massaging her thighs and back. Their tongues battled ferociously with each other, hot and wet.

He laid her back on the bed, releasing her lips. He nuzzled her head to the side, letting his tongue run along her jawbone. Sakura shivered, turning her head and closing her eyes. His hands wandered over her body, fingers dancing across her smooth stomach and abdomen. Then, he lifted her slighty with one hand, using the other to smoothly wrap around her back and unclasp her bra. He then laid her down gently, fingers stripping the bra away. He took in her breasts; Two, beautiful, perfectly round piece of art. They were perfectly shaped and sized, more beautiful than any other woman's, that he'd seen.

He pressed his lips to her neck, maneuvering them so that be began to suck softly on her neck. He let the thumb of his right hand caress her breast, flicking her nipple teasingly. She let out a light gasp, whispering, "Kakashi-sensei..."

Kakashi smirked. Even when they were being intimate, she couldn't drop the fond surname she'd attached to him. He let a hand roam down to her skirt and shorts, tugging on them lightly. She shifted so her skirt and shorts both slid down, revealing some of her panties. He buried his face in her neck, sucking hard on the skin. His right hand teased her breasts, while his left continued to tug her pants down.

Sakura's breathing became more labored as she laid under him, body heated and feeling aroused. She puffed her chest out, pushing against him so as to have more contact. His strong hand continued to tug her bottoms down, eventually getting them off and throwing them to the floor. Sakura's hands reached up to hook in his pants, finger brushing by his bulge as she tugged his pants down. Kakashi turned her head back to lock lips. His tongue ran along her lower lip, and she responded by opening her mouth to let him in. He began to suck gently on her tongue, a hand beginning to rub her through her panties. She let out a soft moan into his lips, legs slightly spreading.

Her body shivered, as the heat inside of her grew and grew. She had rested her hands in his hair, kissing him with all the passion and lust she could muster. Knowing what he was doing, Kakashi smirked as He hooked his thumb in the edge of her panties. He slowly and sensually began to slide them down, as he broke away from her lips. He began to plant hot and heavy kisses down her neck, and collarbone. He reached her breasts, and licked them teasingly. She let out a soft groan, body squirming slightly.

Her whole body was then naked, as he tossed her panties to the floor carelessly. He removed his own underwear, climbing over top of her as she lifted her body up to press against his. She slid along him, biting her lip as a light sweat broke out over her body. She began to rub against him, a small moan passing from both of their lips as his shaggy hair hung over one eye. He looked down at her, a small smile passing over his mouth before he leaned down to kiss her on the lips. He kept his face buried in her neck as they both laid still for a moment. They clung tightly to eachother, poised, waiting. Sakura's arms were wound tightly about his neck, and his arms rested around her waist as he held her to him.

A large gasp passed through her pink lips as she felt him shove himself into her. She jerked with the motion, as she felt an unfathomable pleasure roll through her. Slowly at first, he began to thrust himself halfway into her, the rubbing motion of him moving in and out of her making her body rack with shivers, as sweet sighs and moans escaped her mouth.

Then, he quickened his pace as he thrust into her a bit further. Her moans became slightly louder, as she clung to him for dear life. Pain and pleasure crept over her entire body, it being her first time. Her now slightly damp hair clung to her face, as it rustled about in their commotion. He slowed for a few moments, thrust becoming weaker and shallower.

After a moment, he stopped all together.

Sakura's eyes popped wide open as she gasped loudly. He had thrust his full member inside of her, hitting her sweet spot.

"Do you love me, Sakura?" He grunted, before pulling out and shoving his full self into her again.

She squeaked, before whispering, "Y-Yes, Kakashi-sensei…!" She clung tightly, as she let her hot breath fall upon his ear.

He grunted again, thrusting into her as hard as he could. She yelled in pain and pleasure, breath coming out in shaky gasps. They were both close to releasing, they could feel it. Her walls tightened around him, making her small and tight. He forced himself into her, and at a slow, steady pace, he fully pounded himself into her. She let out large gasps and moans.

As he began to continuously hit her hot spot, her moans escalated into screams. He pounded into her small, tight area with full strength, their hips crashing together with each thrust. She clung to him tightly, the nails of one hand gripping into his back, while the other hand gripped his hair. One of his hands gripped her hair as well, fingers laced within the silky pink strands. The other held her to him by the waist, keeping their bodies together as one.

Suddenly, he gave one final thrust, before releasing into her. He gave a loud groan, as she released as well, groaning. He gave a final small groan before falling onto the bed beside her. He rolled over onto his back, pulling her into his arms. He held her close, closing his eyes contentedly. He felt very sleepy, and a wonderful feeling claimed his body as he embraced the woman.

Sakura closed her eyes, smiling widely. She could feel the steady rising and falling of his chest as he panted, and his warm, strong arm wrapped around her. She opened her mouth drowsily to murmur, "Kakashi-sensei… I love you…"

When she heard no reply, she looked up in dismay. She then blinked, however, when she saw the git was asleep.

"Dick-head…" She muttered, rolling her eyes. But, she yawned, as sleep overtook her.


Sakura didn't want to, but she lifted herself up and away from the man and his arm. She pulled the sheet along with her, making the man roll and fall off the bed with a crash. He jumped up, covering himself and looking around warily.

Sakura only looked at him, giggling.

"Oh, hey Sakura," He smiled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. "Did you have a good sleep?"

"Hai, I did…." Sakura smiled, her face red.

She'd made love with Kakashi Hatake.

Was she embarrassed?

No, because he was probably the most gorgeous man in the world, and for him to agree to sleep with her, that was an accomplishment. And, she had fallen head-over-heels for him.

She was in love with Kakashi, her teacher and fourteen years her senior.


She didn't know, but she didn't reject it.

The pink-haired kunoichi walked around the bed, approaching the man. She wrapped her arms around his neck, laying her head on his chest and smiling. Hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

"I love you, Kakashi.."

"I love me too."

"Ugh, dick-head…"