Chapter 9

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Present Day. Bullock's Office.

Jason Todd shuddered as he finished his story; he ran a shaking had through his dark hair trying to calm down.

Gordon turned to the page on the statement transcript and what Todd said matched. "That's what you said here in your statement. You saw a tall, slim guy in a purple trench coat with a white face and green hair."

"Gimme a minute." Todd said, still trying to calm down.

"I don't have a minute." Gordon replied forcefully. "Are you saying you saw the Joker last night? You told the DA you didn't know who it was."

"There had to be chemicals on that boat." Todd said certainly.

"Stop stalling, Jason!" Gordon said pointing an accusing finger at the cripple.

"I'm not stalling!" Todd said tensely.

"Yes you are!" Gordon said, poking Todd's chest.

"Stop that!" Todd said angrily swatting away Gordon's hand. The crippled thief tried to stand up but Gordon pushed him back into the chair.

"You know what I'm talking about, Jason!" Gordon said angrily.

"No I don't!" Todd answered, equally angry.

"YES YOU DO! THE TRUTH!" Gordon yelled. "Tell me that you saw somebody kill Two Face!"

"I did!" Todd said emphatically.

"YOU'RE LYING TO ME!" Gordon yelled accusingly.

"I AM NOT LYING!" Todd yelled back.

"You've known! You've known this whole fucking time!" Gordon said getting right in Todd's face.

"I don't know what you're talking about! I did see Harvey get shot, I swear to God!" Todd said desperately.

"Then why didn't you help him? You were his friend and you had a gun. Why didn't you help him?" Gordon asked.

The question caused Todd to hang his head in shame. "Because I was scared."

"Scared of what?" Gordon asked.

"I saw him, Lieutenant!" Todd said, desperately trying to get Gordon to understand. "I saw the white face, the green hair and that God-awful laugh. I couldn't move, I couldn't think let alone use the gun."

"But Two Face…" Gordon started to say, but Todd interrupted.

"It was the Joker, Lieutenant Gordon! I didn't get a good look at his face, but I knew it was him. It was the Joker, Satan himself! How the hell do you shoot Satan in the back? And what do you think he'd do to you if you miss him?" Todd asked, holding up his prosthetic hand.

Gordon could tell that Todd was being sincere and he backed off. "All right. You say that's what you saw, I believe you. But there's something else you need to know."

"What?" Todd asked, slumping in his chair.

"You ever heard of Hugo Strange?" Gordon asked, pulling out another file.

"Who?" Todd asked, not know who that was or what he had to do with anything.

"He was a criminal psychologist and blackmailer." Gordon said, reading through the file. "In order to avoid prison, he swore out a statement to the DA that he had seen and could positively identify the Joker. He said he had intimate knowledge of his business including robbery, drug trafficking, loan sharking, prostitution, and murder. Rupert Thorne had kidnapped Strange to get the information out of him."

"I've never heard of him." Todd said, still confused.

"Did you know that Sal Marone was once the protégé of Carmine Falcone?" Gordon asked.

"No. What's all this about?" Todd asked, getting totally lost.

"Falcone was like a father to Marone. Apparently, he was one of the few survivors of the Joker's reign of terror on Falcone's empire. He's had control over all of Falcone's old territory for a long time. Which is probably why he was there last night." Gordon said, turning a page in the file.

"I don't understand." Todd said, shaking his head.

"There were no chemicals on that boat." Gordon explained. "The only thing on that boat was Hugo Strange."

"Who is this guy you're talking about? I've never heard of him." Todd asked, getting annoyed.

"You've never heard of him, but Two Face had." Gordon said, getting a surprised look from Todd. "Rachel Dawes was called in to advise on the criminal investigation of Professor Strange. She knew who he was and what he knew."

"I don't understand where any of this is going!" Todd said exasperatedly.

"There were no chemicals on that boat. That's not what Marone wanted to buy. He brought all that money to buy Hugo Strange, the one guy who could identify the Joker. Once he knew who the Joker was, Marone could take revenge for his mentor's murder. Joker had to stop that from happening so he picked out some guys he knew he could march into curtain death. Your mission to the harbor wasn't to destroy drugs, it was a suicide mission to kill the one guy who could incriminate the Joker." Gordon explained.

"So… you're saying the Joker sent us there to kill this Strange guy?" Todd asked, trying to understand.

"No, I'm saying Two Face did." Gordon said.

"Huh?" Todd asked, once again totally lost.

"Jason, Two Face left you behind for a reason." Gordon said leaning against the desk. "You remember the files Cunningham gave you? If you all knew the Joker had that much access to you guys, if he could find you anywhere, why did he give you the money to run? Don't you think he could've used your help on the boat?"

"He… He wanted me to live." Todd said, defensively.

"A psychotic crime lord without a loyalty in the world finds it in his heart to save a worthless cripple who for all he knows could rat him out? Don't think so. So why?" Gordon said, pressing the point.

"Be… because of Rachel." Todd said, after thinking a second.

"Please don't give me that again. I don't believe that reform story for a minute. And even if I did, there's no way in hell he'd send you to protect her. So why?" Gordon asked again.

Todd wracked his brain, he didn't know what Gordon wanted him to say. He finally choked out, "Because he was my friend!"

"No, Jason. He wasn't your friend. Two Face didn't have friends. He saved you because he wanted it that way. It was his will!" Gordon said, shaking his head. Then he dropped the bombshell. "Two Face was the Joker!"

"What?!" Todd asked, stunned at Gordon's statement.

"He was the Joker!" Gordon said. "The kind of man who could manipulate the wills of other people like Riddler or Penguin! The kind of man who could engineer a police line up with all his years of connections in Gotham PD! The kind of man who could've killed Rachel Dawes!"

Todd's breath caught in his throat, he was hoping to God he heard wrong. "What?"

"She was found twenty minutes ago in her apartment, one shot in the chest and one in the head." Gordon said grimly. "So, what do you think of Two Face now?"

"Rachel?" Todd asked, trying to grasp the implications.

"He used all of you to get you onto that boat. He couldn't do it by himself. He had to pull the trigger himself to be sure the one man who could identify him was dead." Gordon explained.

"But… but this doesn't make sense!" Todd said, fighting back tears. "The legend of the Joker has been around since before Harvey was scarred, how could he be the Joker?"

"Don't you get it? The real Joker was never involved in any of this. Cunningham, the orders, Two Face was behind it all along. He's operated under aliases before, sometimes even using stolen identities and names of dead people. He used the name of the Joker as an alias. What better way to ensure crooks cooperate than to invoke the name of the Devil himself? Strange must've stumbled onto Two Face's scheme." Gordon explained. "Two Face and Marone have been enemies for years, but imagine if he thought that Two Face was the man who killed his mentor Falcone. He'd be history. He killed Strange to protect the secret of his alias and he ended up killing Marone too. Two birds with one stone. I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually the one who sent Bane and Killer Croc to provide the distraction. Unfortunately, they were killed during our attempts to take them down last night."

"This is bullshit! It can't be!" Todd said, trying to deny what Gordon was saying, but it made sense. "I saw the Joker shoot him!"

"Did you?" Gordon asked, trying to get Todd to see what he had missed. "You said you hid when the Joker guy appeared and that you couldn't see Two Face's body from where you were. You heard the shot, but you didn't actually see him die, did you?"

"I knew him, he'd never…" Todd said, trying to deny the evidence.

"He programmed you, Jason. He programmed you to tell us what he wanted you to. He set up that guy you saw who was made up like the Joker. He knew that the police were getting close to uncovering his schemes so he had to go underground again, just like he did when he blew up his nightclub. He did all this to get rid of Strange, get rid of Marone and Thorne, fake his own death and disappear so he could keep working through his aliases." Gordon explained, hating to see the anguish in the man who sat across from him. "You said so yourself, where's the political pressure coming from? Why were you being protected? It's Two Face making sure you told us exactly what he wanted you to tell us. Immunity was your reward."

"BUT WHY ME?!" Todd demanded screaming. "Why not Scarecrow or Riddler or Penguin?! They knew everything I know! I'm a stupid cripple! Why'd he let me live?!"

"Because you're a cripple, Jason." Gordon said heavily. "Because you're stupid. Because you're weaker than them. Because you couldn't see far enough ahead to see what he was doing."

"Oh God!" Todd said, his hand covering his face as he started to cry.

"If what you said is true and Two Face is really dead, then it won't matter." Gordon said in a softer tone. "It was Two Face's idea to hit the Taxi Service, was't it?"

"YES!" Todd said between sobs. "It's was all Harvey. We followed him from the beginning. I didn't know! I saw him die, I believe he's dead!"

"Then why'd you lie about everything else?" Gordon asked after Todd calmed down.

"You really want to know?" Todd asked, his voice dead and hollow. "I've never been good. Growing up, I was always in trouble. My foster father made it a point of telling me how useless I was. And then I got in the accident and lost my hand and fucked up my leg. I can't do anything right! God damn it, I'm not even a decent con man. Sticking to the code was he only thing I had. Not being a rat was the only thing I had to keep any dignity, and now I don't even have that!"

Gordon stared at the man with pity. "You're not safe on your own, Jason. He may not be the Joker, but I know Two Face. He's out there pulling strings for you, but we can protect you."

"No way, I'm not bait. I post today." Todd said stubbornly through his tears.

"You posted twenty minutes ago." Gordon corrected. "Commissioner Loeb wants you out of her ASAP unless you turn state's evidence."

"I'll take my chances, thank you very much." Todd said resentfully.

"What are you going to do, Jason? Even if you run, if somebody out there wants to get you, they will. Turn state's evidence, you might never see trial."

"That all may be true, but I'm not a rat, Lieutenant Gordon. I won't keep my mouth shut cause I'm scared. I'll keep my mouth shut for Harvey and Rachel. Because I let them down. If somebody kills me, it'll be because they heard I squealed and I bet they'll hear it from you." Jason said, standing up and staring Gordon defiantly in the eye. The crippled man turned and trudged out of the room, giving Gordon one last withered glance. "Fucking cops."

Gordon watched as Todd shuffled through the office and off to who knows where.

At that moment, over at the hospital, Zsaz had finished giving his description of the Joker to the artist. Tracy Fitzgerald showed the sketchpad to Zsaz. "Is this him?"

"YES!" Zsaz said, becoming agitated at the sight of the drawing. "THAT'S THE JOKER! THAT'S THE JOKER! THAT'S… That's…. thaaa…."

"Mr. Zsaz?" Agent Meredith asked. Zsaz let out a sigh and the monitors suddenly flat lined.

"Code Blue!" Dr. Thompkins yelled. Doctors came running in with a crash cart. "I'm going to have to ask you all to leave now!"

The FBI personnel were hurried out of the room but it didn't matter now that they had the sketch. Agent Meredith turned to the sketch artist. "May I have that sketch?"

"Yes, Sir." Tracy said, giving him the drawing.

Agent Meredith walked up to the reception desk with the sketch. "Excuse me, I need to use your fax machine."

Meanwhile, back at Gotham Police Headquarters, Jason Todd was at the depot getting his personal items back. He stood there humming some song waiting for the cop working the desk found his deposit box.

The cop looked over his shoulder and asked, "What's that you're humming?"

"Oh, it's, uh, Sondheim." Todd said offhandedly.

"Oh. OK." The cop pulled out the box and read the list off. "One watch, gold. One cigarette lighter, gold. One pack of Marlboro cigarettes. One red handkerchief. One ballpoint pen, color red. One felt tip pen, color black."

"Thank you." Todd said, taking his possessions one at a time with his hand. He turned and hobbled out the door. He held onto the guardrail with his one arm as he struggled to get down the steps to the entrance. He limped down the sidewalk through the crowd of people.

Back inside, Gordon and Bullock sat in his office drinking fresh cups of coffee contemplating the day's events.

"You still don't have any new information." Bullock groaned.

"I found out what I needed to know about Two Face." Gordon said leaning against a filing cabinet.

"Which is about as much as you knew before." Bullock grumbled.

"Doesn't matter. He'll have to know how close we were." Gordon said, sipping his coffee.

"Well, Joker or no Joker, if Two Face is alive, he's not gonna show up again." Bullock said dismissively.

"We'll see." Gordon said smirking.

"I guess." Bullock said, looking through the pile of papers on his desk.

"You really need to get this place straightened out." Gordon said, snorting at the mess.

"Oh, it's already organized. There's a system here, you just can't see it unless you step back and take it all in." Bullock said drolly. "My garage on the other hand, there's a disaster area."

"I bet." Gordon said, staring at the bulletin board, lost in thought. It was suck a collection of junk, Gordon wondered how anyone could make of this mess of all these posters, adds, and newspaper clippings. His eyes traveled to the manufactures label. The coffee cup tumbled out of his hands and shattered on the floor. His eyes widened as a memory surfaced. He heard Jason Todd's voice in his head.

"Back when I lived in Chicago, I was in a church choir."

The manufacturer label read CHOIR Inc. Chicago IL. Gordon's eyes darted across the board and the more he saw, the more he became alarmed. He saw a newspaper clipping, the headline read "STARBUCKS ROBBED IN BROAD DAY LIGHT!" Another memory surfaced.

"When I was working at a Starbucks back in Metropolis, I got free coffee."

He saw a clipping that read "MISSING TWINS RETURNED HOME" and there was a picture of two little blonde girls hugging their parents.

"Hey, Riddler, you know those cute-as-a-button twin nieces you have? What are they, five or six? That blonde hair is just darling."

A flyer for Little Caesar's Pizza and right next to it was a flyer for Romero's Auto Repair garage.

"Who was the guy that talked about the Joker back in Gotham?"

"Caesar Romero"

A wanted poster for Boss Biggis, a mobster who weighed four hundred pounds. Next to it was an advertisement for Crazy Tracey's Used Cars.

"Tracey Walter Big fat guy, I mean like has-his-own-area-code fat."

A poster for a World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view featuring two wrestlers. It read "KANE VS. CHRIS JERICHO! This Sunday in Las Vegas!"

"Some guy in Metropolis, he said his name was Jericho."

"There's this jeweler out of Las Vegas named Kane."

A clipping of Bullock leading away the Penguin from Gotham Zoo that read "PENGUIN JAILED AT ZOO"

"Mr. Cobblepot attempted to procure a rare California condor from the Gotham City Zoo."

Gordon was stunned, he looked at the ground trying to get his mind to work when something caught his eye. He gazed at a broken shard of the coffee cup he dropped and read the two words printed on the mug: Cunningham Porcelain.

"Hey. What the hell is that stuff?" Bullock said, getting Gordon's attention. He pointed at the coffee cup that Todd was given earlier. There was a beige substance on the handle. It looked like the foundation makeup that his wife put on every morning.

"Dear God!" Gordon said, sprinting out of the office. He ran through the station as fast as he could, running right past the blinking fax machine. He had messed up, royally messed up. He ran up to the depot where Todd had just picked up his belongings. "THE CRIPPLE, DID YOU SEE HIM? WHICH WAY DID HE GO?!"

"He went out that way." The cop said, pointing towards the door.

Jason Todd stood at the crosswalk with a group of people waiting for the signal to change. He smirked a little, which then became a full-fledged smile. The signal changed and he hobbled across the street as the other people passed him.

He laughed as he got to the other side. A couple passing him saw and stopped. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, I uh, just played a joke on somebody." Todd said, grinning. The couple laughed with him for a second and continued on their way.

Todd trudged around the street corner just as Gordon raced out the door and onto the sidewalk. He looked frantically around for Todd. He heard everything he'd said to Todd in his mind.

"I'm smarter than you. You're going to tell me what I want to know, whether you like it or not."

"First day on the job, do you know what I learned? How to spot a murderer."

"Todd, I know you know something."

"You know what I'm talking about, Jason!"

"Every single scumbag that works the streets for a living will know the name Jason Todd."


"You've known! You've known this whole fucking time!"

"Because you're a cripple, Jason. Because you're stupid. Because you're weaker than them. Because you couldn't see far enough ahead to see what he was doing."

"Tell me every last detail."

"Convince me."

"Convince me."

"Convince me."

Oh he convinced him all right. Gordon shouted as he looked "DID ANYBODY SEEN A CRIPPLED GUY WITH A PLASTIC HAND?!"

"Yeah." Said a cop standing a few yards away. "He just crossed the street. That way."

Gordon ran through the crowd in the direction the policeman pointed. He ran through the road, getting a few honks from cars, but he didn't care.

Further down the street, Todd limped along his way, not noticing that he was being followed by Gordon and a large black car. His bum leg seemed to slowly straighten out. After a few steps, he was striding down the street with two perfectly functioning legs. Instead of walking in a hunch, he was strutting proud and tall down the sidewalk.

Todd then rolled up his left sleeve and unhooked the apparatus that connected his prosthetic hand to his arm. He flexed his left hand, which had been cramped from being stuck inside that thing for so long.

Back at the station, a sketch was coming out of the fax machine. Agent West took the page and examined it. "Funny, this looks like that Jason Todd fellow."

"So, why are we being faxed his picture?" Asked Bullock.

On the street, "Todd" walked right by a hotdog vendor and grabbed a bottle of water while the owner's back was turned. He tossed the prosthetic arm into a trashcan near the cart. He then reached up and grabbed his hair. He pulled up and the dark wig he'd been wearing lifted off to reveal a head of green hair. An old man walked by him and sighed, people nowadays were dying their hair all sorts of dumb colors. He tossed the wig into a trashcan by a building he passed and then reached up and scratched his head; that damn thing made his scalp itch. He pulled out a handkerchief and opened the bottle of water. He poured the contents of the bottle on his face and right hand causing the makeup run. He then wiped at his hand and face with his handkerchief.


The crowd in the street scrambled for cover as Gordon fired into the air. In a few seconds there was only Gordon and Todd, who had his back turned to him.

"FREEZE" Gordon said, aiming his gun at the man he knew up until a few minutes ago as Jason Todd.

"Is there are problem, Occifer?" asked "Todd" sarcastically.

"Get your hands up, Jason Todd!" Gordon ordered. "Todd" complied. His hands were raised but he clutched a ballpoint pen in his right hand. Gordon saw that both hands were totally white. "Assuming that is your real name."

"You know it isn't Gordy." Said "Todd" as he turned around. Gordon did his best not to look rattled by the sight before him; the water had cleaned away the make up, revealing the bleached white skin underneath. An insane grin spread on his blood red lips as he saw a flicker of astonishment in Gordon's eyes. "I killed the real Jason Todd years ago. I just needed an alias and his name was the first that came to mind. Though, I did embellish a little with the plastic hand and the limp."

"Was any of what you said true?" Gordon demanded as he walked towards the maniac.

"Oh… maybe." The Joker said, shrugging.

"Well, your plan didn't work. I know what you look like. A man over in the hospital said he knew what you look like. The hit on Strange was for nothing now." Gordon said triumphantly. To Gordon's confusion the Joker the just laughed, a sound that made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! You really are an idiot! You think I care that you know what I look like? How hard is it to identify me? How many other men in the world have this gorgeous complexion, this stylish hair color and this winning smile?" The Joker asked, smiling in mockery of Gordon. "Besides, my appearance is all you'll ever have. I destroyed all records of the man I was before the Joker. You won't find anything. No birth certificate, driver's license, medical records, dental records, library cards, junk mail, NOTHING! Hell, even I don't remember what my name was anymore! I'm just the Joker now. The myth, the legend, the Clown Prince of Crime!"

"Then why put a hit on Strange?" Gordon asked as he came to a halt by the hotdog stand.

"Because he knew another secret." The Joker said, his smile vanishing. "He claimed to know the secret identity of Batman. That's what Marone wanted to buy, the bat's real name. A secret I want to remain secret."

"You killed Strange to protect the Batman?!" Gordon asked flabbergasted.

"I've been hiding behind the scenes for too long, Slim Jim, I'm ready to get back in the trenches. Now I'm tanned, I'm rested and I'm ready to give this old town a wedgie again! But if I want to have any real fun, I gotta have the bat. He's the only nemesis worthy of my attention. There's no fun in outwitting normal policemen. It's too easy! Hell, I just spent the last two hours pulling the wool over your eyes! But the Batman, now there's a challenge! If anyone's going to take him down, it's gonna be me! Not some mobsters with too much money and no imagination and not some stupid police force that's mad because the bat doesn't play by their rules! I demand, nay, deserve to be the one who burns the Batman!" The Joker said grandly, his insane smile returning.

"Well, you weren't lying about one thing, you really are crazy." Gordon said, angrily. "And killing Two Face and the others?"

"Oh, that was just a bonus." The Joker said, his smile growing. "Now that Two Face, Marone, Riddler, Penguin, Thorne, Scarecrow, Bane and Killer Croc are out of the picture, I'm the only real show in town! A few more steps and I can start having my fun! This city deserves a better class of criminal and I'm gonna give it to 'em."

"I don't think so." Gordon said, pulling out his cuffs. "You're under arrest."

"If you're dumb enough to think that, you probably think this is really a ballpoint pen!" The Joker said, pressing the button on the pen.

A beeping sound from the trashcan he was standing next to got Gordon's attention. He saw a blinking light on the prosthetic hand's harness. Gordon ran as the plastic explosive in the plastic hand detonated.


The blast threw Gordon through the window of the deli he was standing by. The Joker just laughed. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ooh, my ride's here!"

The black car pulled up to the curb and the Joker got in the back seat. He motioned for the driver to go and the car took off. He looked to the seat next to him and saw the man he had dubbed Cunningham in his story to Gordon. "Nice to see you, Mr. J."

"Thanks, Cunningham." Joker said, wiping the last bit of makeup off.

"I beg your pardon sir." Asked the lawyer.

"Oh sorry, just an inside joke." Joker said, forgetting that wasn't his real name. "Did the boys get the money?"

"Yes, Mr. J, it's on en route to your hideout as we speak." Said "Cunningham" confidently. "And we left the surprise as you instructed."

"Good. There's just one more thing." Joker said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his black felt tip pen. He took the cap off the pen and stabbed it into "Cunningham's" arm.

"AH! Sir! What?!" Asked the lawyer, as he held his stabbed arm.

"I told you that I wanted to be the one to kill Rachel Dawes." Joker said sternly.

"Sir, I… ha ha… I… Hahahahaha!" "Cunningham" tried to say but began laughing. Joker smiled as he replaced the cap on his newest injector for his Joker venom.

"Well, since I guess I'll just have to settle for killing you." Joker said pleasantly.

"HAHAHA MR. J! HAHAHAHA! PLEASE! HAHAHAHAHAAHA! HAHAHahahaha… haha… ha…uhhhhhh." Laughed the lawyer, until his eyes rolled up into his head. The Joker grinned gleefully at the smile spread across the man's dead face.

"That's right, 'Cunningham', laugh! Life's funny and then you die! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The Joker cackled. The car was filled with the sound of the Joker's insane laughter as it disappeared into the city.

Gordon stood up slowly inside the deli, he felt like hell, but he didn't feel anything broken. He wiped the blood from his face and went back outside. He surveyed the street, but there was no sign of the Joker. Gordon turned and ran back towards headquarters.

Inside the station, a distressed cop came up to Bullock and relayed some bad news. "Detective! The money from the harbor is missing from the evidence locker!"

"What?" Bullock asked incredulously.

"The boxes are there, but the money's gone!" The cop said. The two of them ran down to the evidence locker to check it out. They got there and the cop showed Bullock what he found. He took a box and held it open for Bullock. "Look, nothing but playing cards!"

"Playing cards?!" Bullock asked in disbelief. He grabbed a handful and saw that every one of them was a Joker card. "How the fuck did… you hear that?"

"Hear what?" The other cop asked.

"That." Bullock said, looking around. There was a beeping sound coming from one of the bigger boxes. He walked over and slowly removed the lid. He jumped up in alarm and yelled "RUN! GET EVERYBODY OUT OF THE BUILDING!"

Outside, Gordon had made it back to the crosswalk and now ran across the street towards the station. He'd get every man in uniform on this case, he'd alert Batman, he wouldn't rest until this Joker guy was behind bars. He'd messed up with Harvey. He really was on the straight path, and he had pushed him away. He'd make it up to him now by bringing his murderer to justice.


It caught Gordon totally off guard. He fell onto the sidewalk in shock at the sound of the explosion. He sat there stupefied as the police station blew up. The building was a raging inferno, the stronghold for justice in Gotham City was obliterated. Bullock, Agent West, everyone he knew was in there. He looked up and saw little bits of paper falling from the sky. One landed right next to him and he picked it up. It was a charred Joker card. He couldn't think, he couldn't move. He'd never felt so angry or stupid. He heard the Joker's voice in his mind.

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, he's gone. Joke's on you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!


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