Title – A Girl and Her Wolf

Author – Ms.WritingFantasy

Disclaimer – The characters in the story belong to J. K. Rowling, not me.

Summary – After the fall of the Dark Lord, Pansy's seventh year at Hogwarts is going terrible. On top of the way everyone has been treating the Slytherin's, the werewolf is the DADA teacher again, and he's got an infuriating smile.

A/N – This doesn't take the 6th or 7th book into consideration, so just toss what you know out the window.

"Mother Father, please, I would prefer a private tutor. Millicent's parents got her a private tutor, and it's only for one year." Pansy pleaded desperately with her parents.

"Hush, Pansy. You will return to Hogwarts for your last year. Do you want the Parkinsons to be seen as too cowardly to return? They'll for sure know that we sided with the Dark Lord." Her father chided her sternly.

"You're father is right. It would seem suspicious if you didn't return to Hogwarts. Besides, Draco, Gregory, and Vincent are returning. If they are returning then you should be well protected." Her mother chimed in a little less harsh than her father.

Pansy ignored the urge to sigh that rose in her throat. Her parents had made up their minds, and as much as it killed her to admit it, she wouldn't be able to convince them otherwise.

"I understand." She replied quietly.

Her parents shared a quick happy look.

"Wonderful. Now go to your room and sort through everything you wish to take. I'll send a house elf up shortly to help you pack." Her father said.

And with that, she knew she had been excused.

Pansy nodded and left her parents presence without another word.

Pansy sat, with her ankles crossed, staring out the window of the Hogwarts Express. It was easy to pick out those that were in her house. They stuck out painfully obvious with their cold guarded faces and their dark circled eyes that came from the lack of sleep. The stress that lined their faces was evident, or perhaps she was so accustomed to seeing the same look stare back at her every time she passed a mirror that it simply came naturally for her to pick the faces out of the crowd. The faces disappeared quickly into the train, just as she had done. There were far too many people that stopped in their tracks whenever one of them passed by…just staring. A few whispered amongst themselves, but most just stared at them as if they were some sort of side show.

Pansy sighed and readjusted herself so she could lean onto the palm of her hand as she stared outside. Not very lady-like, but it wasn't as if her parents were there to scold her. At least that was one reasonably okay thing about being away at Hogwarts, her parents couldn't constantly upbraid her about not behaving the way they though a young lady should.

That's not to say that Pansy didn't have manners. Oh no, she was no muggle. She had had a proper upbringing, and she made sure that everything about her gave off that exact impression.

"Oi! I think I found an empty compartment!" Pansy's neck hair stood on ends at the familiar but not friendly voice.

Red hair appeared in the door way of her compartment, and she tensed. Not even seconds the rest of the Golden Trio appeared beside the youngest male of the Weasley clan.

"Oh bugger, never mind." Ron said upon seeing Pansy.

The tension was thick. Pansy hadn't seen the Golden Trio since the end of their sixth year when a list of likely Death Eater's had reached their hands. Pansy's parents had been, correctly, accused, but managed to bribe their way out of an Azkaban sentencing.

"Sorry, we thought this compartment was empty." Harry said politely.

Pansy could hear her heart beating loudly in her chest. Damn him. She thought angrily. She wanted nothing more than to curse him. Curse him for every hardship that had befallen her family over the summer. So many people from the Ministry had searched her house numerous times, trying to find any evidence that they had been associated with the Dark Lord. They, of course, found nothing. The Parkinsons were not stupid. They did not leave dark objects out in the open. No, they had special places to hide valued objects.

"Well," Pansy ground out as even as possible. ", as you can see, it's not. I'm waiting for other people to arrive, so if you would kindly find somewhere else to sit, I would be grateful."

Hermione looked generally surprised by Pansy's polite tone. "Of course," She said grabbing Ron and Harry by the arm. "Sorry to bother you."

She pulled them out of the compartment and they started down the hall, but their last words as the walked away still managed to find their way into Pansy's ears.

"That was bloody weird. Why was she so polite?"

"Hush, Ron. Perhaps she's changed."

Pansy ground her teeth, furious with herself. Why hadn't she cursed them or at the very least slammed the door in their faces? Anything to show that she wasn't them that they were still beneath her. No matter how often Daily Prophet dribbled on about equality and accepting the muggle borns into the wizarding world, Pansy would not stoop to the level of a muggle born. She was Pansy Parkinson. A pure blood. And nothing, nothing, was going to change that.

"Pansy? I thought we had agreed to wait for each other by the train entrance."

Pansy snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of her best friend's voice.

Draco stood in the doorway; the same tired look that she and every other Slytherin wore lined his face.

"I'm sorry. I just…got tired of them all staring." Pansy said dropping her voice to a whisper.

A pained expression passed across Draco's face. "I understand. It was quite a hassle just to get to the train. We probably wouldn't have been able to push through the crowd if we had walked together."

Draco levitated his trunk into the compartment and then took a seat across from Pansy.

"Where are Crabbe and Goyle?" Pansy asked after a few minutes had passed.

Draco sighed. "They got private tutors at the last minute."

Pansy's jaw dropped; her mother would have scolded her for such a low born gesture.

"They what? Both of them?" Pansy asked.

"Yes both of them. Ever since Goyle's father died, his mother has been very compliant. And, Crabbe refused to come without Goyle, so they both got the same tutor. They're going to just have lessons together."

"But…hardly anyone is coming back. Draco, what would happen if there aren't enough Slytherins this year?"

Draco bit his bottom lip as the train pulled to life and started off down the track.

"I honestly don't know."

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. This isn't intended to be a romance story. There might be smatterings of DM/PP but nothing to heavy. I might just MIGHT turn it into a romance later down the line after graduation, but most likely not before then. Much Love!