This is Ziva's Diary Please enjoy it.
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Eventually this will be TIVA however that is awhile down the road. Since the writers will not give us a background I thought I would help create one.

Background in episode Blowback season 4 Tony says he is cancer, Gibbs Virgo and Ziva says Scorpian so I am assuming they are using there real birthdays for the characters. So Ziva's birthday is November 12, however she is going to be a little older than Cote. So Ziva's birth year is 1973 this is not cannon just my choice. Also I am writing this in English however Ziva is actually writing in Hebrew this is just the translation. This Diary will go from the time she receives it for her 7th birthday to present. I am trying to keep it age appropriate for the writing.

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November 12, 1980
Dear Diary

Daddy got me this book for me to keep notes on important things as I grow up. He says I need to write down my thoughts and memories.
He has to leave in the morning again, however Ari is going to come stay with Tali and me and Mommy for awhile. Ari is my big brother he has a different mommy than Tali and me however that is ok. Ari is 11 years old he is going to be a doctor, and go to school in England like his mommy. Ari and me though both want to be like daddy and go into Mossad and play secret officer.

I just turned 7 today also, Daddy told me I will be leaving to go to a special school in France with Ari. I start there in January, Mommy smiled but I could tell she was sad. At least in France there are no bombs.

Daddy says he will come see me in France, I do not think he will come though. He always makes promises and never keeps them.

Mommy tells me I will wear a uniform at school however she is going to buy me all new clothes to wear on my off time.
Mommy says she and Tali will come see me on Holiday when Daddy says she can.

Well, this is a lot of writing and I am tired. Ari will be here in the morning and I need to get some sleep so we can go horse back riding tomorrow on the beach. I promised Daddy we would not loose our escort this time.

December 1 1980
Dear Diary

Well Ari has been here for the last few weeks. He and I have so much fun. He has told me all about our school. We both will have a private room most of the kids have to share rooms. He promised me that he will have lunch with me everyday and he will not let anyone pick on me.

Mommy and I got all my new clothes, they are very pretty. Mommy was crying last night I heard her ask Daddy not to send me away. I do not understand why Mommy is sad, Daddy said she was happy to have me go to the special school.

Ari has to go home to the Gaza Strip tomorrow, I am scared for him. He promises me he is safe there though. I asked if I could go, and he said I would not be safe, I needed to stay in Tel Aviv.

Ari is going to miss Haunka again. Though we exchanged presents anyways.

Tali will be three next week, she gets my room when I goto school in France.

Jan 10th 1981
Dear Diary

I am at my school in France, it is on the island of Corse. It is very pretty. However I miss Mommy and even bratty Tali. The last three days Ari has met me for lunch as he promised.

Most of the kids here are not Jewish or Muslim. No one comments about me being Jewish though so that is good.

The classes are ok, I have French, Spanish and Hebrew studies. Math and writing are easy. Science is a little more difficult, the teacher is from America and talks funny.

Ari and I are in the same Martial Arts classes on Monday and Thursday I have my green belt he is working on getting his black belt. We are also taking riding classes together on the weekends.

Daddy promised he would call yesterday, however he did not. Ari lied to me and said he called and I was asleep and he gave me a kiss on the cheek he said was from Daddy. Daddy never gives me a kiss. I know Ari means well, however I would rather him to tell me the truth.

Ohhh here at school Ari's last name is David like mine, that is funny when Daddy gets angry at him he calls him Ari Haswari.

March 1, 1981
Dear Diary

Mommy is coming to visit next week and is taking Ari and I out for lunch on the weekend. I asked Ari if his Mommy ever comes he told me when I was older we would talk more about that.

My grades are all 4 and 5's out of 5. Mommy said since Ari and I are doing so well we get to buy anything we want. I want to buy something for mommy so she does not miss me so much. I can hear the tears in her voice.

Daddy is away again on a mission and can not call. Mommy says he may be able to visit during the summer. I can tell mommy is lying, I can hear it in her voice.

I really hate to say it, however I like the school here, I wish mommy and Tali would move here it is better than Tel Aviv. Daddy could always just come visit us when he is not busy.

April 2, 1981
Dear Diary

Mommy, Ari and I had a nice visit we went to Porto and played at the beach, went riding and just had fun. Mommy gave Ari a card that was from his mother. Ari said it was actually a card Mommy picked out and addressed from his mother. He told me she means well, then I asked him like when he tells me he spoke to Daddy and he has not. He said sorry and promised no more lies. We will see.

Daddy is still away on a mission. Mommy and Tali are going to go stay with Grandma in England for awhile, she promised she will pick Ari and I up here and bring us to England for the summer. I am excited I have not been to England since I was Tali's age. Grandma loves to spoil us, the summer is going to be a lot of fun.

Mommy asked if I had friends. I told her about Louise and Dominique and Nadia and Pilar, she was impressed I had so many friends. I guess Mommy forgot all my friends in Tel Aviv I had in school there.

Mommy cried when we she said Goodbye, I told her not to cry we would be together soon in the summer.

June 12, 1981
Dear Diary

Classes end June 30th. I am so excited, Mommy has arranged for Ari and I to fly to England. Officer Michel a friend of Daddy's is picking us up at school and taking us to England.

Ari is not to happy though cause he will not see his Mommy for a long time, there is more fighting going on and Israel and Gaza are not safe Mommy says.

Ohh, Daddy called and I got to talk to him. He said I did so good in school he is getting me and Ari our own horses for school next year to ride.
I told Daddy all about Mommy's visit and that I am writing in my Diary.

Daddy asked me what I told the kids what he did, as always I told them Daddy is a business man and works around the world.

Daddy promised he would be there for Ari's birthday. Ari said it was a lie. Ari is right Daddy lies a lot however he never misses my birthday.

August 1, 1981
Dear Diary

Yesterday was Ari's birthday we went to London for the day. It was a lot of fun. Daddy surprised us with a visit. I told Ari he was gonna make it. He and Ari went off for a few hours while Mommy, Tali and I went shopping.

Ari told me this morning he got to see his Mommy yesterday. Daddy had made arrangements for her to come to London for a few hours to see Ari. However she could not stay long.

Ari and I start school September 3, so Mommy said we will fly to France and get back in the Dorm no later than September 1.

Mommy says that two of my friends from Tel Aviv would be starting school there also. Sari and Navid are going to start. Navid is my age and Sari is 9 years old. There parents are both in Mossad. I feel bad I know I can't see my Daddy much but to have both gone all the time must be really bad.

Mommy said she will make arrangements to come see me for my Birthday in November. That seems like a very long time. Even though I like school I am missing Mommy more than ever. I only get to see her for the summer and winter holiday now. At least I have one more month to spend with her before we leave.

Ari has important exams this year he says he wants to go to a important school in England for secondary and needs to get high marks. He said the rest of the summer he is studying. I wonder if Daddy will let me go to school near Ari whe he goes to secondary school.

Tali is getting better she is talking more and her and Mommy look so much alike. I laugh when everyone comments how much Ari and I look a like since we are only half brother and sister yet my full sister and I hardly look a like. Mommy just smiles and as always pretends that Ari is her son and we are full siblings.

September 15, 1981

Dear Diary,

I am back in school. I have to take English this year. I had to choose two other languages also, so I choose Russian and Turkish. I did not tell them I already spoke some Turkish though.

I also have science, French literacy and social studies and art. I still have martial arts and horseback riding.

Daddy sent Michel with us again to drop us off at school. Michel reminded us to be careful. Ari told me it is because of Daddy's mission that we are both in the special school and Mommy is in England.

I wish I understood more about what Daddy does. I know he helps keep Israel safe and stops the bad guys from hurting people. Ari says that when he needs to Daddy even kills the bad guys. I wonder if God forgives Daddy or will he be punished?

Daddy had my room redecorated with a new pink bedspread and soft green curtains and he sent tons of stuffed ponies and puppies. I think this is to make up for the missed calls and visits.

Sari's room is next door she and her brother also got private rooms. Sari has a crush on Ari, I can not wait to tell Ari though, it will be great to torture him.

October 19th 1981

I have less than a month for my Birthday. Daddy has not called since school started. Mommy calls once a week to talk to both Ari and me.

Ari said he has a special surprise for me for my birthday. I am so excited. Ari always gets me a nice birthday present, though he usually misses my birthday because of school. Last year he only missed it by a day. School goes on Winter holiday a week after my birthday this year though.

Mommy is coming to school for my birthday and staying til school is out. She is leaving the brat in England with Grandma, so I get Mommy all to myself. Well at least some, I do not mind sharing her with Ari though.

I wonder if Ari thought of me as a brat when I was Tali's age? I will have to ask him.

Ari has been studying a lot I do not even get to see him at lunch anymore.

Mommy is on the phone.


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