Well, usually I'm more into reading than actually writing, but that's mainly because I've never actually tried writing fanfics before. Anyhoo, one of my good friends is going through a bit of a situation with her best friend, and it totally gave me the loliver heeby jeebies, so this is based on what she is actually going through right now, but is also a tasty morsel of what my life is like. Hope you enjoy.

Have you ever felt like you are just doomed to wander the earth alone forever? Honestly asked yourself the question over and over, "What is so wrong with me?"

I know I have.

I mean, it's not like I'm butt ugly. It's not like I have a personality defect. I'm a little quirky in my own way, but that doesn't mean that I'm utterly repulsive. Someone, somewhere, must have an attraction to girls who like skateboarding and indie rock music and contact lenses.

And no matter how many times that your best friend, in my case, Miley, assures you that you are perfectly fine, that you are so unique that it will take someone just as unique to have your heart, you can't help but feel a little lonely. You just want to feel loved.

And what would Miley know, anyway? The one guy she truly fell for, the egomaniacal Jake Ryan, well what do you know, he turned out to love her back. And we all know what a success story that turned out to be. But at least she got the guy. Perfect teen movie cliché. It makes me want to vomit.

My other best friend, Oliver, hasn't really had much success with the opposite sex either. I mean, he went on a few dates with Becca Weller, but that just fizzled out. Same thing happened with Sarah. I think he's a lot like me. You think you really like someone, but then you start to date them and you realise that you have very little in common and they actually bore you to death. Then you spend the next two weeks trying to figure out how to dump them, but before you get to that point, they bring up the fact of how distant you've been and how they don't think it's working out. So there you are again.




Screw being unique. I don't think I'm really all that special. I mean, I have mediocre grades, I'm somewhat talented at sports, a bit more so in skateboarding. I am really close to the friends I do have, but put me in a room with people who I know will judge me on the spot, and I turn into a big, fake, smiling mess. Who am I kidding, trying to act all mature to impress these people? All I really want to do is giggle and poke out my tongue and joke around like I do with Miley and Oliver.

But I won't.

Because then they'll know.

That I'm the opposite of who they think I am.

That I am Lilly.

P.S. NEED MOAR LOLIVER. Where has it gone? Everything nowadays is LOE this and NILEY that, I mean, WTF?? The Jobros aren't even characters on Hannah Montana! They did ten minutes where they played THEMSELVES. GAAAH!