Title: Flow Morphia Slow

Author: quillian91

Summery: When the 'Candyman' fails to show up one rainy night, and Riff Raff begins to suffer withdrawal symptoms, the one he despises decides to take care of him. Riff has every reason to be wary…

Disclaimer: I do not own Rocky Horror Picture Show, nor do I own the characters featured in this Fanfiction. They are only being used for amusement and pleasure.

Riff Raff was awake. The numberless clock proved it to be a little past 4:00 am, and all he wished to do was close his eyes and fall asleep. He was certainly tired enough. However, there was little hope for rest tonight….

His bedroom was dark, the stars outside casting a slight dim glow through his dusty windows. In only a few hours, he would be forced to get up and greet the new day. He looked forward to this as much as he would a brick to the head. Perhaps even less. A brick, at least, might knock him out. In just a few hours, he would be expected to sit at the dining table and face his sister, the groupie and his Master.

The food would be intolerable, as Columbia's breakfast experiments always were, and the conversation would be unbearable. The topic would range from the massages at the spa resort, the number of times they seduced the housekeeping service at the spa resort, the fun they had at the spa resort, and the spa resort itself. The topic would be kept on the weekend trip, likely, and Magenta and Columbia would soak up the attention. Riff figured he would even join in the light chatting in order to keep the focus away from what had happened at the Castle during the weekend. Frank, he was certain, would make carefully veiled taunts about it, but otherwise, he wouldn't utter a peep.

That was one relief, Riff though dully. He didn't have to fear his Master spilling the details of they're actions. No matter how much Frank might insult or ridicule him, Riff Raff knew that his Master wasn't the sort of person to kiss and tell after sex. Not when the participant was living in his household. His Master liked to keep the peace as much as possible, and having a feud between all four members of the Castle would be make for a very noisy time. There were, of course, motivations behind his actions, as there always were, no matter how illogical they might be. If Columbia were to catch onto the fact that Frank had seduced the skulking, somber and gaunt servant, she would likely throw a fit. And Frank seemed to like her attentions too much to risk that.

However much of a relief that may have been, Riff couldn't help but worry of other things. The sex could have been forgivable in his sister's eyes, as Magenta hardly had a pure record. No. It wasn't the sex he was worried about. It could have complicated the situation, but as it was, it didn't matter. There were much more pressing concerns.

Frank knew. He knew about the drugs, about his relationship with Magenta, about everything. And he would use that to ensure he got what he wanted. Riff wouldn't even be able to stop him. There was nothing he could do but sit there and take whatever was thrown at him. It was his fault to begin with. He deserved what he got. No one had forced him to continue the drugs, just as no one had forced him to continue a relationship with his sister. Frank would hopefully see it the same way and leave Magenta out of the picture, where she would be safe. Perhaps that was wishful thinking. After all, his Master now knew the best weapon to stab him with.

Somewhere outside, an owl hooted loudly, causing Riff Raff to sigh and run a hand over his face in frustration. The nightly noises had never bother him before, but tonight was not any night. He rolled over onto his back and stared at the blank ceiling above him. He had not slept in this uncomfortable, lumpy and cold bed for three days, and he hadn't missed it a bit. His Masters bed had been amazingly comfortable and warm. One could drift off without even realizing it when wrapped in the cool silk sheets.

Insomnia was an annoyance Riff Raff frequently had to deal with. It wasn't that he was never tired; he was often dead on his feet. For whatever reason, whether it was stress, pain, or drug highs, he simply could never fall asleep at a decent hour. By the time he felt rest take him, the numberless clock would chime for him to start the day. It was not uncommon for him to go more than three days without a wink. There was a reason he was so gaunt looking.

Oh, how he longed for the restful slumber he had gotten during the weekend. Never had he woken up without his back hurting from the few loose springs in the mattress. Then again, his back had hurt for a far different reason…

Scowling, Riff tossed onto his side, pulling the worn quilt over his bare chest. He wouldn't think of this now. It was far past time to go to bed, and he was determined to rest in those few hours he had left. Soon, he would have to greet the faces he did not want to see, listen to the voices he didn't want to hear, and interact with those he didn't want to deal with.

He especially didn't want to see his beautiful sister. Magenta…He had turned her away yesterday once more, when she had visited him in his room after supper.

He had been soaking in a bath, trying once more to wash the disgusting smell of Rose oils off of him. The stench had made him feel physically ill, reminding him too much of Frank and how the man had used him so. His lower body still throbbed with every sudden motion and trying to move about the Castle without giving away his discomfort had been truly demanding. It had done little to help the aches disappear. Relaxing back into the tub had been just what he needed. The steaming water had stung against the irritated thrashes on his back, but the pain had eventually gone away, being replaced with a sinful bliss. He knew now why his Master enjoyed such luxuries. It was relaxing the cramped and overworked muscles in his body, and the heat made him feel delightfully dizzy. He had closed his eyes and let the tension ooze out while the heat filled his limbs.

He either hadn't heard her knocking, or she hadn't knocked, but the sound of her voice had startled him into nearly jumping from his skin. Water had been splashed out of the tub in alarm at the appearance of Magenta, who had stood next to him, her hypnotizing eyes full of worry. He had asked her what the problem was, and she had simply pointed at the few love bruises scattered around his collarbone, neck, and upper chest.

Riff's face had burned with mortification and horror and he had wanted the porcelain tub to open up and swallow him. He had forgotten the bruises completely. When she had bandaged his back, she had been far too shocked at the lashes to take in anything else. The room had been quite dark, being lit by a spluttering candle, and she had not seen them. Thankfully, she had thought them only normal bruises, as the skin around his ribs were tinged a dark reddish-purple from being kicked. Physical beating frequently went hand-in-hand with the whippings. The bath water had been tinged pink and not much was visible to her. But still. He had let his guard down. He should have locked the door, or noticed her entrance before she had seen the condition of his body. The concern had been clear in the way she stared at him, but the humiliation he had felt by her seeing him in that state this had bubbled over.

For the first time he could ever remember, he had shouted at her with genuine anger fueling him. He had told her to get out and don't barge into people's rooms uninvited. He his face had been a furious red, eyes narrowed and twitching from stress. Magenta had fled, slamming the door behind her as she did so, and from the hurried sound of her heels, she had left his bedroom in a hurry.

Riff Raff hated himself more than he thought possible.

He had taken his irritation and temper out on his beautiful, innocent sister when she had only been worried. For him. Her expressions of concern usually made him feel rather warm inside, but whatever he was feeling right now, it was nothing remotely warm. In fact, he felt quite hollow inside and not a little bit ill.

He had hurt his sister intentionally, something he had never, ever wanted to do. Not until he had seen her standing next to him, sparkling eyes so full of sympathy, lust, and pity, gazing at the bruises littering around his body. He snapped. What did she know of what he went through? Her life was nothing to laugh at. She could have her choice in almost any partner, whether for a night or for the rest of her life. She chose to spend it with Frank and Columbia, and occasionally himself. From the moaning he frequently heard, she wasn't discontent with her selection.

And perhaps that was what irritated him the most. She could look at his back, bandage him up, talk about what a cruel, vicious man Frank Furter was, and yet, hours later, she would be in bed with him, writhing and twisting underneath him without another thought. Fucking the man who had brutally beaten her brother and permanently disfigured his back. A show of loyalty indeed.

Riff Raff turned over once more, onto his side, unable to relax while lying on his back. Not that his side would be more comfortable, no part of the bed could be considered even remotely comfortable, but his back was quite tender still, and he did not want to irritate it further. The numberless clock proved that it was nearing 4:30, though he was unsure of the exact minute. The numbers on the old furniture had fallen off long ago, and he had never bothered to replace them.

What use was there for a clock when you could not tell if it were AM or PM? In fact, the few clocks the house had were all set at different times, and all were likely wrong. Riff chose to follow the time his own Grandfather Clock showed, as he frequently glanced at it. When the hour hand was at the general area of eleven, he knew that Frank was in the Lab, working on a new experiment.

Time meant little to nothing in the Castle. Breakfast could be served at 8:00, and Dinner only five hours later. Despite the fact that the sleeping patterns were hectic, everyone seemed to be awake at the same time, whenever that may be. Truly, There was little need for clocks in the house. The residents followed no strict schedule, and anything they repeated was more from habit than any planning. The house had very few clocks and most of the time, they were ignored. The glass in the windows blocked out sunlight, and thus, the Castle was in a state of Eternal Night, which suited the occupants just fine. Transsexual had very little sun, and even after being on Earth for two years, the bright light made his eyes sting and water.

Again, Riff tossed onto his other side. He was exhausted and all he wanted to do was to fall asleep. However, his mind was far to awake to fall into that dark state of slumber. His body was both throbbing and trembling. His lower half ached and twinged with every movement. No position seemed comfortable, and each attempt revealed even more sore muscles.

Riff Raff buried his face into his pillow, his hands gripping the fabric of the sheets and drawing them to his chin. They shook slightly, hardly noticeable, nothing more than a faint tremor. So… he was still suffering from the Withdrawal. That was… disappointing. He had expected it to be over by now, after all, Riff remembered that the effects only lasted a few days until his body grew used to being without it. By now, he should have been feeling back to normal. But he didn't.

Want still raced through his veins like boiling water; furious and bubbling. Even this second, he half expected that the empty bottle in the corner of the room might miraculously fill itself up. He ached for that sweet release more than anything right now. Longed for it like he had never longed for anything else. Particularly this moment, when everything was crumbling down around him. Those pills had given him everything that had given him worth. Magenta hadn't even been back a day, and he had already driven her away with his out of control temper. It would only get worse.

The pills would never do this to any Human. Morphine was used to relieve pain most of the time. He knew that when he had started taking it that doing so would be risky. He hadn't been too worried about it though. If there were any negative side effects, than he would immediately go to Frank for help. No matter how cruel the Man was, he would see it as an interesting challenge to save his Servant's worthless life. And truly, his Master had needed him too much to let him just die. Especially since they had just arrived on Earth and there was some safety in numbers when experimenting with the foreign culture. Loosing his Assistant and Servant would only make it harder to adjust to the planet. Even though he had been fairly certain that taking Morphine wouldn't kill him, he had been relieved when nothing harmful had come of it. And thus, he hadn't stopped.

He knew that the chances of him ever taking Morphine were slim to none. His Master knew of what had gone on, thanks to that two-timing Earthling who had thoughtlessly spoke of they're dealings. If Riff Raff had been a lesser man, he would have tracked the fool down and shown him the… error of his ways. As it was, he would be content to just try to forget any of this had ever happened.

Of course, with his Master know aware of the situation, there would be no forgetting anything. There would always be carefully worded barbs, hidden meanings behind sentences that only he would catch.

Oh he was a fool. How could he have been so convinced that he could go on like that forever? The truth had to come out eventually, and he was almost thankful that it had been Frank instead of Magenta who had discovered it. He still had no idea of how his Sister would react to it when she found out, and she would find out sooner or later. Frank, at least, was predictable…

Or he had been….

Last week, if someone had told Riff Raff that Frank would try and succeed at seducing him, He would have cut them up into ingredients for future experiments without a moment's hesitation. Now, however, things were quite different. The man had avoided touching him as if he had the plague, and now… now it seemed that Frank couldn't keep his hands off…

And what was worse: Riff Raff couldn't find it in himself to mind.

The memories of that night had been fogged somewhat by both lust and need, but he distinctly remembered the pleasure. Never before had he been touched like that, and it made his body burn for more. The bruising, rough kisses, that skillful tongue, those long fingers. Every inch of the man screamed appeal, and even before Frank had taken notice of him, Riff could deny that his Master was extremely attractive. The way the man carried himself was full of confidence. And why should he be confident? He was gorgeous and he knew it. With a smirk of his lips, Frank could get anything and anyone he wanted.

Riff Raff wanted to scream in frustration. His body was reacting to the memories, and it took all his will not to take the problem in hand, so to speak. There would be no satisfaction in doing so. All memories sex and self-pleasure seemed to pale in comparison to that night. Even the particularly wonderful times with Magenta now seemed to be lacking.

And he hated Frank for that.

He had noticed it earlier, when his Sister had been perched in his lap, teasing the skin on her chest with her sharp fingernails. The spark that was once there, the want that he felt when close to her… it had vanished, replaced with expectations that nobody, save one person, could fulfill. Least of all Magenta. Her touches echoed Frank. He couldn't have know before, but after that night, all intimate contact reminded him of his Master, who's talent was noticeably superior. Her movements were clumsy and loose, as if she was touching him because she knew that was what was expected of her. Her actions lacked any of the skill and enthusiasm that was so evident in Frank. He didn't think she didn't love him, but sex wasn't something she excelled at, and it was painfully obvious. Magenta tried, he figured, and before he had felt what pleasure one could get from sex, he had been quite content.

Now, he was anything but.

Despite the love he had for Magenta, his body craved for his Master. Even now, Riff Raff wanted to sneak up to the man's room and attempt to persuade Frank to give him a repeat performance. The reasonable, calm and collected part of himself forced him to remain curled in bed, alone and depressed. But a small part in the back of his mind was screaming for his Master and the bliss that he had experienced.

Would Frank even allow it? Would Frank deny his servant if he were to show up at the Curtain that separated the bedroom from the lab? One would think that the offer of willing sex would be taken advantage of, but his Master always had a hidden agenda. If denying him were part of some plan, than any attempt, even going so far as to jump the man during his bath, would be turned down.

Riff turned onto his side once more, gritting his teeth in frustration. He was determined to make the most of the next few hours by getting some much-needed rest. His body was aching something fierce and kneeling on the ground sorting all the out-of-order papers hadn't helped at all. If he couldn't relax and let his body heal itself, he would be in pain for days. As it was, his back was becoming even worse from constantly being shoved against mattresses and walls and shelves.

The bandages around him were too tight and sloppily done. He would need to re-do them before he went down to breakfast. Perhaps he would stuff the rags into his tailcoat this time, as his Master usually made him. It may offer some protection for the mottled, scarred skin. However, he wasn't looking forward to that any more than the wounds opening again. A pile of rags wouldn't seem heavy, but when carrying them on ones shoulders for hours at a time cause once back to throb at the end of the day.

Riff Raff had seen himself, truly seen himself, after he had gotten out of the tub. The Full-length mirror was cracked in a few places, but his reflection was clear enough to see the extent of the damage. He had been horrified at what he had seen, but not surprised. It was just as bad as he had imagined. Worse, even. The skin was lashed beyond recognition, net even resembling skin anymore. More like red, inflamed tissue. The whip had cut in deeply, pulling flesh out mercilessly. There were small patches where the whip hadn't gotten him, but they were drowned out by the furious marks that criss-crossed his back and shoulders. They had only gotten worse from the constant abuse on them since the punishment. Frank hadn't seemed to mind if he further cut the skin when he had been snipping the bandages. Hours of being roughed against the silk sheets of his Masters bed had only further agonized the lashes.

His back hadn't been the part of him injured, although it had been the worst. His torso was littered with bruises, both from the beating and from that night. A large, ugly looking bruise stood out on his throbbing ribs from where the platform shoes had repeatedly kicked him. It was lucky that nothing had been broken. The last time that had happened, working around the Castle had been almost unbearable. Small love bites littered his neck and chest and thighs, as well as nail marks from where fingers had dug into his hips. And the bruising on the inside of his legs had been rather terrible looking as well.

He had stared into the mirror for a long time, taking in the evidence of the last few days. The bruises would fade eventually, and the tenderness in his ribs would disappear in time. His back was hardly ever exposed, and for once, he was grateful for his dark tailcoat. The fabric would cover up the damage well enough and no one would be the wiser.


The love-bites were something he looked at, dare he think it, almost…fondly. They were proof of what had happened; proof that the mind-blowing night hadn't been a dream. He didn't mind them much. They didn't hurt and the small marks paled in comparison to the rest of his injuries. Seeing them reminded him of his Master sucking and nibbling his skin all over with such dedication. It was enough to make him aroused just thinking of it.

A glance at the clock showed him that his precious alone time was running out. Oh how he dreaded facing them all. Hearing Columbia's bubbly chattering and Frank's smooth, amused tones, and the heavy flirting that went between Magenta and the others. It was sickening. He rarely spoke at mealtimes, and only when spoken to. The topics they spoke of held no importance or contained anything he might find fascinating. There was never at discussion of science or even of his Master's work, except for planning on what they would do with Rocky once he was finished. That conversation always put him off his food and he left the table more often than not once anything sex related began. If he were anyone else, they would have asked him to stay and chat with them. As it was, they cared little if he even came down to eat. For all his silence, he might as well not even be there.

In just a few hours, the household would be up and about, and he would be expected to join them. Garters, had time gone so quickly? It seemed only a second ago that he had first crawled into bed.

The dark peaceful stillness that had enveloped him was suddenly broken by a loud, masculine moaning sound that echoed from down the hall, low and heated. A number of squeaks followed, obviously from someone shifting on a spring mattress. Riff Raff clenched his fists and bit his tongue in a sudden furious rage. It was quite apparent what was going on. They were at it again. He should have been expecting it. It was the first night back for Columbia and Magenta after being away for the extended weekend. Frank would be seeking female companionship, and the two girls never denied him. The gasps and lust-filled cries had been on and off all night, sometimes for an hour and sometimes for only 10 minutes. His Master had an incredible stamina, and he made sure his frequent partners had enough practice to keep up with him. Riff had the throbbing aches in his lower body to remind him of just how hard it was to keep up. Not that he had much practice, of course. Magenta always said she liked going straight to the sex, and that never took long…

He frowned at that. Was that how it was supposed to be? His mind brought forward the hazy memories of his Sex-ed classes that had been required in school. He had never paid much attention during those classes. His interests had been in the science department, and at the time, he had been sure he would never need to know more than the basics in the intimate department. They classes mostly seemed to focus on the foreplay as being the most important part of sex, rather than the actual act itself. Anyone could have sex, they had drilled, but few could make it excellent. Magenta had told him that she never cared for foreplay, and so he had stopped paying attention.

However, now that he thought about it, Frank tended to take foreplay to the extremes, subjecting his partners into an agonizing lusting urgency. Magenta was no exception to this, and he had walked in on the two far too much to be deluded to the fact that she enjoyed it. And if the sighs he heard earlier were to be taken at face value, than she didn't just enjoy it… she loved it.

Riff Raff shook his head and turned onto his other side, trying to find a comfortable position to curl into. His mind was running away with him. Perhaps it was just exhaustion causing him to be this paranoid. Paranoia wasn't uncommon for him, and it was usually justified, but he had never held much suspicion for his sister.

A sharp passion-filled cry floated through his door, muffled from the distance but clear enough that he was left with little doubt as to what was happening down the hall. So, they had left the door open this time. Or rather, Frank had. It was to be a punishment, and as much as Riff hated to admit it, it was working quite well. The man knew know what his weakness was and it was obvious that he would be taking advantage of it to the fullest. Even the last brutal whipping didn't hurt as much as this did.

He flipped himself onto his stomach and tried to smother his face into his pillow, wishing the pillow would swallow him whole so he wouldn't have to hear anymore of this. He had heard enough to last him and lifetime and then some. Riff tried to shove all these thoughts to the back of his mind. It was no use getting worked up. All the feelings in the world would change nothing. No matter what he felt, Frank would still be in the shared room down the hall… fucking his Sister…

To know that his Master had his hands all over Magenta made him fume. To know that Magenta wasn't only enjoying it, but encouraging it, made him seethe. But… knowing that he would likely never again get the same pleasure that he had the night before…. That made him both enraged and… strangely miserable.

And this… this made him positively livid.

He hated Frank, more than he ever thought possible. He hated that the man could get anything he wanted. He hated the frequent beatings. He hated the verbal abuse he got daily. He hated that the man was screwing Magenta. And most of all, Riff hated that he wanted Frank.

He wanted him so very, very badly. It was as if that one brief taste gave his previously Black and White world Color. Never before had he experience something so real and surreal at the same time. The mixture of passion and hunger than he had experienced had opened his eyes to what sex was truly supposed to be. He didn't suffer from his Withdrawal much anymore, but he was longing for something even more out of reach. Riff had a feeling that Frank would go back to how he had acted before the weekend. His stomach clenched painfully.

Another familiar heated whine slipped into the room, frantic and repeating as the owner drew closer to release. He knew exactly who that owner was. Riff Raff gritted his teeth and turned onto his side, pulling the pillow over his ear to try to block out the noise. It continued, louder and louder, agonizing and hungry from whatever Frank was doing to her. He could imagine what was going on in the shared room down the hall. Columbia would be already finished; lying on the bed panting while his Master turned his attentions to Magenta.

Riff Raff twitched and took a deep breath as he heard the squeaking of the bed pick up pace, rapid with lust and hunger. His nails dug into his palms as he balled his hands up into fists. Pleading cries were slipping from his Sister down the hallway as she was nearing the rush. His Master apparently wanted to make this as tormenting as possible. He rolled over onto his other side, shoving his finger into his ears to try to block out the noise. He gritted his teeth tightly, glaring at the other side of the darkened room with a seething hatred. Plugging his ears did next nothing. He could still hear it.

A final, long, drawn out moan echoed throughout the Castle, and then all fell silent.

There was a coppery taste in his mouth and he realized that he had accidentally bitten his tongue. Ignoring it, he brought his hands down onto his pillow, fisting his fingers into the fabric. Although there was no one around to see him, Riff quickly schooled his featured into a blank, almost bored, expression.

The house was completely silent except for the quiet ticking of his numberless clock. Magenta and Columbia would be quite worn out now, and likely sore from the last few hours. Frank would be able to go a few more rounds, however, he would let his companions have a chance to rest before he started once more. The night was not over yet, nor was the punishment. Riff wondered for a moment if his Master had intended for his Servant to be reacting like this. Perhaps it had been all planned out and perhaps not. Who was to say when it came to Frank? As predictable as he could be, he did have his shocking moments. The last few days were all shocking, and his mind seemed to have trouble keeping up with each surprise. Hopefully, the Castle would go back to normal now that Magenta and Columbia were back.

As normal as this household could be, at least. It wouldn't be the same ever again, and Riff knew that as well as Frank. His Master would never let this weekend go. The taunts and teasing would continue until Frank either grew bored or found something new to mock him about. And Riff… Riff wouldn't be able to look at Frank without remembering tonight.

And that was perhaps the worst part about all this. Every time he would see his Master, his mind would flash to what those slender fingers were capable of. Even if Frank never mentioned this weekend again, Riff wouldn't be able to forget it. The thought both relieved him and tortured him.

On one hand, he wanted so badly to relieve That Night. Never before had he felt like that. So free and careless and out of control that it had left his head spinning. For once, he could see why school focused on Sex-Ed and why Frank did what he did. The appeal of being both in and out of control at the same time was intoxicating. A feeling he longed to feel once more.

On the other hand, that was exactly what he didn't want. Once again, He longed for something that he couldn't have. He was at the mercy of someone who would just as soon as whip him than glance at him. Riff hated being at someone else's mercy, just as much as he hated Frank.

He hated Frank more than he ever though possible.

Riff Raff glanced at the numberless clock. His eye twitched in irritation. In just a few hours, he would have to act as if nothing had ever happened, as if he hadn't heard his Master fucking his Sister all night. As if he hadn't been fucked by Frank the other night. Easier said than done, but the three other occupants of the house would hopefully be so consumed in talking of the Spa trip that he would be able to go unnoticed.

He sighed as he pushed himself up into a sitting position, adjusting his pillows so that he could prop himself on them. His slightly shaking hands reached out for the matches he kept on his bedside table and with a spark, a flame flared to life. Lighting a solitary candle, he took one of his books on Earth Science and opened it to a marked page.

There would be no more sleep tonight. The only comfort would be that the others would hardly get any sleep as well. If he was correct, Frank would wake Magenta and Columbia up in another hour to have one more shag before finally sleeping. Riff hoped this meant that they would be sleeping in and he could avoid facing them a while longer. Even so, he would find no rest tonight. His body and mind were exhausted, but there was no hope for him to drift off. He would regret it come tomorrow, when he would be dead on his feet.

He was only skimming the words on the page, his mind elsewhere entirely. It was only a matter of time until Frank would rouse his companions for another session, this time louder and more agonizing than all the rest. He would want to end it with a bang, so that his Servant wouldn't forget it. And Riff wouldn't. There was little chance of that. Frank's brilliant plan had worked just as it should have.

The book would only hold his attention for so long, and it would be even more difficult to read once they started again. As fascinating as Human Sciences were, the process behind Technology Advancements were hardly stimulating enough to drown out the lusting cries from the other three members of the house.

Riff would try, though, as he always did on nights such as these. It was hardly worth it, for all the good it did. Perhaps this time he would try to occupy himself with something different. Few things came to mind as something that would be able to keep up with his racing mind…

An hour later, when the occupants of the Castle woke up and continued where they had left off, Riff Raff was pacing.

The End.

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