Raises hand I have returned! After a long absence here on I've decided to try my hand again at SBK fanfiction. I'm also dedicating this story to my friend, Tiff (also known as Ekichi) who has retired from writing. Anyway, enjoy the story!

A Race Taken Too Far

It was a sunny day at the Big Snowman snowboarding course, yet the wind was as cold as a freezer having it's setting being higher than its recommendation. Many people were dotted around the mountain skiing, sledding or snowboarding around. Some kids were playing in the soft mounds of snow, found on the sidelines of the course.

But meanwhile, a group of five kids had just arrived on the mountain taking the ski lift. They were known as the Snowboard Kids. "Alright! The weathers perfect today!" Exclaimed Jam, a black kid dressed in a white snow jacket and wearing blue boots and had his hair in dreadlocks. "The snow seems to be nice and solid, perfect for snowboarding." Announced Nancy. She had blonde hair and was dressed in a pink bunny suit. "I suggest we have a race, test out the fresh snow. And I can break Slash's nose while I'm at it!" Bragged Linda, a girl with red hair tied into two pigtails and wore a red bikini top and a pair of leopard print pants. "Not if I break yours first!" Shouted Slash, he had his raven black hair spiked up and wore a black snow suit. "If we are going to have a race," said Nancy, "I'd better have a practice run on the course. I haven't been to Big Snowman in a while." The blonde picked up her board and headed over to the starting line. Soon, she was off.

"Should we have a party race?" asked Linda, "So that's four people. It'll be me, Slash, and… Jam, will you be racing too?" "Heck yeah, I will!" Jam said. "I need to work on my tricks. That huge jump after the turn with the cliff will be the perfect place to pull off my Spinning Moon!" "How about you Tommy?" Linda turned to a rather chubby looking boy wearing a green coat and beanie. "I donth thinkth fo" Tommy mumbled, while munching on a hamburger. "What?" Both Linda and Jam asked. Tommy swallowed his food and repeated. "I don't think so. Last time I raced here, I took a turn too late, and I smashed my nose on a tree branch. I had just gotten my nose bandage taken off, and then I had to get it put back on thanks to that accident." Tommy wailed. "Guess it'll be Nancy then." Jam sighed. "Well I'll go give my board a polish then." Jam headed off to do just that. Slash turned to Linda. "Say, Linda. Maybe you and I could have a little bet with our race." Slash said slyly to her. This had caught Linda's interest. She then turned to face Slash. "What kind of bet?" She asked with curiosity. "I don't know, maybe who ever beats the other, they would get the loser's most prized board?" Slash replied. Now Linda was intrigued. "Hmm. Okay, your on! You beat me, you get my Feather Board. I beat you, I get your Star Board." Said Linda. Slash nodded in agreement and then they shook hands to make the wager official.

Both turned and head over to where their snowboarding gear was. With thoughts of triumphing over their opponent filling their minds.