Hi guys. So this took me forever, but I care about you guys so here I am. This chapter is a little more racy. It has curse words and sex (not really graphic). Anyway, this is, you know, what my sick mind conjured up. I am kinda getting into to a little Gabby, just for fun, but main is just Tiva.

Chapter V

"Abs…" Gibbs said in a tone that was a clear warning for her to get to the point.

"It's not that we don't have anything, it's just not gonna help us find Ziva. The phone is a burn phone. If I had the actual phone I could get the ID and tell you who bought it, but without that…"

Gibbs and Tony were walking out the door, past McGee who, as usual, was typing frantically on his laptop, next to Abby.

"Boss…" McGee called as the elevator doors opened.

Tony ran back into the lab with Gibbs trailing behind him.

"What Probie?"

"This guy turned off the phone so we can't even tell where the phone is, and it doesn't have a GPS chip in it so…"


"Right… Uhh, I was able to isolate the cell towers that relayed the texts." McGee said triumphantly.

"So you know where she is?" Tony said so happy he could kiss the probie.

"Well, not exactly."

"What do you mean 'not exactly'?" Tony said pissed off enough to shoot the probie.

"Well I have narrowed it down to about … 67 square miles in the middle of nowhere Virginia," McGee said defeated.

"Great probie," Tony bit off sarcastically. "We will just send you out there to start the search."

"You betrayed Mossad, Amzi. Selling to Hamas. You thought you could just get away with it," Ziva said spitting blood out of her mouth.

"But I didn't Ziva! Look at what my 'doting wife' left me," Amzi said lifting up his shirt revealing large 3rd degree burns. "Fuck you, fuck your father, fuck Mossad, and fuck your whore of a sister."

At this Ziva stood up swinging her medal laden hands at Amzi's revealed stomach, knocking the breath out of him. If she had been looking to get away, now was her chance. He was down and out for the count, but she was blinded by anger. She started kicking him wherever she could: in the stomach, head, legs, arms, and ass.

She didn't last long. Being cut open and burned alive takes a lot out of a person, even a crazy ninja chick. She passed out, and Amzi got up more pissed off than ever. He took her chains and chained her up to the wall and her feet to the floor. Looking at her unconscious form he remembered how he fell in love with her.


She is just sitting there. Drinking her tea, ever so slowly licking her lips. I have to go over there. She is beautiful.

Walking over to her, her napkin fell on the ground. I picked it up and handed it to her.

"I believe you dropped this."

She looked up with those eyes, chocolate pools.

"Toda… Do I know you from somewhere you seem awfully familiar."

"Maybe," I say, smoothly sitting down. "Do you work at Mossad? I am a field agent."

"Of course! I am a secretary there. Just getting in some caffeine before the day," she said picking up her tea. "Can I get you something?"

Later that day…

"OH MY GOD! AMZI!" she said groaning, riding off the waves of her orgasm.

They were both lying on his bed. They go together after work and decided for a different type of dessert after dinner.

She was amazing. The way she moved…the way she screamed his name…the way she…wow.

End Flashback


He was just staring at her lifeless form, wondering if she was still…amazing.

Then she woke up with a start.

He was still staring at her, not really in the room, but somewhere else.

"See something you like Amzi?" Ziva said hoarsely.

"Wha…I was just thinking about our first date, and how delicious our dessert was," he said with a suggestive look in his eye. "Do you remember?"

"How could I forget? You were the worst I have ever had," she said spitting at him.

"Well then I guess we will have to change your mind. Won't we…" Amzi said picking up his knife, and unbuckling his belt.

"Abby? Abby? Are you down here?" Tony said walking through her lab.

"Yeah," she sniffled from under her desk. "I'm down here."

"What are you doing down there Abby?"

"My computer came unplugged, but I got it up and running now," she said trying to stand up and put on a smile. "So don't worry Tony. I am going to help you find her. So you can tell her."

"Tell her? Tell her what?" Tony said thoroughly confused.

"Come on Tony. I know you love her. Hell, everyone, except, of course, you and Ziva, know you guys love each other."

"Uhhh…," but before he could get a word in Gibbs walked in, looking none to happy.

"Abby, we got an e-mail from Amzi ??, about Ziva."

"We got his name? Where," said Tony.

"Deputy Director David sent over 15 names that had reasons to attack Mossad through the David family. They are all dead."

There was a quiet, confused pause in the room.

"But McGee found that a guy, who looks exactly like this Amzi, recently entered the United States, right?" said Abby, finally linking everything together.

Gibbs made a slight nod. "The picture Abs."

"Right," said Abby trying to mentally prepa.. "Oh my…"

"Abby, I need to know where he took this photo," said a stony Gibbs.

The picture that had appeared on the plasma screen showed Ziva bruised, bloodied, and broken. Underneath the image was the text: 'It was good for her too.'

Abby couldn't do it. She collapsed into Gibbs, who looked like he broke a little when Abby touched him.

"We don't know what he means, Abby. And the only way we can get to her, is through you," he said using his hand to smooth out her hair. "I need you to look at the picture, Abs."

She left him and wiped away her tears.

"Tony. Go up and help McGee track this guy down!"

"Yeah… right. Boss," Tony said slowly, not taking his eyes off of the broken Ziva.

DUN DUN DUN! Okay. See you guys soon. I hope this wasn't that bad. Remember: It has to get darker before it gets lighter.