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The five Kages and Mifune sat in a very small room in Kumo, around a round table. Behind Naruto stood Shikaku, and each of the Kages had a jounin from their own village behind them, while Mifune had his right hand man behind him.

"You're all early," Raikage said, to which Baki nodded.

"The situation demands haste."

Naruto cleared his throat, looking around. "Couldn't we have found a bigger table?" he asked, feeling very uncomfortable, as there was only a foot and a half's distance between them. That, coupled with Shikaku standing behind him, made him feel very uncomfortable. "Doesn't anyone else here feel claustrophobic from this?"

Shikaku, sensing what Naruto wanted, sighed and took a step back, getting a grateful nod from Naruto.

"Better?" Tsuchikage asked, and Naruto nodded.

"A little, yeah. But seriously, was this the biggest table you could find?"

"We have more important things to talk about, Hokage-dono," Mifune said, sighing. "Please, endure for now."

"I guess I'll have to..." Naruto said with a sigh. Then, he turned serious. "First things first, I'm sure you have all heard that Danzo is dead. There will be no more need to worry about him anymore."

"I find that reassuring," Mizukage said with a smile. "Many rumors floated around about him, and none of them were good."

"Danzo had good intentions, though they were misguided," Naruto said. He had to at least somewhat defend a fellow Konoha ninja, who had done so much for Konoha in his time, both good and bad. "He believed in Konoha, and that Konoha should forever remain the strongest, even if it meant wiping out every other shinobi village. He was too strong a patriot. But in any case, he's dead. I believe we have to talk about the war, yes?"

"Agreed," Mifune said with a nod. "First of all, we need to address the matter of the Hachibi Jinchuuriki, and also any information regarding the enemy's headquarters, battle strength, etcetera."

"I have recently brought home one of my spies at Orochimaru's," Naruto spoke up, getting everyone's full attention. "He gave us the location of Madara's base, along with an estimate of how many men he has."

"And?" Raikage asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That creature that popped up at the Summit is an experiment," Naruto explained. "My spy estimates that Madara has cloned up to 100,000 copies of Zetsu." At this, every Kage went wide-eyed from shock.

"100,000?" Baki exclaimed. "How could he have done that?"

"No idea. That's why I suggest that we should unify our Intelligence-Gathering Corps into a separate organization, and send them to investigate Madara's base."

Naruto reached into his coat and took out a rolled up piece of paper. He placed it on the table and rolled it out, revealing a map of the elemental countries. He pointed at a spot on the northern coast of the land between Rice Country and Waterfall Country, known as No Man's Land.

"According to our intelligence, Madara is hiding here, in the beast cemetery known as the Mountain's Grave. As our joint army is located here in Kumo, they'll either cross the sea to the western coast, or march right through the Hidden Frost and Hidden Hot Spring villages."

"We'll have to send an evacuation alert to both villages immediately," Mizukage said, to which the others nodded.

"In any case, the location of the refuge for Bee has been decided... It's a place I've kept in reserve. It's only appropriate that it be in Kumogakure, which hasn't given rise to any Akatsuki members. It's an isolated island where Bee and I used to train together intensely."

–The next day–

In the Mountain's Cemetery, the newly formed TOUBU (Touitsu Jouhou Shuushuu Butai (Unified Intelligence-Gathering Corps)) had four of its agents investigating Madara's supposed hideout. Leading the investigation were none other than Inuzuka Kiba, commander of the Tracking Corps, and Nara Shikamaru, commander of the Intelligence Corps. With them were Kurotsuchi, a serious-looking, black haired girl from Iwa, and Aburame Shino and Aburame Muta, both of the Infiltration and Reconnaissance Corps.

"See anything?" Kiba asked Kurotsuchi, who was looking thought a pair of binoculars as they hid behind a set of rocks overlooking the valley that Madara was supposedly hiding in.

"Not yet," Kurotsuchi said, shaking her head. She felt a little weird, being the only Iwa ninja among a bunch of Konoha ninjas, but orders were orders...

Muta knelt and placed her hand against the ground, and everyone watched as earthworms popped up, obviously giving her a message.

"My worms have detected many life-forms underground. The estimate is, indeed, above 90,000."

"Tch... Overkill much?" Shikamaru asked, sighing. Then, he noticed something. "Hey, Kiba, is something wrong?"

Kiba was sniffing the air, looking confused. "I smell dead guys..." he muttered, then stood up, pointing to the east. "That way, away from this base... Akamaru and I will go check it out. You guys stay here."

"Alright, but at first sign of trouble, you come back here, got it?" Shikamaru asked, and Kiba nodded, before taking off.

Once Kiba was out of sight, he came upon another valley, one that made his eyes widen. Coffins were there. Many coffins. Kiba slid down the hill with Akamaru and approached the coffins, kneeling next to them and opening one, to show that it was empty.

"Weird..." he muttered to himself, reaching into the coffin and picking up what looked like a small piece of paper, but smelled like decomposed flesh. His eyes widened. "This is...!"

A few hours later, in the Kage meeting room, the door was slammed open as a Kumo ninja came rushing in.

"We have received word from the TOUBU!" he exclaimed, showing a scroll in his hand. He handed it over to the Raikage, who opened it and read it, his eyes widening.

"Edo Tensei?"

Mizukage blinked, while Naruto, Baki and Tsuchikage went wide-eyed.

"What's that?" Mizukage asked, and Raikage looked to Naruto to explain.

"Edo Tensei is a jutsu created by the Nidaime Hokage," Naruto explained with a sigh. "It is a jutsu that, using a human sacrifice, can bring people back from the dead, making the revived person a puppet, of sorts. The worst part is that, no matter what attack you use, they can't be killed. They will just regenerate. The only way to stop them, from what I can tell, is to either seal them, or force the user to break the jutsu. That was the only way to stop the Shodai and Nidaime Hokage when Orochimaru brought them back a few years ago."

"So, not only do we have to worry about those strange Zetsus, but we also have to worry about other strong ninjas brought back to life?" Mizukage asked, to which Tsuchikage nodded.

"Yep, that's right..."

"So, what kind of ninjas can be brought to life?" Mizukage asked, and Naruto shrugged.

"Pretty much anyone," he said. "According to my spy's information, the Edo Tensei only needs three things: To perform this technique, the user must first acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to revive. This basically amounts to grave-robbing, although blood stains or organs salvaged after the target's death also works. The soul of the one who's gonna be revived must also reside in the 'pure world' of the afterlife. Those whose soul has been consumed by the Death God, for example, cannot be resurrected, like the Yondaime Hokage. And finally, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the resurrected to use as a vessel."

"In short, it can easily be called one of the most powerful techniques ever created," Tsuchikage summarized. "That Tobirama... What a terrifying man he was..."

"If Madara was able to get a hold of the information on the Edo Tensei, either in one of Konoha's secure vaults, or in one of Orochimaru's hideouts, that means that he no doubt managed to get a hold of DNA samples of the Shodai and Nidaime Hokage, so we can probably expect to face them on the battlefield. For all we know, he could've gotten a hold of the DNA of any of the previous Kages, from any village, what with his freaky eye technique," Naruto said, sighing heavily. "This war just got a lot more intense..."

"And it hasn't even started yet," Baki said, and all five Kages, along with Mifune, let out simultaneous sighs.

"We need to organize an ambush squad to intercept the enemy," Raikage said suddenly.

"Shikaku-san," Naruto told Shikaku, who nodded. "Notify Tsunade, and make sure that the medical logistics company is properly equipped. Also, make sure the Intel squads are clear on their routes."

"Got it, Hokage-sama," Shikaku said with another nod, and Naruto had to hide a pleased smile. He loved being called that.

Mizukage looked at the shy swordsman behind her. "Contact Ao in the Sensor Company. Tell him they need to hurry!"

"Y-Yes, ma'am!"

"By the way," Baki said as the messengers left. "We have finished the new headbands," he said and reached into his pouch, taking out five headbands and placing them on the table. Naruto picked his up and looked it over.

"Shinobi," he read, smiling. "A unified front, no longer divided, fighting as one... Shinobi. I like it."

"Likewise," Raikage said, nodding. "Now, we need to start handing out the commander titles. Naruto!" Naruto perked up, looking to Raikage with a raised eyebrow. "I would like you to take the position as the Joint Shinobi Army Commander General."

"This young brat?" Tsuchikage asked, looking Naruto over. "Could you really handle it, I wonder?"

Naruto smirked. "While I'm not all that confident in my abilities to lead, at least with me as Commander General, we won't have to worry about my lower back giving out in the heat of battle."

Tsuchikage let out a barking laughter. "Nice answer, kid!"

"In any case, if you believe that I'm suited for it, I'd be honored to," Naruto said, nodding to the Raikage, who nodded back.

–The next day–

"80,000..." Naruto muttered. He was standing on a cliff, looking over the only smooth land in all of Kumo, where the entire Joint Shinobi Army was gathered, split into five divisions. Naruto was the Commander General of the army, and General of Division 4, the Long-range Fighter Division. At his sides stood Darui from Kumo, General of Division 1, the Mid-range Fighter Division, Kitsuchi from Iwa, the General of Division 2, the Close-range Fighter Division, Kakashi, General of Division 3, the Close/Mid-range Fighter Division, and Mifune, General of Division 5, the Special Ops Division, which Kiba and Hana were part of, Kiba having been transferred to that division along with Shino, to add to the forces, while Shikamaru had been added to Division 4.

"I've never seen an army this big before," Naruto commented, his hands in his pockets. Currently, he was wearing his standard jounin outfit, only with a shirt that was more similar to the type of shirt the Yondaime used. His bandages were off, showing his whole face, and his headband was on straight, showing his eye to the world.

"Neither have I," Kakashi said, nodding.

"No one has," Mifune said calmly. "This is the first time in history that an army of this size has ever gathered."

Kakashi glanced at Naruto, noticing that he looked a bit tense. He patted his student on the shoulder.

"Being our Commander General, I think you should try to relax, and maybe say a few words, Naruto."

"Yeah, that might be good," Naruto said slowly, nodding. He looked over the army again, and noticed a few arguments breaking out here and there between the shinobi of different villages. He sighed. "Already, fights are breaking out," he said and brought his fingers up to his mouth. Then, he let loose a sharp whistle, holding it for several seconds. Once he was sure that he had everyone's attention, he stopped whistling, and decided a speech was in order.

"Three world wars, we have endured!" he exclaimed, and noticed that people were now quieting down to pay attention to his words. "We've all fought each other at one point or another! We've all suffered loss at the hands of the others' villages! These wars have done nothing but fill us up with hatred, hatred that has been passed down through the generations! This is an endless circle of hatred and vengeance! We are here today to break that circle! To end the destruction we bring upon ourselves with each passing moment as enemies!

"But there are no enemies here today! Because we've all suffered at Akatsuki's hand! There is no Konoha, no Suna, no Kiri, no Kumo, and no Iwa! We stand here today as allies! As Shinobi! And after this war is over, if any of you still hold a grudge against Konoha, then you can come and take my head instead!"

Looking over the crowd and taking a deep breath, Naruto suddenly noticed that he had approximately 80,000 shinobi, all looking up at him in awe. Time to finish the speech.

"If Akatsuki has their way, the world as we know it is finished! I want to protect it, and I am willing to give my life to protect it! Not just Konoha, but the entire world! But I'm not strong enough to protect it all on my own! Please, everyone, lend me your strength!"

Very unexpectedly, everyone broke into cheers. Not just the Konoha shinobi, but everyone. Naruto had only expected about half the Joint Shinobi Army to be swayed by his words. Smiling, Naruto raised one arm into the air, fist clenched.


As one, every shinobi there raised a hand into the air as well, cheering.

A few minutes later, everyone had departed, and Naruto was leading his division down the southern coast of Frost Country to intercept Madara's army there. Sadly, however, when they reached their assigned positions, there was no sign of anyone. Beyond the rock formation Naruto and his army were hiding behind, there was just an empty, plain landscape.

"Set up camp here," Naruto told the shinobi behind him. "I want a defense set up behind these rocks! Sensors, set up shop and start poking around. There's something fishy going on here, and I want the enemy found!"

There was a loud cheer of agreement as everyone got to work, setting up a field 'hospital' further back, setting traps and taking defensive positions in hiding, protected from any oncoming assault, while Naruto knelt behind a single rock, activating his eye and looking around, while pressing one finger against the ground with his other hand held in a half-Ram seal.

"Iie," Naruto said, and the Kiri shinobi sensor next to him raised his head, to show that Naruto had his attention. "Contact HQ. 'Target location reached, no activity.'"

"Will do," Iie said as he got up, rushing toward the Comm. Corps to deliver the message.

"You seem really into it."

Naruto looked to his left, finding Jiraiya kneeling next to him. He smiled.

"It's actually kinda enjoyable," he said pleasantly, still focusing on scanning the area with his eye and focusing on his finger against the ground. "Makes me feel more like an adult, worthy of being Hokage."

Jiraiya nodded, and looked like he was about to speak, when they both twitched, information flowing into their heads from the Intel Squad.

"Under the ground, eh?" Jiraiya said with a smirk, looking over the barren field. "No wonder we can't see anyone."

"No one's underground, either," Naruto said, shaking his head. Then, his eyes widened. "That's strange..."

"What?" Jiraiya asked, focusing on Naruto again.

"Footsteps," Naruto said, humming. "But no chakra signature... Whoever is coming, he or she is a master at stealth... I never would've noticed them if it wasn't for the vibrations in the ground."

Naruto kept scanning the area, seeing far, far away, about two kilometers away, how someone faded into view slowly. He was a tall man, wearing an Iwa headband. His body was covered in bandages, and he was only wearing a pair of pants, and nothing else. Naruto went wide-eyed when the man seemed to look straight into his bionic eye.

"Shit... he noticed me..." he muttered, to which Jiraiya raised an eyebrow.


"Covered in bandages, Iwa ninja."

Jiraiya hummed, putting a hand on his chin.

"Muujin (Invisible Man)..." he muttered. Seeing Naruto's confused expression, he sighed. "Haven't you been studying? Muu the Muujin, the Nidaime Tsuchikage. He's a very deadly opponent."

"Couple that with the invincibility granted by the Edo Tensei..." Naruto trailed off, and Jiraiya nodded at the implications. Naruto went back to focusing on Muu, and noticed that the man was kneeling, pressing his hand against the ground. With a poof of smoke, five coffins appeared. The coffins opened, to reveal who Naruto recognized as the Sandaime Raikage, and the Nidaime Mizukage, along with...

"Aw, hell..."

"What?" Jiraiya asked, seeing Naruto gulping.

"We need to let HQ know this... The Nidaime Tsuchikage just summoned a whole bunch of other Kages, the Sandaime Raikage, Nidaime Mizukage, and the freaking Shodai and Nidaime Hokage..."

Knowing how serious this was, Jiraiya immediately nodded and rushed off to send the message. Once Jiraiya had rushed off, Naruto sighed, and went back to focusing on the Kages.

"This is gonna get nasty..."

"General," a ninja said as he rushed up to Naruto. "General Kakashi has engaged the enemy. The Ambush Squad was successful."

"No wonder none of the enemies reached us, then," Naruto said with a smirk. "Kakashi-sensei is sure to not let anyone pass him."

"Also, we have been told that the enemy has attacked Division 1, and they are over-powered. Stand by for orders."

Naruto nodded and stopped focusing on the enemy for a few seconds, allowing information to flood into his head.

So, they were supposed to make a slow retreat while moving into a sideways chevron formation, luring the enemy into following them, while Division 5 connected with Division 1... Then, when they had gone far enough, half of Naruto's forces were to break off and join with Division 1, and once the coastal enemies were wiped out, they were to come back to join with Division 4 again, along with the rest of Division 1's forces...

Naruto hummed, then shook his head. "Contact HQ. Tell them those forces would be better served joining up with Division 5, 2 or 3. The enemies here are too powerful to just overwhelm with numbers."

"Yes, General," the shinobi said with a nod, before rushing off.

Naruto felt a tingle in his head, and stabbed a three-pronged kunai into the ground, before flashing away, returning in a millisecond with a hand on the Tsuchikage's shoulder.

"Why did you insist on coming here?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow. "Don't strain your back, old man."

Tsuchikage chuckled. "And who do you think got my dander up?" he asked, grinning. "I'm here to pick up the principles I tossed aside long ago."

"We'll be fighting our predecessors side-by-side, then?" Naruto asked, glancing at the Tsuchikage with a smirk as they both rose to their full height. Since Naruto stood much higher than the Tsuchikage, the old man rose into the air until he was at eye-level with Naruto.

"I guess so... Who would've ever thought a Konoha ninja and Iwa ninja would fight side-by-side as allies?"

Jiraiya came rushing up to them, and stared out over the field.

"Judging by the fact that Oonoki of Both Scales is here, HQ has already started preparing for these enemies," Jiraiya said, and Naruto nodded, along with the Tsuchikage.

"Ero-sennin," Naruto said. "I'm leaving you in charge. Take the army and follow through with our orders to retreat."

"And what about you?" Jiraiya asked, blinking. Naruto grinned.

"I'll stay here and fight, along with Tsuchikage-dono."

"Us two against all of them?" Tsuchikage asked, while Jiraiya went wide-eyed. "I think you give me more credit than I deserve, kid..."

"Naruto, you can't be serious!" Jiraiya protested. "You-"

"I will not send this many ninjas to needlessly die at the hands of insanely strong Kages brought back to life," Naruto interrupted calmly. "This way, we either lose, at which point you can send them to die anyway, or we win, preventing many deaths in the process. That's the duty of the Hokage, isn't it?" he asked and turned to Jiraiya, grinning. "To gladly risk his own life in order to protect his people?"

Jiraiya looked shocked for a moment. Naruto didn't know if he was gonna try to argue or something, but he didn't care. Even if Jiraiya were to argue, Naruto would still send him away. He didn't want anyone to die on him this early on in the way. Jiraiya obviously saw the resolve in Naruto's eyes, and nodded, patting him on the shoulder.

"Good luck, Naruto, Tsuchikage."

With that, he took off, and Naruto turned back to stare out into the distance, where the Kages were sure to be coming from.

"Us two against those five, huh?

"If you're worried, I can take four, while you take one."

"I appreciate your concern, but I'm not so old that I'd take special treatment from a cheeky little brat like you," Tsuchikage said with a grin, which Naruto returned.

"Who's little? You're smaller than me."

"Thus my point is proven."

"I'm not cheeky! I'm... quirky."

"Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe," Tsuchikage said, shrugging. In all honesty, he would never have thought, not in a million years, that he'd ever speak civilly to a Hokage, and exchange playful insults.

"I'll have to apologize to Raikage-dono later," Naruto said, spinning a three-pronged kunai on his fingers as they waited for the Kages to approach. "'Cause I'm about to beat the crap out of his father."

"This almost makes me wish Sarutobi was here as well," Tsuchikage said, looking like he'd been really struggling to say those words. Obviously, it pained him to say it.

"Now there's a guy who'd break his back doing this," Naruto said, chuckling, along with the Tsuchikage.

"Yes, in his prime, Sarutobi excelled in all fields, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, but with age comes weakness. His Taijutsu no doubt isn't what it once was."

"Neither is yours."

"Which is why I have a fighting style that doesn't involve much Taijutsu." Tsuchikage grinned, then started floating forward, his face turning serious. "Here they come."

Naruto looked toward the west, and saw that, indeed, the Kages were approaching agonizingly slow.

"My Dust element has a very large blast radius. I hate to say this, but I wouldn't want you to get caught in the blast, brat," Tsuchikage said, and Naruto nodded.

"So, we just split, and hope they do the same?" Naruto asked as he walked alongside the floating Tsuchikage, who nodded as well.

"I think that would be for the best."

With that, the two split off at insane speeds, Naruto rushing to the right, and the Tsuchikage shooting off to the left. As expected, the Raikage, and both Hokage took off after Naruto, while the Nidaime Mizukage and Nidaime Tsuchikage rushed after the Tsuchikage. Ironic, how Madara would put those two together like that, being sworn enemies who had killed each other in the Second Shinobi War.

Once he felt that he was a safe distance away from the Tsuchikage, Naruto stopped, and the three former Kages stopped as well, staring Naruto down. A bead of sweat rolled down Naruto's temple as he stared at the three a grin on his face, which held a hint of nervousness in it.

"Oh, man... Not only do I have to fight my predecessors, but the Sandaime Raikage as well..." Naruto muttered, gulping. "It's an honor."

"Boy," the Sandaime Raikage said as he narrowed his eyes at Naruto. "I don't recognize that headband. What village do you hail from?"

"Konoha," Naruto answered proudly, which made the Shodai and Nidaime go wide-eyed. Then, he pointed at the headband with his thumb. "This is the headband of the Joint Shinobi Army, all five villages coming together in an alliance to take down the Akatsuki."

"An alliance?" the Shodai asked, raising an eyebrow. "Will the Elemental Countries finally have peace after so long?"

"I believe so, Shodai-sama," Naruto said with a nod.

"Your name, boy?" the Nidaime asked, and Naruto bowed his head.

"Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto, the Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha."

"How long has it been?" the Nidaime asked, scratching his head. "The last time we were summoned, Saru was still Hokage."

"It's been three years, Nidaime-sama," Naruto answered. "Sarutobi-sensei was only the Hokage at that time because his successor had sacrificed himself to seal the Kyuubi. And Tsunade, Shodai-sama's granddaughter, was only Hokage for three years, before I took her place."

"That's enough talk, I think," the Raikage said thoughtfully, then nodded. "Yep. I can't control my body for shit. I'm gonna attack soon."

"It'll hurt me to do this, Raikage-dono," Naruto said as he took out a handful of three-pronged kunai. "I'm sure I'm gonna get chewed out by Aa and Bee for beating you up."

"You know my boy?"

"He's a friend of mine, yes," Naruto said, nodding. Then, he looked to the Hokages. "And it'll really pain me to fight you two."

"Likewise, Naruto," the Nidaime said as he raised his hands. "Prepare to dodge. Here comes the starter."

Naruto immediately threw one of his kunai at the Nidaime, who flashed through a chain of seals at an insane speed. The kunai was caught, however, by the Shodai, as the Nidaime finished.

"Suiton: Dai Suishouha (Water Element: Great Water Shockwave)!" A massive amount of water shot out of the ground, forming an eighty foot tall tsunami, which rushed toward Naruto, who went wide-eyed in awe at the sheer size of it. Quickly coming to his senses, however, he flashed away, reappearing in the air directly in front of the Nidaime, smashing a knee into his face and sending him flying. Surprisingly, however, the Shodai seemed to have expected this, not that Naruto knew how, as he was already flashing through seals. Wood shot out of the ground, slamming into Naruto's back and pushing him up into the sky, where it wrapped around his body, keeping his arms pressed against his sides.

'Impossible! He managed to analyze the capabilities of the seal tag in that short a time?' Naruto thought in shock and tried to flash away, only to find that the wood had somehow blocked his link to the Hiraishin kunai. He looked down, to see the Raikage finish his own chain of seals.

"Raiton: Kuropansa (Lightning Element: Black Panther)!" The Raikage shot his hand forward, crackling with black lightning, which shot out toward Naruto, forming into a massive panther made out of lightning. Naruto growled.

'No choice...' He closed his right eye and focused his left eye on the incoming tiger. The green iris of the artificial eye started glowing, and just as the panther was a few inches away from Naruto's face, a thick, green, laser-like beam of chakra shot out of the artificial eye, smashing through the panther and disintegrating it. The beam didn't stop, however, and blasted straight through the Raikage's chest and into the ground, exploding it with the force and kicking up a massive cloud of dust.

This was something that Naruto had been working on for a long time. It was a very powerful long-range attack, which could blast through anything. However, it wasn't perfected yet, and Naruto could tell that it still wasn't, due to the fact that the eye in his socket had completely exploded outward along with the beam, and had torn up a lot of the left side of his face.

Ignoring the pain and taking advantage of the momentary break in attack, Naruto used the superior strength given by his artificial arm to break through the wood holding him and flashing away to the kunai at the Shodai's feet.

As expected, the Shodai immediately lashed out with a kick as Naruto flashed in front of him, but Naruto blocked it and grabbed the mans leg, before spinning, tossing the Shodai at the Raikage, before charging at the Nidaime, who had been going through a chain of seals.

The Nidaime never got to finish, however, as Naruto started engaging him in Taijutsu. He needed a break in Ninjutsu while he tried to figure out how to deal with these three.

"You fight well, Naruto," the Nidaime said as he blocked a punch from Naruto. "You have to break the Edo Tensei soon! I don't want to be Madara's puppet!"

"And how the hell do I do that?" Naruto asked, ducking under a spinning kick, before jumping out of the way of a spiked piece of wood that shot out of the ground.

"Get me to stop moving, and I'll explain," the Nidaime said, and Naruto nodded, dodging a blast of lightning from the Raikage. He put his hand in a half-Ram seal.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Three clones of Naruto popped into existence. Naruto and one clone rushed at the Nidaime, while the other two rushed at the Shodai and the Raikage.

The pause in Taijutsu, however, had given the Nidaime an opening, and Naruto saw him finish a chain with a Bird seal.

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

A massive dragon made of water shot out of the ground and dove at Naruto, who flashed through seals as well, along with his clone.

"Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu!"

"Fuuton: Atsugai!"

The Wind technique from the clone amplified the power of the fire dragon that was blasted from Naruto's mouth. The flame burned white-hot and impacted with the water dragon, punching right through it and toward the Nidaime, who dodged to the side, and found himself face-to-face with Naruto, who flashed in front of him, grabbing a firm hold of him.


The clone landed behind the Nidaime and went through a few seals.

"Katon/Fuuton Konbi Jutsu: Goukarou no Jutsu!"

Naruto jumped back in in time for a dome of fire to surround the Nidaime, keeping him in place.

"Nice one, boy!" the Nidaime called, and Naruto nodded, before rushing off to help his clones.

The Shodai, who had been furiously trying to hit the clone with pole after pole of wood, never saw it coming when Naruto flashed in front of him, smashing a knee into his face. When Naruto had grabbed the mans leg, he had placed a Hiraishin seal on him without the mans knowledge.

The clone blurred into view behind the Shodai and flashed through seals, ready to trap him in another Goukarou, when a blast of black lightning smashed into him, dispelling him in a cloud of smoke. Naruto looked toward the Raikage, to see that he'd already dispelled the clone attacking him, and sighed.

"This isn't gonna be as easy as I-" Naruto had to stop and jump away as a wooden spike shot out of the ground beneath him, ready to impale him.

Naruto flashed up to the Shodai and punched him on the throat with his left had, his arm cannon popping up. As soon as the punch connected, Naruto fired a ball of fire, which blew the Shodai's head clean off.

As the body fell to the ground, Naruto formed another Kage Bunshin, and they both leaped out of the way from another bolt of black lightning.

"You know what to do!" Naruto told the clone, who nodded and ran up to the Shodai, whose head had begun regenerating, flashing through seals and forming a Goukarou around him, while the real Naruto ran at the Raikage, who ran right at him.

The two engaged in a Taijutsu fight, and blocking one of the Raikage's punches, Naruto winced. This was gonna suck... This guy punched even harder than Gai...

The Raikage was unrelenting, throwing wild punches and kicks that Naruto had a hard time dodging and blocking. He never found an opening big enough to strike at.

Meanwhile, on the coast, Shikamaru had joined up with Kiba, who, being part of Mifune's division, had been sent to help Darui's division, along with Hana, who made sure to stay close to Kiba at all times. After all, their mother would probably kill her if something happened to Kiba in the field, and vice versa.

"There's no end to them!" Kiba exclaimed as he charged forward with Akamaru, crying out "Gatsuuga!" as they spun, tearing through the Zetsus.

"Kage Mane no Jutsu!" Shikamaru called as his shadow shot out, capturing sixteen Zetsus. "Hana-san!"

"Got it!" Hana exclaimed, rushing forward with her three dogs. Hana and the dogs jumped and started rolling in the air at an insane speed, their chakra taking a buzz saw shape as they shot toward the Zetsus, tearing right through them. As they did, Shikamaru released his Kage Mane, and switched hand seal.

"Kageyose no Jutsu (Shadow Pull Technique)!" he called out, his shadow shooting up as tendrils from the ground, each tendril catching one of the buzz saws and spinning them around a few times, before throwing them at another set of enemies. Shikamaru grinned. "Hey, it worked!" His celebration was cut short, however, as he had to jump away from a swipe from a Zetsu coming up behind him. Whipping out a kunai, he stabbed it into the Zetsu's heart. "Where the hell is Naruto?"

Naruto was panting heavily. The entire area was scorched, soaked, exploded and pulverized all around him from the large amount of jutsus that had been cast. There was also a massive forest nearby, where the fight had started, and lots of wooden spikes sticking out of the ground here and there.

The two Hokages had once more been captured, and only the Raikage remained.

"Watch yourself, boy! Here comes the big one!" the Raikage said and threw a punch, which Naruto blocked. He was surprised, however, when at the last second, he noticed black lightning crackling around the Raikage's fist, and when it connected with Naruto's palm, a massive jolt of lightning shot through his body, throwing him off balance and making him cry out in pain.

Naruto jumped back and stared at his burned and smoking hand, growling. So, this was the power of the Sandaime Raikage? He didn't really have time to think, as he had to leap out of the way of an attack from above, courtesy of the leaping Raikage, whose fist slammed into the ground where Naruto once had stood, shattering it and forming a huge crater. The shockwave from the punch knocked one of the clones off-balance, and his hand slipped out of the Goukarou.

Naruto had only just received the memories of the clone being dispelled by a kick, when he heard, "Suiton: Suihachi (Water Element: Water Wave Palm)!"

Turning around, Naruto saw the now free Nidaime with his hand outstretched toward Naruto, blasting a torrent of water, which hit Naruto in the face, drenching him.

Naruto briefly wondered what the point of that was, when he suddenly felt the Raikage punching him in the back, sending lightning through his body. The lightning coursed through the water drenching him, and never before had he cursed the Nidaime's abilities as much as he did now.

Lashing out with a kick, Naruto got a hit in in the Raikage's stomach, knocking him back.

Naruto jumped high and flashed through seals.

"Fuuton: Tenkuu no Yashi (Wind Element: Heavenly Palm)!" he called as he thrust his hand out toward the Raikage. The air between them compressed and slammed down on the Raikage, leaving a massive imprint of a hand on the ground from the force. As the Raikage was held down by the air pressure, Naruto created a Kage Bunshin as he fell and grabbed it, throwing it at the Raikage.

As the clone flashed through seals and trapped the Raikage in the Goukarou, Naruto turned his attention to the Nidaime as he fell, to see that he had finished a chain of seals.

"Suiton: Teppodama (Water Element: Gunshot)!" he exclaimed, his cheeks puffing out, before spitting a massive ball of water at the airborne Naruto, who went through his own seals.

"Fuuton: Renkuudan (Wind Element: Drilling Air Bullet)!" Naruto's cheeks puffed out as well as he molded a huge amount of chakra for the jutsu, shooting an air ball out of his mouth, much like the Nidaime did with his attack. However, unlike the Nidaime, Naruto quickly fired two identical balls in quick succession.

The Teppodama and the first Renkuudan impacted in the air, canceling each other out, while the two other air balls headed straight for the Nidaime, who dodged in time for the balls to explode when they impacted with the ground, tearing it up.

As the Nidaime looked toward Naruto again, he was surprised to see the boy do nothing more than throw kunai at him. Calmly, the Nidaime deflected each of the kunai, scattering them around him, and realized his mistake after he caught the last kunai, and was about to throw it back at Naruto, who just then flashed in front of him, kicking him in the face.

What happened next was too fast for even the trapped Shodai and Raikage to follow. Naruto flashed, and all they saw was a blur of yellow and orange. Then, Naruto reappeared again a second later, standing a few feet away from the Nidaime, who looked confused. Then, however, he was knocked back by an invisible punch to the face, then an invisible knee to the back, then another punch, and another, and another, and another. The Nidaime was thrown back and forth by punches that were so fast that it even took a while for his body to react to them.

Once the Nidaime was sufficiently worn down from the relentless kicks and punches, Naruto formed yet another Kage Bunshin, who easily rushed up to the Nidaime and trapped him once more.

Now that all three were trapped, Naruto let out a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground, wiping sweat off his brow.

"That was tough..." he muttered as the two other Kage Bunshins levitated their Goukarou domes and brought them over. "It would've sucked if you had all fought with your full power..."

"You did good, Naruto," the Nidaime said with a nod. "Truly worthy of the title of Hokage."

"What do you mean, fought with our full power?" the Shodai asked, raising an eyebrow. "Madara isn't holding anything back."

"No, Shodai-sama," Naruto said, shaking his head with a smile, "but you three are."

The Raikage blinked. "What are you on about, boy?"

"I'm saying that though a soul and will are easy to bind, they're not so easy to tame," Naruto explained calmly. "You guys, in your hearts of hearts, didn't really wanna fight me, did you?"

"Not really," the Shodai said, and the Raikage shrugged.

"I saw no reason to, so no."

"And that is why, despite the Edo Tensei telling you to tear me apart, your souls still managed to gain some semblance of control, and managed to hold back enough for me to beat you," Naruto said with a smile as he stood up, looking down at the Nidaime. "Now, you said something about stopping this jutsu? I thought it couldn't be stopped, even if the one who used it dies?"

"Oh, please," the Nidaime said, scoffing. "I didn't become the Hokage for being stupid."

"Could've fooled me," the Raikage said, to which the Nidaime twitched.

"Anyway, I wouldn't make a jutsu as powerful as this without making some way to stop it, in case someone stole it."

"My brother means, of course, the Uchihas."

"Fucking copycats..." the Nidaime muttered to the Shodai's statement. "In any case, the way to stop it is to forcefully remove the talisman planted in the head of the resurrected. Once you have the talisman, and override the chakra in it with your own, you have control of the body. At that point, you just make the Dog, Horse and Tiger seals and say, 'Kai.'"

"That's it?" Naruto asked strangely. "I would've thought it'd be harder."

"Well, you know how hard it was to just trap the three of us," the Nidaime said with a half-smirk. "So, break the jutsu."

"How about I make you a deal?" Naruto asked the Hokages. "Shodai-sama, Nidaime-sama, do you want, say, at least 80 more years in this world?"

"I refuse to be in this impure body any longer than I have to," the Shodai said, shaking his head, "so no."

"Ah, that's not what I meant," Naruto said as he nodded to one of the clones, who reached his free hand into his Goukarou, and dug his hand into the back of the Raikage's head, pulling out a kunai with a paper talisman on it. Once it was out, Naruto formed the seals, then called out, "Kai!"

The Raikage grinned at Naruto and nodded, before his eyes went glazed, and he started breaking down into small pieces of what looked like paper, revealing a dead body underneath. Now that the Raikage was gone, the clone dispelled the Goukarou, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"How about I seal your souls inside me?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow. Seeing the two looking confused, Naruto smiled. "I am Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko," he explained as he pulled up his shirt to show the seal on his stomach. "Thanks to some tinkering from my father, the Yondaime Hokage, he managed to put a piece of his soul in the seal, and using the Kyuubi's chakra, he can stay in my body until I pass away. I can do the same for you. You will both be allowed to see this new age of peace, and the downfall of Uchiha Madara."

"That sounds awfully tempting," the Shodai said, nodding. "But what's in it for you?"

"Experience," Naruto said simply. "It'll give me training in the sealing arts, and I'll be able to talk to you both through a link in my mind, at which point the two of you, along with Megami and my father, can give me advice. I'm just a rookie when it comes to being Hokage so far, after all, and this is my first war. I could use your help."

"Hm... I would like to see that Madara six feet under..." the Nidaime said, then looked to the Shodai, who stared intently at Naruto.

"Well, I guess it would be a treat to see my darling Tsunade again, and I would also like to see Madara face his demise... You have a deal, Naruto."


Naruto grinned. "Awesome!" he exclaimed as the clones reached into the Goukarous and took control of the talismans, before releasing the prisons, while the original Naruto got to work on the seals. Once he had drawn the necessary seals on the Nidaime and Shodai's foreheads, around his seal, and on the ground around him, Naruto started going through a very long chain of seals, closing his eyes in concentration. Ending in a very strange seal, something that looked like a Bird seal, only with his fingers pointing straight ahead, while his thumbs were sticking out between his middle and ring fingers, he called out, "Namikaze Hijutsu: Futsu no Kyuukyoku Nehan (Namikaze Secret Technique: Buddha's Ultimate Nirvana)!"

The seals on the foreheads of the two former Hokage started glowing, and some sort of energy started to get pulled out of their heads, glowing a faint blue, the same color the seals on the ground started glowing. The energy was pulled out of their bodies, and started swirling around Naruto, before shooting straight into the seal on Naruto's stomach, knocking him off his feet, slamming painfully into the ground as he watched the bodies of the two Hokage deteriorate, showing the sacrifices that had been used to resurrect them. The dead men dropped to the ground, and Naruto panted, feeling extremely drained.

"That... was harder than I thought..."

"General!" came a voice, and Naruto looked back to see Tenka from the Sealing Squad rushing up to him with three others. They obviously thought that he needed help. "We're here to seal... the... er..." Tenka stopped as he looked around, seeing that there was no need to seal the resurrected Kages.

"Don't worry, guys," Naruto said, slowly standing up. "You should go help the Tsuchikage seal the others."

"A team has already been dispatched to help Tsuchikage-sama," Tenka said, to which Naruto nodded.

"Good. Now, I need to get a message off to HQ. Let's go."

"Yes, General."

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