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Walking out of the door of NCIS, Ziva felt a pair of eyes on her. She had felt that someone was watching her all day.

The day was finally over. Paperwork was not her favorite thing to do but it was better than - some other things.

She felt someone behind her, but it was too late.

Who could ha…ohh…

Driving home Tony felt a weird feeling wash over him. Something was wrong. His first reaction was to call Ziva, but he remembered she was on a date. He quickly drove home and started to watch a movie to calm his nerves. But he knew something was wrong.

He decided he should just call Ziva. When he did, she didn't pick up, which was odd since she always did, it just strengthened his resolve.

She could hear a bell in the background, but otherwise she was clueless as to where she was. Everything was really bright. God, my head is killing me. What happened? Amzi.

"Thinking about me, my pet?" Amzi said through the light.

It was obvious now that she was in an interrogation (a.k.a. torture) room. The bright lamp forced in her face. Cliché.

"A little cliché, don't you think Amzi?" Ziva said with contempt in her voice

"I wanted you to feel comfortable. After all you made me feel so welcome into Mossad all those years ago, I wanted to do the same for you."

"Why am I here Amzi? I heard you left Mossad."

"Left? HA! You don't leave Mossad. You know that. I get left behind."

Shit. What do I do? Calm down Tony. She is on a date, she is probably just busy. Weirdly that thought got him even more upset. She should have answered. It is Ziva after all. Maybe she got the call and just didn't pick up the phone because it was me who was calling…

With that thought shaken out of Tony's head, he called Ziva a third time.

Holding Ziva's phone in his hand, Amzi muttered, "Who is this Tony? Your new boyfriend? Isn't that sweet, to make your cover believable you got an NCIS boyfriend, and you said I was cliché!"

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