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Epilogue: New Year, Beginning of a New Eternity

Everything in the world is exactly as we left it. And there doesn't seem to be any distortions whatsoever. It may have had something to do with the Grand Order, but, as we wished, everything remained, both good and bad.

Yuji watched as a Torch passed by him. On either side of the Mystes of the Reiji Maigo were Shana and Hecate. The Flame Haze wore a red kimono with a yellow and orange phoenix pattern, and was tied with a black sash; while the Crimson Lord wore a blue kimono with a white sash and was patterned with white lotuses. Hecate had once again taken the form of the late Konoe Fumina, with the main reason being to honor her memory. Yuji himself wore a plain gray kimono.

He looked at Shana, realizing how pretty she was in her kimono. He quickly looked away blushing when she looked back at him.

The evil things may still be here, but as Shana said, we can conquer them. I'm just glad that nothing was disturbed because of our battle. No one even noticed that we had disappeared.

"Sakai, on your way to the shrine?" Ike said, meeting with the Mystes and the girls by chance. The human boy was accompanied by Fujita, who was in a brown kimono.

"Yeah. You?" Yuji responded.

"We were just there," Ike said. "Good to see you back in one piece," he added in a whisper. Apparently, only Ike had noticed their disappearance, since he knew their secret.

He noticed someone behind his Mystes friend. It was Yoshida Kazumi, wearing a yellow kimono with a light brown sash. She smiles sweetly and shyly.

But for once, it was not directed at Yuji.

Fujita frowned at Kazumi and clung to Ike's arm, surprising him. Yuji, Shana and Hecate chuckled.

"Looks like it's your turn Ike," Yuji said, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Good luck man."

He, Shana and Hecate continued on, leaving Ike, Fujita and Kazumi behind.

"S-Sakai?" Ike said a hint of worry in his tone.

Elsewhere, the other companions celebrated the New Year in their own way. In Konoe's mansion, Margery threw a small party that Kantaro, Chigusa (with Yumiko), Wilhelmina, Sydonay, Dantalion, Johan, Pheles, and of course, Keisaku had attended. The Chanter of Elegies once again found herself losing to the Thousand Changes in a drinking game, while Wilhelmina passed out after the first bottle. Eita and Ogata spent their time alone together someplace else. But Khamsin, Leanan-sidhe and Lorelei had decided to prepare for a journey that they would be taking soon.

As for the former members of Bal Masque, they, like Yuji, had been given a second chance and were spared. Most of them left the city, while others remained. These Denizens decided to stay with the new neutral faction that was forming, either because they needed the protection of a group or they had also grown tired of the fighting as well.

Finally, the mysterious being that had slain Beol Peol. His whereabouts were unknown, but there would be a news report later that day of a ghost seen leaving the city.

When Yuji, Shana and Hecate prayed at the shrine, they wished for peace between the worlds, a true peace that would last ages, if not forever. As they left, the girls held hands with Yuji.

The Mystes smiled and looked up to the sky.

Who knows where we will go from here on, but as long as I have Shana and Hecate by my side, we can go through anything. We can build a world of peace, harmony and love that can last for eternity.

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