Here's a little bonus vignette written by the lovely and talented waiting4morning. For those of you who don't know, omakes are those little comic shorts that you get after watching an episode of anime. Enjoy!


"So, 'kashi," Kushina said through a mouth full of ramen, eyeing the silver-haired young man on the stool beside her, "when are you going to settle down?"

Kakashi's single visible eye looked up at her over the rim of his usual book. "Settle down?"

Kushina slurped more noodles; they made a wet, smacking sound as they traveled to her mouth. "Yeah. Why don't you find a nice kunoichi and start popping out little ninja babies. How old are you? Twenty-four? You're way past due! Teuchi-niisan," she said, turning to the ramen chef wiping down the counter, "what do you say?"

"Hmm." The gray-haired chef looked Kakashi over with a critical eye. "What about Mitarashi Anko-san? She's about his age."

"Anko-san? The purple-haired, fishnet shirt one? Hmm." Kushina stirred her ramen bowl with her chopsticks, looking thoughtful, not seeming to notice that Kakakshi had gone a shade close to green at the mention of Anko. "She's kinda bitchy, for him, though. Or," she swiveled again to look at the masked jounin, "is that how you prefer them?" She gave him a signature Uzumaki grin, sharing a conspiratorial wink with Teuchi.

"I know!" Kushina raised her chopsticks in triumph. "Shizune-chan! She's a bit jumpy, but adorable, Kakashi-kun! I'm sure Tsunade-hime would approve. You seem to be on her good side, though I'm not sure how."

"Eh..." Teuchi shook his head slightly and, glancing back at his daughter Ayame, who was engrossed in mixing broth behind him, whispered something to Kushina. She drew back in surprise, eyebrows to her hairline. "That Iruka kid? Really?" She gave a blat of uproarious laughter. "That's terrific! I could definitely see that—they're practically made for each other." Kushina lifted a few more noodles to her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. "So she's off-limits... Who else? What about Yuuhi Kurenai-chan? Is she still around?"

"Well... it's not official, but word around is that she and Sarutobi Asuma-san have something going on," Teuchi said knowingly.

"Really? Gee, niisan, you're better than a bartender for local gossip!"

Teuchi chuckled. "Well, to tell you the truth..." he glanced over his shoulder, noticed Ayame had gone into the back storeroom, and continued, "I'd only been keeping tabs lately for my Ayame's sake. She'd gotten a soft spot for Iruka-san, you know with him coming here all the time to feed that kid of yours. But he never gave Ayame the time of day. Not too quick to notice what's right in front of him," he sniffed, obviously offended on his daughter's behalf. "I hope Shizune-san knows how to handle that type. Anyway, I've been trying to think of who else would take her mind off of him..."

Kushina clunked her bowl of ramen down on the counter, a grin tugging the corners of her mouth. "Teuchi-niisan, I think the answer to both our problems is right here. Kakashi-kun and Ayame-chan! It's perfect! What do you say Kakashi-kun? Kakashi?"

The silver-haired jounin was nowhere in sight.