Author: Sparta666

Title: Death of the Scoobies

Pairings: Xander & Snape Dawn & Draco Lupin & Spike

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy & Harry Potter

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Het, main cast death



Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No


Summery: The Scoobies are no more and only Dawn & Xander have survived. Now its time for them to make a new life and Xander knows just where to start.

Chapter Summery: Xander & Dawn take off in search of a new life

Authors Note:

Death of the Scoobies

Getting out of dodge

Xander rubbed his neck trying to get the kinks out of his neck as his truck headlights reflected off the dark road in front of him, glancing at the passenger beside him Xander sighed to himself.

They've really gone and done it now, I've always voiced my opinion when it came to Willow's magic and Sunnydale. Nothing good ever came out of that place we're all living proof of that. The slayers turned into a bitch, faith went bad, the hyena cursed me and sent the others mad only Kyle's left and he went down with Sunnyhell. Now Dawns starting to show sighs of dark magic from the Hellmoth.

Will's magic sent her mad twice and this time she did worse that she's ever done, it all started because Kennedy couldn't deal with willows head being so far up Buffy ass, she started to look else where for love boy was that girl horny two potentials and a watcher in training. I though that I'd seen it all, the worsted of last time but I hadn't.

By the time it was over 25 out of 70 slayers in training and 15 out of 100 Watchers in training escaped the burning hole that was the Cleveland Hellmouth. Though Buffy, Kennedy, Giles where among the dead Andrew is still MIA. That leaves me and Dawnie now, ever since Buffy named me as Dawnie guardian.

It's better for her this way, a new start and a new life. When Dawnie's Hogwarts letter arrived I was pleased Hellmoth magic is dark and repels all good in the world. It's only since we left Sunnydale that we got the true felling of the world. Wes & Giles spoke of the Wizarding world before but only Wes knew that I knew of it.

Dumbledore knew that my mother would never let me attend, so when my letter arrived so did a strange pendent. It was a Time Turner, I used it to attend Hogwarts during the summer I go back and Jessica was never any the wiser.

Now it's Dawnie's turn and she needs this, there's too much power pent up in her now and from before Glory ever came to town. So here to clean breaks for us both.

Xander sighed to himself as he fiddled with the radio until he found Rock FM, then he settled back and watched the road.