Rewrite. The pairing is NaruxKyuuxKure and maybe Anko.

October 10th. Narutos birthday. Oh how he hated that day. Seven years ago, Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, sealed the great demon lord Kyuubi into Narutos stomach. Minato wished for Naruto to be treated like a hero but the villagers didn't obey. They glared at him, called him hateful words, beat him and sold him rotten food for double or triple the price. The beatings were worse on his birthday, the Kyuubi festival.

Right now a bunch of villagers, civillians and shinobi, had broken down his door and gave him a savage beating.

"Hey guys! This little demon wants to become a ninja." one of the shinobis said, a woman with ruby red eyes who obviously had been drinking quite a bit, judging by the smell, said and pulled out a kunai. "How about we eliminate his chance of that huh?" she asked getting nods and wicked smiles from the others. They held onto Narutos arms and legs and held him down. The woman, Yuuhi Kurenai, crouched down.

'This is for my parents.' she thought before making a quick slash across his left eye. Naruto screamed in agony. She moved from his left eye to his right leg. Naruto watched in horror as she proceeded to saw his leg off at the knee. The 'procedure' was agonizing. She made sure to make every movement of the knife as painful as possible.

After she was done with the right leg she moved on to the left. After that, his left arm at the elbow.

Inside its cage the Kyuubi squirmed. 'This is bad! I can heal cuts and stabs but not eyes or severed limbs!' he thought. During the seven years of imprisonment it had come to respect the kit. Living through all those beatings without breaking.

Just when she was about to saw off his right arm a guy at the door shouted a warning. "The Hokage is coming! Let's get out of here!" he shouted making everyone at the apartment either run out the door or shunshin away, leaving Naruto in a bloody heap on the floor. The Hokage came into Narutos living room with a full ANBU squad behind him. He saw the boy he fell to his knees and cried.

"Naruto!" he sobbed and crawled towards the boy. He picked him up and turned to the ANBU. "Find the ones who did this."

A chorus of "Hai!" came from the ANBU before they shunshined away.

The Hokage took Naruto to the hospital to a doctor who didn't hate him. Unohana Retsu saw the mutilated boy and immediatly rushed him to the emergency room.

After fifteen long minutes she came out with a sad look on her face.

"How is he?" the Hokage asked.

"His eye is beyond repair and so is his arm and leg as you've probably guessed. He suffered from stab wound on his upper body but those were not fatal. He is in a coma right now." she said quietly making the Hokages eyes widen. "You can go see him if you'd like."

Sarutobi walked into Narutos room and cried the moment he saw the boy. It would have been a beautiful sight seeing the boy sleeping peacefully if it wasn't for the severed limbs. Sarutobi walked up to the small child and placed a hand on his forehead.

"I'll find a way to make it better. I'll help you." he said before leaving.

A week passed without Naruto waking up. The Hokage could be seen looking through scrolls in his office, the library and the hospital. He was heartbroken. Becoming a ninja, and later Hokage, was his entire life. It was, to him, his only way of getting the villagers to acknowledge him. How the hell was Sarutobi supposed to be able to fix the boys arm and legs. He lifted a scroll and under it he found an opened bingo book.

Name: Akasuna no Sasori

Age: N/A

Rank: S

Bloodline: None

Crimes: Wanted for defecting from Suna and violating Sunas laws by making human puppets.

That was as much as Sarutobi read before jumping out of his chair while grabbing an empty scroll. He started writing frantically before rolling it up and calling for a chunnin.

"Get this to Suna as fast as possible." he told the chunnin who nodded and poofed away. "I just hope she isn't still angry with Konoha." he muttered before sitting down, lighting his pipe.

Meanwhile Kurenai was in trouble. She was having an inner battle with herself.

'That demon deserved what he got.' she thought with a nod.

'How do you know he's a demon?' said a voice in her head that sounded like a wizened elder.

'He is. Look at those whisker marks. No human could just get whisker marks like that.' she thought back.

'Really? They could be something from his clan or just birthmarks or a sign of him being the jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi. Look at the Hyuugas. Are they demons because their eyes aren't like ours?' the voice asked making Kurenai contemplate its words carefully while thinking of a comeback.

'He is a demon! There is no information of who his arents are or anything! He just showed up on the same day that the Kyuubi was 'killed'.'

'Maybe his parents had a reputation? Maybe they had to protect him from assassins. Do you have so little faith in the Sandaime and Yondaime?'

'No! Yondaime-sama is our hero!'

'And yet you doubt his skills.'

'What? No I don't!'

'Then why do you call the child he wanted to be called a hero a demon?'

Unable to think of a response she just went to bed.

'You know that I'm right.' the voice said right before she fell asleep.

That night she had the worst nightmare in her entire life. She dreamt that it was her lying on the ground having her arm and legs cut off by him, and when they were done the dream started all over again. That happened every night until she was too afraid to go to sleep.

A week later Sarutobi was sitting in his office when a chunnin poofed in.

"Hokage-sama. There is an old lady from Suna at the gates." he said and Sarutobi nodded before poofing away.

He poofed into existence at the gates where an old lady from Suna who goes by the name of Chiyo, or Chiyo-Baasama, was waiting.

"This better be good Sarutobi-kun." Chiyo told the Hokage. "What was so important that you couldn't tell me in the letter?"

Sarutobi sighed. "I need you to come see this." he said and led her to the hospital, or more precisely, Narutos room.

"Look at him." Sarutobi said and pointed at Naruto. "This is the jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He was brutally attacked two weeks ago and lost his left arm and both legs. The only thing in his life that kept his hopes of acknowledgement from the villagers up was being a ninja and later Hokage. Those dreams were crushed by a mob of drunken villagers on his birthday. I beg of you. Please put aside your grudge against Konoha and help this boy." he asked and got down on his hands and knees, surprising Chiyo.

She thought for a moment. "I'll think about it." she said and walked out of the room, leaving a slightly smiling Sandaime. If t was one thing he learned through all his years of friendship with Chiyo, it was that whenever she said 'I'll think about it.' she usually meant yes.

The next day Kurenai was sitting in the dango shop with her best friend Anko.

"You look terrible Kurenai." Anko said while munching on her dango stick.

"Yeah, well, I haven't gotten much sleep lately." Kurenai admitted making Anko raise an eyebrow.

"Oh really? How come?"

"That demon is haunting me in my dreams." Kurenai said making Anko growl in anger.

"Demon? What demon? You don't mean the Kyuubi container do you?" she asked and Kurenai nodded thinking the growl of anger was a growl of hatred towards the 'demon'.

"Yes him. I don't know what he did to me but I can no longer sleep without having a nightma-" was all she managed to say before getting a hard slap in the face by Anko. "Anko? What-"

"I never thought you were as shallow as the villagers Kurenai. But I guess I was wrong. What about me? Do consider me a traitorous snake bitch? Don't judge someone without getting to know them first!" Anko shouted at Kurenai who just sat there, holding the red mark on her cheek. "I can no longer consider you a friend Kurenai. You can come see me when you have come to your senses." she said and walked away.

Inside Narutos mind

Naruto was not having a good time. He was, just like Kurenai, reliving the same thing over and over and over again. Every second was the most painful he'd ever felt. All of a sudden everything froze and his surroundings started to look like a wet painting. The paint started dripping down on the ground, revealing a yellowish wall behind it. His arm and legs also grew back. When all the paint on the walls was gone, the paint on the ground reached his ankles. The paint dissipated to reveal plain water. Infront of him was a huge gate. In the middle of the gate was a piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it.

"Finally. I thought I'd never get through to you." said a deep rumbling voice from behind the bars. Naruto looked up and saw the face of a huge red fox with nine swirling tails.

"W-Who are you?" he asked with fear evident in his voice.

"I am the king of all demons! The strongest of the Bijuu! I am the great KYUUBI NO KITSUNE!" the fox shouted with pride evident in its voice.

"K-Kyuubi?! B-But you're dead! The Yondaime killed you!"

"HA! Like a puny mortal would be able to kill me! No Kit. He didn't kill me. He sealed me inside you." Kyuubi said making Naruto eyes widen.

"M-Me? Why would he do that? Why me?" he asked with tears in his eyes. (Now people. You might say that Naruto would go on a rant about being a demon but think of it this way. If you was told that you were the container of a demon, by the demon, infront of the demon. Would you think that you were a demon?)

"I don't know. I needed to be sealed into a newborn whose chakra coils hadn't developed yet. Maybe you were the only one born that day. Maybe you're his son. Maybe you're his grandson. How should I know?" Kyuubi said with a shrug.

"Wait! How did my arm and legs grow back?!" Naruto asked.

"This is your mind kit. Your physical body was damaged but not you mind. That's why you have your limbs back."

"So... They're not really back?"

"No. I'm sorry for putting you through this Kit. What the villagers are doing to you is vile, even for me. Not even demons treat their own kin like that unless it's a fight for your position in power. But I'm going to help you. As soon as I find a way to make up for what you have suffered through I will help you." Kyuubi said making Naruto smile.

"Domo arrigato Kyuubi-san." Naruto said with a bow.

"Now since our minds have gotten this close to eachother I am able to establish a link between us so we can talk to eachother when you get out of your coma. I need you permission though." Kyuubi said and Naruto nodded.

"Do it. It'll be nice to have someone to talk to."

The Kyuubi nodded before making a movement with its claws as if snapping its fingers. "I got it! I know what I can do for you!" it said making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

"Really? What?"

"You are grossly malnourished Kit. I can build up your muscles, enhancing your strength and making you grow alittle taller. If I know that old Hokage, which I do since I've been watching everything happen in your life through your eyes, he's going to think of a way to help you achive your dream."

"Please do it Kyuubi-san."

"Hey! I have a name you know."

"Really? Then what is it?"


"Godd... ess..." Naruto said with wide eyes. "Y-You're a girl?!"

"Yes! Of course I'm a woman! What? You don't think a woman can be the most powerful being on earth?!" Kyuubi shouted making Naruto wince at the volume.

"Of course I think a woman can be as strong as you are! It's just that with your voice. You don't really sound like a woman."

"I know. I have to sound like a man. Otherwise no one will take me seriously until I decimate their homes." Kyuubi said with a huff.

"Is that why you attacked the village? Because you wasn't taken seriously?" Naruto asked with disbelief in his voice.

"No. I attacked because I was forced to. I was sleeping peacefully until that pig of a man Uchiha Madara showed up. He hypnotized me with his Sharingan. I don't know what it is but something or someone has made his eyes insanely strong. If you ever come up against that man make sure you never look into his eyes." Kyuubi said and Naruto nodded. Then he thought of something.

"Hey! Do you mean Uchiha Madara as in THE Uchiha Madara who helped Shodai-sama create this village?"

Yes. How did you know?"

"We read about him once in history class." Naruto said making the Kyuubi go wide eyed.

"Has there actually been a history lesson where you weren't asleep?" she asked incredilously.

"Yes. How could you not know that? I thought you said that you had been watching my life through my eyes." Naruto said making Megami blush. Luckily for her, Naruto didn't see it because of her red fur covering it up.

"Well... I usually go to sleep at the same time as you during history class."

"You find it boring too huh?"

"...Yes... But enough of that. I've managed to put those memories away. You can wake up soon. Though making these changes in your body will hurt." Kyuubi said making Naruto slump his shoulders.

"Great... More pain. But at least this time I'm getting something out of it." he said making Megami grin.

"Yeah. Now close your eyes and I'll get started." she ordered and Naruto obeyed. Her chakra started swirling around Naruto before it encased him. He took it like a man though. He didn't scream. The removal of his limbs hurt alot more than that.

Meanwhile outside Sarutobi was sitting next to Narutos bed, waiting for him to wake up when he felt the presense of Megamis chakra. He turned to look at Naruto and saw him writhing in pain. He was just about to do something when a shield of chakra shot up around Naruto. He watched in awe as Narutos body started growing and, surprisingly, changing his hair collor. After five minutes the shield lowered. Sarutobi ran up to Naruto to check if there was any sign of the seal being broken. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found the seal still intact.

"I take it that was the demons chakra." said a voice from behind him. He turned around to see Chiyo standing there with a scroll in her hand. "I've decided to help." she said before they heard a groan coming from the boy.

"Am I awake yet?" Naruto asked and looked at the stump that used to be his left arm. "Appearently I am."

"Naruto-kun!" Sarutobi exclaimed and grabbed the boy in a hug. "I'm so glad you're awake. And perfect timing too. This is Chiyo-baasama from Suna. She's a master puppeteer. She will help you gain your limbs back. Maybe not your original limbs but they're better than nothing." Sarutobi said and gestured for Chiyo to step forward.

"Naruto-san. These will be your new limbs." Chiyo said and opened the scroll before smearing blood on it to reveal a metal left arm and two metal legs (Like Terminator). "I'll let you know the basics of it. Now these limbs are one of a kind. Not only are they metal instead of wood but they also have their very own chakra system. Normally you would have to use chakra strings to make them move but these limbs' chakra system connects to your brain, imitating the lost nerves. So basically you have arms that move on chakra instead of muscle power. The only flaw is that you won't be able to move them if you're out of chakra.

Since they're fused with you they will grow with you, so you don't have to worry about it when you grow older. I have also added a few trinkets to help.

In your arm I have placed three blades, one between each knuckle. On your forearm I have also placed three claw like blades as you can see in the small slots. All you have to do is push chakra into the blades you want to use. (It's basically like Wolverine claws and the spikes Batman has on the side of his forearms, only that they are bigger and reversed.)

In the legs I placed the three blades claw blades on each shin (The Batblades) and a knee blade (Like one of Wolverines claws. Only bigger).

Oh, and by the way, since your arm and legs are powered by chakra you can just pump more chakra into them to make them stronger.

That's pretty much it. They may be too small for you but like I said they will grow to the right size when I fuse them with you stumps." she said and gestured for Sarutobi to lay him down on the floor. Sarutobi nodded and did just that.

"I am now going to fuse your limbs together. It's gonna hurt a bit." she said and hooked all the limbs to the stumps before performing a couple of handseals. The smell of burning flesh and molten metal rose from the boy as the arm and legs were fused with his body. Naruto was holding in a scream that would have shattered the window had he let it out. 'I think the old man said it wrong. I don't think he meant to say it will hurt quite a bit. I think he meant to say it will hurt like a bitch!' he thought in agony. 'It feels like it felt when that woman cut them off.'

When all was done he layed there panting on the floor.

"It's going to take some getting used to but I think you'll do fine." Chiyo said and started walking out of the room. Oncce she was at the door she turned around. "Oh and if you're ever in the neighbourhood please come visit me. I'd like to see how my little project worked out." she said with a smile.

"Alright. I am greatly in your debt Chiyo-baasama." Naruto said and returned the smile.

"It's no problem. It's Sarutobi-kun who is in my debt." she said with a grin before disappearing.

"This is great!" Kyuubis voice shouted in Narutos mind.

'Megami-chan?' Naruto thought with a raised eyebrow making Sarutobi raise his own eyebrow.

"What's wrong Naruto-ku-" he asked but was silenced by Naruto holding up his hand.

"I can't heal lost limbs but I can flesh and skin so if you want I can cover up that metal." Megami said making Naruto go wide eyed.

'Really?! Do it please!' he shouted at Megami in his mind.

"Alright just make sure you get back to bed first." Megami told Naruto who nodded before telling Sarutobi to put him back to bed. Once he was back to bed Naruto felt a tingling sensation at his elbow and knees. He looked down to see skin slowly spreading across his metal arm and legs. "Cool." he said while Sarutobi just stared.

"H-How?" he asked incredilously.

"Kyuubi." Naruto answered making the Hokage go wide eyed.

"Y-You can talk to him?" he asked Naruto who raised a finger.

"Her. I can talk to her."

"Her?" and so Naruto told the Hokage everything Megami had told him.

"So Madara is still alive after all these years?" Sarutobi asked while rubbing his temples.

"Appearently." Naruto answered with a shrug. He looked down and saw that the skin had finally healed properly. He jumped out of bed only to fall as soon as he landed on the floor. "Well this is going to take some getting used to." he said and Sarutobi nodded with a chuckle.

The next three months were spent to learn how to use his new body parts properly. He was glad that he had Megami in his stomach when his batblades shot into his thigh when he hit himself on the leg in a pissed off manner. Iruka also dropped by from time to time with his hands full of Ichiraku take out.

Kurenai, who had started feeling really down because of Anko refusing to talk to her, had decided to see what the 'demon', which she now had her doubts about, was doing. When she saw him try to walk with his new legs only to fall down after three steps she started wondering if he really was a demon.

'Okay. Proof of that he is a demon: He's grown and changed his hair color to the Kyuubis color.'

'Could be the demon doing that on its own without his consent.'

'Whisker marks'

'Again. Could be the demon or something that happened during the sealing.'

'He has his limbs back.'

'Didn't you hear the nurse?! The worlds most famous puppeteer came and helped him you idiot!'

'Well... Then how can he still be so calm and collected even though he knows that he doesn't ave a real arm or legs?!'

'Think about it. How many beatings has he suffered through? Too many to count. And I have proof that he is not a demon.'

'Oh yeah? What?'

'What did he do when you severed his limbs?'

'Well, he screamed and... cried.'

'Excactly! Demons don't cry!'

'B-But... If he isn't a demon... Then I... I...' and that was all it took for her to break down crying in the middle of the street.

One month later Naruto had gotten the hang of it slightly when his window opened.

"Y-You!" he shouted and fell over when he saw Kurenai crouching on the windowsill. "G-Get away from me!" he screamed and crawled into a corner.

"Naruto please list-" she started when she jumped into the room.

"Help! Help me!" Naruto shouted, alerting the three ANBU outside who came rushing in with their swords drawn.

"What's wrong Naruto?" an ANBU with a dog mask asked the terrified child.

"I-It's her! She's the one! She's the one who did this to me!" Naruto shouted and pointed at the wide eyed Kurenai.

"N-Naruto. Please listen to me." she said but was interupted by two ANBU, one with a bear mask and the other with a cat mask.

"Take her to jail. I'll go get Hokage-sama." the dog masked one told the other two who nodded and shunshined away. The dog mask grabbed Naruto by the shoulder and shunshined to the Hokages office.

"Hokage-sama. We've found the one who did this to Naruto. She's been taken into custody." he told the Hokage who immediatly got out of his chair.

"What? Who was it?"

"A jounin named Yuuhi Kurenai." the dog mask said and Sarutobi nodded.

"Does she have a criminal record?"

"I don't know sir. What should we do with her?"

"Keep her there. See if she has a criminal record. I'll be there shortly." Sarutobi said and Dog nodded before poofing away.

"Naruto." Sarutobi said. "Are you sure this was the woman who attacked you?" he asked getting a nod from the boy.

"Yes. But don't kill her Oji-san. I don't want her death on my consience. Send her to jail but don't kill her." Naruto said getting a smile from the Hokage.

"Okay. I'll see what I can do. Stay here until I get back." he said before poofing away.

He showed up in Konohas prison where Kurenai was held down by Cat and Bear while Dog was waiting for Sarutobi.

"She doesn't have a previous record Hokage-sama." Dog told the Hokage who nodded.

"Yuuhi Kurenai. You are standing here accused of heavy assault (I don't know if this is the right word for it but I'm talking about the crime where you beat someone to near death). Naruto has pointed you out. We can make this fast and simple or we can go to court with it. How do you plead?"

"I... Yes. I did it. But please just let me talk to him."

"You can talk to him when you get out. You are hereby demoted to chunnin and you are to be placed in jail for three years. You can thank Naruto for not wanting me to kill you." Sarutobi said and left the ANBU to take the now hysteric woman away.

He once again poofed into the office to find Naruto reading a scroll labeled 'To Naruto'.

"Dear Naruto

If you are reading this then that means that the sealing worked and I am dead. I was hopng that I'd see you grow up but I guess I can't huh? I hope that the villagers are treating you right. I wish for them to see you as a hero but I know how powerful hatred is. Forgive me my son and I hope Kushina is doing a good job raising you and your sister but I think she's alright without me.

Grow up strong and respected. I'm counting on you to kick Shinigamis ass and get me out of there. I'm guessing it's pretty painful in there.

With love, your father Namikaze Minato." Naruto read out loud to the wide eyed Hokage. "Why haven't you told me about this?"

"W-Where did you find that Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked looking at the slightly pissed off Naruto.

"In one of your drawers when I was looking for candy. Now why haven't you told me about this?" Naruto asked while glaring at the Hokage.

"I was planning on telling you when you became a chunnin. You must understand Naruto. Your father had enemies everywhere. I did this to protect you." Sarutobi said with a sigh.

"And my mom? And my sister? What about them?"

"I don't know... Your mother left the village with your sister on the day your father sealed Megami in you. I've been trying to contact her but no one knows where she is." Sarutobi said with a sigh.

"So she abandoned me... Is she like the rest of the villagers?" Naruto asked with his head down.

"Yes. I think she is... I'm sorry Naruto-kun."

"Don't be. It's not your fault she left. She's the one at fault." Naruto said and got up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Sarutobi asked.

"To the academy. I think I missed enough." Naruto said and Sarutobi shook his head.

"Oh no you're not. I've already sent a letter to Iruka. I'm going to be teaching you from now on. Once you've progressed enough I'll give you the scrolls for your fathers jutsus." Sarutobi said making Naruto go wide eyed.

"Y-You're going to be teaching me?" he asked. At Sarutobis nod he jumped into the air. "YAT- Uh oh." he said as he landed and fell once again.

Time skip: 3 and a half years.

Naruto was standing infront of Sarutobi with a proud look on his face. He could now move his arm and legs as if they were his own original limbs. He and Megami had grown from neutral to close friends. Chiyo had come by once more too.

Flashback 1 year ago

"Hello Naruto-kun." Chiyo said when Naruto entered Sandaimes office.

"C-Chiyo-baasama! What are you doing here?" Naruto asked with wide eyes.

"I came to see how my little project worked out. And I made a new part for you." she said making Naruto sweatdrop.

"You're making me feel like a robot." he said and Chiyo laughed.

"Well, you are. Half at least. Now what I came here for." she said and held up what looked like a ball of metal.

"What's that?" Naruto and Sarutobi asked at the same time.

"It's your new eye." she said making the two go wide eyed. "But you have to be careful with it. It sucks alot of chakra so only use it when you're going to fight."

"Hai." Naruto said and gestured for the floor. "Should I lay down like last time?"

"No. That won't be necessary." Chiyo said and forcefully pushed his new eye into the socket. "This is going to hurt like last time so be prepared." she said and performed the same fusion jutsu.

When all was over Naruto was sitting on the ground rubbing his eye in pain. "Ow." he said quietly.

"Now this eye has a zoom function like the Byakkugan and a copying function like the Sharingan. It can also see chakra like both, has night vision and heat vision. I tried to put x-ray in there to but it didn't fit. Feel free to tell me if you lose anymore bodyparts. I'll be happy to fix you up my little friend." Chiyo said with a witch like laugh before poofing away, leaving a slightly dazed Naruto and a wide eyed Sarutobi.

"Amazing. Your eye now has two functions from each of our two strongest clans doujutsus." Sarutobi said and Naruto just nodded. Sarutobi smiled. "Great! Then this will just make learning easier for you! Try it out." he said and Naruto nodded again. He closed his eyes and concentrated. When he opened them again Sarutobi nodded to himself with a smile when he saw that in the place where there was once just a metal ball was now a green iris that looked like the lense of a camera. 'Chiyo, you've done it again.' he thought with a smile.

"It's green." Naruto said and looked at Sarutobi. "And chakra is blue." Sarutobi nodded.

"Okay. Turn it off and we'll go training." he told Naruto who was looking out the window.

"This is great! I can see our training ground. Oh... It's occupied."

Flashback end

Naruto thoroughly enjoyed his new eye. He could be standing on the Hokage monument peeping on the women in the hotsprings. (Yes ladies and gentlemen! Naruto-sama is a pervert! But to his defence, every guy is a pervert.)

"Now Naruto." Sarutobi said from behind his desk. "It's been a good 3 and a half years training you but now is the time for you to become a ninja of this village. Go to Irukas classroom tomorrow at 10 am to meet with your new team." Sarutobi said and handed Naruto a black headband.

Naruto took it and put it on his forehead. He was wearing black combat boots, clack cargo pants and a black tank top. "Arrigato Sarutobi-sensei. Who's in my team? Wait a minute, don't tell me." he said and activated his eye. He looked at the paper on Sarutobis desk and zoomed in.

Team 7

Uzumaki Naruto, Inuzuka Kiba and Nara Shikamaru

Sensei: Hatake Kakashi.

"Hatake Kakashi? Shouldn't he be training the Uchiha?" Naruto asked and Sarutobi nodded.

"Yes he should be, according to the council. But the council can only make decisions involving civilian matters but not shinobi matters. Kakashi specifically asked to train you."

"Me? Why?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because he was a student of your father and the dog masked ANBU I put in charge of protecting you while you were in the hospital." Sarutobi said and Naruto nodded.

"I'll have to thank him for that." he said and turned around. "See ya Sarutobi-sensei." he said and exited the office.

Now how do you like that?! A little longer and more describing. Which do you like better? This or the original? Oh and credits for the ideas for the rewrite goes to Andoryu-sama